Aren’t parks bloody great?

We don’t have a garden, so especially at times like this when it is both hot, and the summer holidays, I really appreciate ours!

This week we have been 3 times to the Borough Gardens in town. We have seen live bands, had cold drinks, swung, done a treasure hunt, played on a coconut shy, played ball, had a go at some circus skills, had two picnics, and two ice creams, and splashed in both the fountain and the water play area, eaten leaves (Syd) and grass (Syd), seen some sculpture, vintage cars and a steam engine. We could also have played tennis, used the outdoor gym, had a round of mini- golf, had a cup of coffee, seen an art exhibition and other varied activities.

My mum is babysitting Saturday night and if the weather stays like this I will be tempted to get a bottle of something cold and a portion of chips and go and hang out there with my man at sunset. Who said romance is dead?

I love our park. Thank god no one has tried to build on it! Let’s all make good use of our parks, and as it is ‘Love Parks Week’ give them an extra special hug!

Love Miss Park Keeper Cisco xxx


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