Me Me Me!

So let’s talk about me. Well- me and mine.
I am 38 years old, have 3 kids, with 3 dads. So if Ulrika was a 4 by 4 I guess that makes me a tricycle!!
Child number one is Betsy- who is my only girl and a beautiful 15 year old. Product of marriage number one- a relationship that lasted 6 years but sadly ended when she was 2. I then remarried a couple of years later and had Max in 2003- my gorgeous clever boy! Unfortunately after almost 10 years together that relationship also floundered- divorce still going through.
However- not one to give up on my dream of love I have been with Andy for 3 years now- and while I would never get married again I can honestly say this one feels the most solid yet! We weren’t planning on having babies- he has a 26 year old son, and a 5 year old grandson and I have my two!- but nature had other ideas- so in August last year (2011) we welcomed Sydney to our family. My bonus baby boy- and we all love him to bits!
Right- indoor play area awaits!
Back soon with tales of my previously rock’n’roll lifestyle and more!!
Happy Saturday Y’All! Xx


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