Top Ten Sonic Titles Ever- by Max

Welcome to the very first post from my 8 year old son Max. He wanted to share his thoughts on some of his favourite video games with you all. 

10- Sonic 4 Episode 1

9- Sonic Adventure – because it’s the first sonic 3d platformer, the only reason it is not higher is that it has so many glitches in it.

8- Sonic Unleashed- this would have made it higher if it didn’t have the Werehog stages in.

7- Sonic 4 episode 2- in episode 1 the levels are virtually identical to Sonic 1 and 2, but in episode 2 the levels are all new. Also Tails can give you new moves.

6- Sonic and the Secret Rings

5- The original Sonic the hedgehog. Without this game there would be no little Blue hedgehog.

4- Sonic CD- its a really really really well upgraded version of Sonic 1 and 2 with extras.

3- Sonic 2. I like this one better than the first one is because the new playable character Tails, can help you get to higher places by flying, and the new move the spin dash, which is like the curling up into a ball by running in Sonic and pressing down, but you can do it while stationary.

2- Sonic Colours. I just really like it.

1 – Sonic Generations. The reason this is number one is because I like the idea of there being classic and modern Sonic. With classic Sonic in 2d stages, and modern Sonic in 3d stages. The plot was great and that’s why it’s my number one favourite Sonic game.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Top Ten Best Sonic games ever created, leave a comment to let me know what your top ten is, and what differences there are!

By Kirby Max



  1. Anonymous
    July 23, 2012 / 3:08 pm

    Hi Max, I like Sonic too. I don’t think I can remember all the names of all the Sonic games I have played. I will try to list my top ones I can remember.
    5. Sonic adventure. This game was not fun to play at all! The 3D made jumping too difficult and you kept dying stupidly.
    4.Sonic2 adventure battle (Gamecube): There was only a few good stages on this, they kept making you replay levels and raise ‘Chao’, baby animal type creatures, which was kind of fun but not very sonic.
    3.Sonic 2, its not really that bad a game, but tails was kind of annoying at first.
    2.Sonic colours: This game is very fun to play. Its a bit too difficult sometimes though. I’m not as good at games as I used to be 🙁
    1.Sonic1: The original and best. This is the first Sonic game I ever played on a TV, and I played it over and over again. At the time the graphics and the speed of it were amazing!There are probably technically better games now but sometimes you can never shake off the fondness your first memories of something.

    I have thought about getting Sonic Generations because people say it’s good but I have not gotten round to it yet. Hope my list was long enough, and makes some sense. I couldn’t get to 10 as my brain isn’t working properly at the moment.

  2. Emma Carney
    September 21, 2012 / 10:56 am

    I am the biggest sonic fan I know and in all honestly nothing will ever, ever, ever beat sonic 2. I try to get over it, I try to enjoy sonic and knuckles ( Yes I even brought an old school sega megadrive off ebay so I could play in the old school sacred way!) I try to enjoy sonic pin ball ( rubbish) but nope, Sonic 2 wins. Every time. On another note it is rumoured that Michael Jackson had a hand in the sound track of sonic two and if you do listen to the music in other sonic games you have to admit that the sound track is much much better in sonic 2 than any sonic game before or since….now all I want to do it play sonic! Great post 🙂

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