Christmas. A Review.

Best Bits

Me and a fifteener box of Toffifee and the new Caitlin Moran book. I think she ate some of them, someone must have because they VANISHED. (disclaimer- not accusing anyone of theft really, just diverting attention from my own greed)

In a day mostly spent gouging my hand on plastic and unscrewing Raa Raa and other assorted play things from their boxes I would like to give a mention to the Early Learning Centre. Syd had a few gifts from there and each one was packaged securely but in a manner that meant removal was simple and quick. Well done them!

Syd was thoroughly spoilt and loves it all, preferably all at once. My lounge is a colourful jumble of muddled up toddler joy. Plus- he got a Batcave- life doesn’t get much better than owning your own Batcave.

Max is a happy chappy. Games. Games. Games. Layton, Mario, Mickey and a Wii U are amongst his glorious horde, each new addition greeted with a special dance of excitement. 

Betsy seemed genuinely delighted with all her pressies, but I think the winner was a Nandos gift card. That girl loves her chicken.

Cheesy leeks and Yorkshire pud. In a massively over indulgent array of dinner dishes those were my favourites. No – I didn’t eat any sprouts. 

After 8s for breakfast. Because I am a rebel.

Crying at Call the Midwife. I don’t think I have watched an episode of that programme ever without sobbing. (Should that be in the worst bits? Not sure, but I do like its nostalgic heartbreaking charm)

Almost crying while watching Syd utterly transfixed by The Snowman and The Snowdog.

Worst Bits

Poomageddon. The Mayans were right, Armageddon was on its way. It arrived in our house on Christmas day in the form of poo. It was a small scale disaster, but large enough not to be contained by a nappy, or indeed clothes. Hosing down was required for one baby, two adults and one nearly adult. It was not pretty.

An undercurrent of illhealth. Now I have friends who have had sick houses that made Xmas hard to enjoy at all. Ours isn’t that bad. I have mastitis, again. And the man has a bit of a tummy bug, luckily not til after Christmas Dinner. I don’t think it was my cooking…..No one was hospitalised, or even in need of a GP phoneall, it just made excitable kiddies harder work, and lying down intermittently a necessity not a leisure choice. Fortunately all on mend today which is lucky as having had a Christmas with just the 5 of us, we now have two days of big family gatherings to attend!


8/10 A good Christmas, just needed a couple of drinks, a good night out and a little more child-free time under the mistletoe to hit perfect.

How was yours? Hope you had a good one too!

Love Miss off for a root through the choccy tin Cisco XXX



  1. Beki
    December 27, 2012 / 8:22 pm

    We had a Batcave too, I’ve had so much fun with it,oops did I say I, I do of course mean my little man ;o)
    Think this was the first year we actually had no sickness in this house at Christmas.

    Beki x

  2. SarahMummy
    December 30, 2012 / 2:02 pm

    Sounds like a fair 8/10! Glad you had a reasonable one 🙂

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