A Hole Lot of Fun

We took a family trip to Wookey Hole at the weekend. It is situated in the Mendips on the outskirts of Wells, and we had a smashing day.

On arrival we warmed ourselves with some take-away hot drinks from the cafe before splitting into two groups.

The teen and the other half went off to do the cave tour, and me and the boys went to Dinosaur Valley. I have been to Wookey several times over the years and took the decision that Syd was just at the wrong age for the caves- by their very nature they are not pushchair accessible, and at 16 months he would not be happy to be carried for that length of time, nor would it be safe for him to toddle! I did note that they have a cinema room where those who cannot access the caves for whatever reason can watch an in depth tour.

My pair, as I have done many times before, found the caves a beautiful and fascinating experience. There is lots for old and young to look at, and the tour guides are always interesting and informative.

Me and my boys were meanwhile having a HUGE amount of fun in dinosaur valley. Syd wasn’t freaked at all by the giant King Kong or the plethora of Dinosaurs- and when they roared at him- he roared straight back! And Max found posing as a cave woman hilarious- a picture for the 18th birthday party I think…

Once we all met up again we toyed with a visit to Santa- but the queue was long, the boys were hungry, and this year I have a 9 year old who doesn’t believe anymore, and a baby who is too young to understand, so we had a quick chat with the reindeer then went for chips! A look at the children’s faces as they came out assured me that they had had a magical experience, so maybe next time, when Syd is a little older, we will join the line!

Suitably refuelled we amused ourselves with the hall of mirrors, and had a look at the clown memorabilia, followed by a stop off at one of the play areas…

Then we headed back in time for a visit to the arcade. Armed with a tower of old pennies we had an ace time in here! Among the plethora of vintage mechanicals were games, fortune tellers, tests of strength and judgement on your kissing (amorous by all accounts) – we had loads of fun. We then attempted the mirror maze- poor Syd had a few bumps before being carried, but the big two hurtled round giggling twice before I made it through once!

Special hilarity was caused by my partners fortune- this had the kids rolling on the floor!

By this point we had been at Wookey for several hours, and the smallest member of our party was starting to flag (as were the grown ups!) so we again split into two groups to fit in the last things people wanted to see. My 16 year old took the 9 year old to watch paper being made- and they both thought it was very cool. But there was no way us adults were missing out on the Circus exhibition. Those of you who are regular readers will know I have a penchant for the unusual, so I had to see some genuine (fake) Circus Freaks! The Abominable Snowman breathes!! The Mermaid is in a strange state of decomposition! The taxidermist has had a field day! Totally freaky, magnificent Circus memorabilia, and the artwork is fantastic- I loved it.

Especially the Lion Tamer sign- I would love to have one of these for Syds bedroom!!

All worn out now we took a quick trip to the gift shop to stock up on some delicious Wookey Cheddar, then we trooped back to the car and headed home from a marvellous day out. Wookey Hole is a really excellent place for a family day trip, with an age gap of 15 years between my oldest and youngest it can be hard to find somewhere that interests all of them, but Wookey Hole managed it, and us big kids had a good day too!

Love Miss running away with the circus Cisco xxx

Disclosure:- I was given free tickets to visit Wookey Hole as part of the Tots100 and Moneysupermarket search for Britain’s Best Family Days Out.



  1. Nicola Thomas
    December 21, 2012 / 8:40 pm

    Such a great review. We really enjoyed our day too. It is surprising how much there is to do as it looks quite small when you arrive. A shame that you missed the caves, that was my favourite bit, but I understand as it can be scary for little ones.

    • Sonya Cisco
      December 22, 2012 / 7:34 am

      Luckily I have been before so I wasn’t too worried about the caves- but they are incredible, next time!!

  2. Lynn Fancy
    December 21, 2012 / 11:25 pm

    I could paint that easily – just let me know when and where (as it will be when you move I take it) and I’d love to! xx

    • Sonya Cisco
      December 22, 2012 / 7:35 am

      Ooh that would be fab! But yes, have to be when we are settled, when we eventually get round to it!!

  3. SarahMummy
    December 22, 2012 / 8:09 am

    Sounds fab. Wookey Hole isn’t a million miles from us, but we’ve never been before.

    • Sonya Cisco
      December 22, 2012 / 8:49 am

      It was a really good day, we have been a few times over the years and always have fun x

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