Birthday Cake 2!

I wrote this on Sunday, but the got distracted by cake and forgot to
post it! I have cake-addled brain disorder. So here it is, a bit late.

We have a lot of cake in my house. We have 2/3rds of an Oreo cake, plus half of each layer , 1 chocolate, one vanilla, of this AWESOME cake that the Magic Mixing Bowl made for the kids joint party yesterday.

Click pic to visit their facebook page- highly recommend them if you are in the Dorset area!

Being as we are so inundated with cake, I thought the wisest thing to do was to make more cake.

Madness? Maybe! But it is Syds first birthday tomorrow and although I cannot match the sheer gorgeousness of yesterday’s number, I can’t not do a made with extra mummy love, homemade cake for Syds first special day!

Thus you can currently find me in the kitchen, surrounded by cake, making a cake.

Am opting for a lemon cake, for variety! And will fill it with lemon buttercream before covering it in white chocolate icing. Yum!


225g butter
225g caster sugar
225g self raising flour
3 eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
3 lemons
Icing sugar
White chocolate
More butter for icing

Cream butter and sugar, then add the eggs. Next add the grated peel of two lemons and the juice of one. Don’t panic if it splits, now we add the flour and it will all combine perfectly! Don’t forget the baking powder!

Split between two greased 8 inch tins and cook at 180 for approx half and hour. (times vary between ovens)

Mix the juice of one of the remaining lemons with some icing sugar. When the cakes have been out of the oven a few minutes, lightly prick a few holes and pour the lemon syrup onto the cakes.

Allow cakes to cool completely, then sandwich with lemon buttercream.
I then made white chocolate icing.

100g white chocolate
140g icing sugar
140g unsalted butter

Melt the chocolate then leave to cool slightly. Meanwhile beat icing sugar and butter together until creamy, then mix in the white chocolate.

I covered the cake and decorated with white chocolate drops! And here it is….

I thought I had had enough already- but i reckon i can fit a few more slices in….sod the diet this week!

Love Miss Lemony Cisco xxx


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