Dear Zoo and other stories…

I am an avid reader and try to foster a love of books in my children. I thought I would start sharing Syds favourite books from time to time

This week he loves Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. He loves to lift the flaps and discover the different animals underneath.

He is also enjoying his latest ‘That’s not my….’ book. This time its ‘That’s Not My Dinosaur’. He likes touching the different textures, and we are gradually accumulating quite a collection of this series.

His other favourite this week is a Yo Gabba Gabba Book- this is his most loved television show, and he is delighted to discover the same characters in a book.

Sometimes he will sit quietly for ages while we read, other times he prefers to look through by himself, and sometimes he just wants to hurriedly flick thru in no particular order. I tend to buy him board books at the moment, as they are both easier for him to handle, and more robust so I can let him have hold and play (and teethe) without worrying too much for the books safety!! I think at this age its about engaging with books, learning to treat them with care can come a bit further down the line,

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for Syd!

Love Miss Cisco xxx


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