There’s No Smoke Without Cigarettes.

Australia have brought in a law that cigarettes can only be sold in packets with graphic medical pictures of their consequences on the front. No more the red and white of Marlboro packs, or the shiny gold of the B&H.

Apparently people are campaigning for the same law to be brought in here.

I think it is a lot of nonsense.

Make cigarettes illegal by all means. They are dangerous, addictive, delicious, killing sticks of joy. And I miss them. But I won’t smoke again because I made the choice not to. Well. I might start again when I am 90. As a reward for not being dead yet.

When I was smoking and hadn’t reached the point of deciding to stop nothing would have persuaded me too. In the grip of addiction I got very defensive when told to stop, even by my own children. And I was fully aware of the health risks, as well as similar pictures already being a feature of tobacco packets in this country.

The knowledge of the health risks was not enough to make me quit. Until the day it was. When I discovered I was pregnant with my third I stopped smoking, and this time I have kept to it. I still miss it, but I will not allow myself to go back to it.

It is a decision I have made for myself, not based on images or government programmes. I think most people who successfully stop do it because they have had a personal epiphany of some kind. It may be personal ill health, a person in their lives having cancer, or like me they may just realise that they want to live long enough to see their grandchildren more than they want to smoke.

I doubt there is smoker out there naive to its dangers, so I doubt the change of packaging will change their habits. It may of course improve sales of cigarette boxes to decant them into!

If the government and wider society is so concerned about the effect it has then why not just introduce an outright ban? They say the packaging will put off young people, but not being able to purchase them in a straight forward fashion is surely going to put off more of them!

I just don’t get it. Either leave people to enjoy their LEGAL activity in peace, or ban it completely. Don’t ostracise people for partaking in a perfectly legitimate activity. Nothing made me reach for the rizlas more quickly than a sanctimonious never smoker telling me what to do.

I do wish everyone stopped, but I don’t know this is an approach that will make a lot of difference. What do you think?

Love Miss Nicotine Free Cisco XXX



  1. December 1, 2012 / 12:21 pm

    This week I’m very close to succumbing to my cravings…….very close. All these packets would do is, make me buy a nice packet holder off the market for a £…….stupid! xx

  2. Beesley Buzz
    December 2, 2012 / 10:56 pm

    A HUGE well done to you for giving up – it must have been soooo difficult. I personally would love an outright ban because even though things are miles better for non-smokers since the ban of smoking in public places (we used to find it so hard to have a meal out in a non-smokey atmosphere before that), there are still plenty of times when we are just walking down the road and end up with lungfuls of someone else’s smoke. Especially tough on J who is asthmatic and I’m really sensitive to it too. I get a sore throat and watering eyes at the slightest hint of smoke. I don’t think it will ever be banned though because of the tax revenues the govt receives and I guess those who smoke and really feel strongly that they want to keep smoking would also make their views heard.

  3. December 4, 2012 / 11:43 pm

    I quit the fags nearly ten years ago now due to a cancer scare and an operation (turned out to be benign thankfully!) That was enough for me to stop. And it’s only been after I have stopped that i have really taken stock of what a selfish cow I was. Never thinking about how my actions were affecting other people around me. The guilt the guilt. My nan even let me smoke in her house. No one else smoked in my family.

    I am really really bad ex smoker in that I HATE the smell of it with a passion. Cannot stand someone lighting up next to me, or walking behind someone smoking, or dare anyone blow smoke in J’s direction I might not be responsible for my actions.

    This type of packaging has been used in Canada for years and years! I remember seeing pics like this back in the 90’s there where they cigs were hidden away out of view and you had to ask for them. So the UK is only now upping the anti.

    Well done on giving up! That’s brilliant x

    • The Beesley Buzz
      December 7, 2012 / 2:25 pm

      I loved it when we had a holiday in Canada – we were able to eat out without smoke all around us – and that was years before the UK followed suit. Well done Exeter mum for giving up too x

  4. San Dissanayake
    May 17, 2013 / 8:40 am

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