Choice in one way or another has caused all three children to cry today.

Syd has no choice. He gets what he is given, gets picked up and moved around at others will, and generally doesn’t get a say. He can’t talk so he can’t explain his choice. I can explain my decision to him, but there is no debate, there can’t be yet. I am not even sure how much he understands of what I am telling him- but I chat away anyway- that’s how they learn right?! I think his frustration at being unable to get a say is why he has started having tantrums. He can’t explain so he screeches and arches his back to show his disapproval.

Max, my 8 year old, had to make a choice as to whether to participate in a new activity today. The activity would have probably been fun, but I couldn’t give him an exact idea as to what it would have involved. Due to his asperger-like-at-times nature he cried as he couldn’t decide which was worse- braving the scary unknown, or missing out on some fun. I could have made the decision for him, but I like to try and involve him, and encourage him to take brave steps, especially as he is about to start his last year at first school. I am aware going to middle school is going to be disruptive for my boy who loves the known and routine, and am hoping encouraging some independent thought/choice might help prepare him. In the end he chose not to go this time, but to request another invite for the future to an event of more interest to him. I am proud of him for calming down and thinking it through a bit more rationally in the end.

Betsy couldn’t have her choice for lunch, as the previously unvisited cafe didn’t do exactly what she fancied. So she chose to have no food or drink, and then chose to sulk. At this point I chose to send her home, after which me and the boys had much more fun. Teenagers are pests. Fortunately she has obviously decided she had behaved like a fool and had chosen to buck up her ideas by the time I got home.

What a day of attempting to sort out moods caused by no/too much/the wrong choices.

If I had my way I would choose to go to the pub about now…..

Love Miss Cisco xxx


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