How grown up are you?

Thanks to MumofThreeWorld for tagging me in this meme about how grown up we are, started by OneDad3Girls. He got the idea from a national newspaper list of 50 things that prove (or disprove!) you are a grown up.

I love Edward Monkton

1 Having a mortgage – no. On account of the skintness, and the fear of forms.

2 Mum and Dad no longer make your financial decisions – I wish they would. I don’t like decisions. But then I also have no money to make decisions about. So it’s all good really.

3 Paying into a pension – No. I do buy lottery tickets sometimes. That is my pension ‘plan’

4 Conducting a weekly food shop – ish. I buy food.

5 Written a will – No. Prob should. Dear kids, you get all the crap. Dear brother, you get the kids if their Dads can’t/won’t/have also become deceased. Something like that.

6 Having children – Yes. Have three of those.

7 Budgeting every month – Roughly. More weekly than monthly.

8 Cooking a meal from scratch – Yes. I like eating therefore I can make food.

9 Getting married – yes, I have gotten married. I have also gotten divorced. And now happily populate the town of Sin.

10 Getting life insurance – nope. No point in bumping me off unless you want a collection of Green Day memorabilia.

11 Recycling – some. Other half is quite good at that.

12 Having a savings account – I have a penny jar, does that count?

13 Knowing what terms like ‘ISA’ and ‘tracker’ mean – I See Aliens and track them.

14 Watching the news – yes. Because I enjoy being angry/depressed.

15 Owning a lawnmower – no. I also don’t own a lawn. I do own a lady shave.

16 Doing your own washing – Is that optional? Where do I sign up to not do it? I am endlessly washing. It is a full time job. Barely anytime for biscuit eating due to all the washing. Sometimes I can sneak in a rich tea during the spin cycle.

17 Taking a trip to the local tip – this has occurred. I once had a guitar amp that came from the tip! I used it for years, and when I didn’t need it anymore I took it back for someone else to benefit from.

18 Planting flowers – no. No garden. And if I had one I want it filled with windmills, plastic flowers, model flamingos and purple AstroTurf. Oh and trampolines built into the ground, and a den. For me. And another den for the kids. And a treehouse. And a bar.

19 Being able to bleed a radiator – Radiators have blood? Do you get radiator Vampires? I sincerely hope so.

20 Having a joint bank account – We have a joint penny jar. Does that count?

21 Having a view on politics – yes, verging on Marxist, left wing, liberal attitudes not voting tendencies- coalition my arse. Love Lord Billington of Bragg.

22 Keeping track of interest rates – Not intentionally, but I do know what the Bank of England one is- cos they tells me on the news thing. And it’s been the same for yonks. Except Barclays are in trouble for doing something naughty with theirs right now, adding more evidence to the bankers living up to their rhyming slang pile.

23 Finding a messy house annoying – thankfully not or I would be constantly livid.

24 Being able to change a lightbulb – Yes. How many me’s does it take to change a light bulb? One, cos its not rocket science.

25 Owning a vacuum cleaner – yes. I even use it sometimes.

26 Holding dinner parties -No. Sometimes people come for tea. But I have never turned a napkin into a swan. Or served a terrine.

27 Listening to Radio 2 – Yes. It’s ACE.

28 Enjoying gardening – don’t have a garden. But I doubt I would, because spiders live in them.

29 Spending weekend just ‘pottering’- yes. All of life pottering really. I am a pottering expert.

30 Mum starts asking you for advice – Rarely- and usually about computers.

31 Carrying spare shopping bags just in case – No. I buy bags for life to store in a compartment in the kitchen. They will last a lifetime on account of never getting used again because I am a forgetful schmuck.

32 Like going round garden centres – Only if they sell plastic flamingos or cake.

33 Wearing coats on a night out – yes! Always have done. It’s cold out there. Even in July.

34 Going to bed before 11pm – not normally- but having an under one year old who still wakes me at night means I go to bed pre 11 once or twice a week.

35 Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week – Duh- of course – more than that generally, don’t make sure as such- just happens!

36 Classing work as a career rather than a job – hahahahahaha yeah. No. Work’s just work. And at the moment I don’t. Not in a paid fashion anyway.

37 Repairing torn clothes rather than throwing them away – Does wearing them and not caring about the holes count?

38 You iron – Hell no.

39 You wash up immediately after eating – No. Boyfriend does often. But I would always leave it til the morning. Or til hell freezes over given half a chance.

40 You enjoy cooking – hmm. Not the daily grind of family dinners, but cake making, or nice experimental cooking of something delicious – yes.

41 You buy a Sunday paper – Yes. Often. And sometimes I even read it.

42 Always going out in a sensible pair of shoes – Converse or boots. I guess that’s quite sensible. I do own heels, just don’t wear them often.

43 You like receiving gift vouchers – yes. It’s a gift, that you get to choose. What’s not to like?

44 Work keeps you awake at night – No. Well maybe. Syd keeps me awake at night and as a Stay at home Mum does that make him my job?

45 Filing post – Filing it? Filing it in the bin mostly.

46 You have a best crockery set – No. But I do covet vintage ones.

47 Able to change a car tyre- not able to drive a car so never really looked into how to mend one.

48 Being sensible enough to remove make-up before bedtime – No. I just paint some more on top the next day. Not a big wearer of make-up except the obligatory black eyeliner.

49 Being able to follow a receipt – what- like stalk it? Chase it across a busy road in the wind? Or just look at it and see what I paid and where? Either way- if I needed to- yes.

50 Owning ‘best’ towels as well as everyday towels – No. I don’t save things for best. All days are best, or worst.

So am I a grown-up? Is anyone? I don’t feel grown-up, but I certainly have responsibilities. And when those responsibilities are at their grandparents for the night I am as much of an idiot as I ever was. Yes and no is the answer. I am certainly not 18 anymore, but I do not feel my age ( 39 next week) either. I am as grown up as I am ever likely to be, and as immature as life allows me to be.

Love Miss Cisco xxx



  1. SarahMummy
    July 2, 2012 / 1:07 pm

    Fantastic responses – hilarious as ever. Thanks for joining in the fun 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one who wears clothes with holes and if I ever need someone to stalk a receipt, I know who to call!

  2. July 2, 2012 / 5:07 pm

    love it! Remember – growing up is compulsory, growing old is optional!!

  3. gina caro
    July 2, 2012 / 5:14 pm

    This made me laugh. Very funny answers x

  4. Sonya Cisco
    July 2, 2012 / 6:18 pm

    Thanks for your kind comments! Xx

  5. July 5, 2012 / 8:59 pm

    Ha ha, I too said ‘Hell no!’ to number 38. You are scarily me. What’s a terrine? Is that like a posh curry?

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