Perfect Imperfect Christmas

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I am watching Christmas on the telly box and I am panicking. I appear to have spent the month watching Kirstie, Nigella et al planning perfectly dressed and delicious parties and festivities instead of organising my own spectacles. I have spent so much time reading Good Housekeepings guide to the perfect Christmas meal and watching people make hand made baubles that I have had no time to do actual preparation.

I haven’t wrapped a single gift in hand stamped, home crafted paper. Nor have I tied any parcels with a raffia bow.

I have studded not one satsuma with cloves.

I have not made any gifts from old paperbacks, nor sweated over personally designed toffee recipes as the perfect present for a loved one.

I have not been lovingly feeding a Christmas Cake whisky since August. I have been lovingly feeding myself whisky since August. If I smear myself with marzipan you may not be able to tell the difference.

I have not got a time plan prepared for Christmas Eve/Day.

I do not even have a menu planned. Roast I thought. Probably.

I have not found the perfect seasonal outfit to encase my buxomness.

I may have to replace the children with cleaner ones to get that M&S family look.


I DID make some stockings.

I HAVE got a room festooned with a myriad of carrier bags, stuffed to their brims with an assortment of things to give those that I love. They will be hastily wrapped in a last minute panic.

I HAVE totally over spoilt my immediate family. As I do every year, despite saying I won’t.

I HAVE bought but not used some wrapping paper.

We HAVE printed if not written some cards.

I HAVE got a massive jar of Quality Street on stand-by.

I HAVE for a big jar of pickled onions on stand-by. Tho I had to throw the tail end of last years jar away to make room for them.

I HAVE got scraps of paper secreted in various pockets with words like ‘cranberry sauce’ or ‘sprouts’ or ‘socks for ….’ scrawled on them.

You know what, I ADORE the shiny Christmas shows, and I love the fact that year after year I am naive enough to continue thinking that I will actually replicate some of the things they indulge in. I am ever the optimist, imagining for example that I shall take the children on frosty, woodland walks to collect holly and mistletoe for our mantelpiece. Our mantelpiece is full of TV, and it is always raining when there is a good moment to go out, and my kids would probably rather watch the walk on YouTube.

I will not have a TV Christmas, I will have a real Christmas, with mess, spoilt kids, non-matching wrapping paper, too much chocolate, an unthemed Christmas tree, a massive delicious dinner without much pre-planning (I make a roast most Sundays- how hard can it be), someone will feel sick, over excited kids, arguing kids, too much baileys, paper hats, love, laughter and total chaos. Followed by Christmas Dr Who and a large booze drink when the smaller people are asleep. And it will be ABSOLUTELY BLOODY BRILLIANT!!

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. Suzanne

    Can I join you?! Two imperfect people together…and that’s just the way I like it! Couldn’t bear a christmas like the ones you describe – prefer to fly by the seat of my pants! Love it :)

  2. Emily Foran

    Sounds fantastic exactly where we’re at this year too – a proper crimbo :) xxx

  3. Corinne

    You could have written this, I am in exactly the same position and it makes me happy!

  4. Corinne

    I meant you could have written it for me, I am very tired today!

  5. Mammasaurus

    Wahey! Sound like you’ll have an epic Christmas then! I too and wholly not-as-prepared-as-Nigella however, as you say it’ll be fun! I don’t need to be stressing about times and plans just kicking back in front of a classic Bond film with sweets…which reminds me – I haven’t got any Quality Street in! ARGH!
    5 sleeps to get my arse into gear!

    • Sonya Cisco

      I still have wrapping to do! I wish I could get drunk, drunk wrapping is ace! Plus it is so much fun watching people open all the wrong things on Xmas day!

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