Gone Girl and Moranthology – #2 and #3

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Here are books 2 and 3 of my 50 books in 2013 challenge. Don’t forget to leave me any recommendations you have for me in the comments!

#2 – Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Nick and Amy have the perfect New York life. Both writers, with money to play with and a perfect marriage. Until things start to go wrong. Redundancy, money problems, and family issues lead them to move back to Nick’s home town in Missouri.

Things are no longer perfect, but life stumbles along until Amy goes missing, and Nick is on the suspect list. The story from here on in becomes a twisted tale of dark secrets, and darker personalities. A great thriller, a real page turner. I found the final build up thoroughly gripping, the only slight let down being it ended rather on a whimper than a bang, there was a point slightly earlier which may have made for a great ending, and I wonder if exploring the timeline a little further was perhaps unneeded, but hard to describe exactly what I mean here without spoilers- and really it is a minor quibble!

A fantastic novel, pushing what happens when a marriage takes a bad turn to a truly twisted place! The characters are dynamic, and well written, and I liked the format with chapters alternately voiced by the two main protagonists. I was thoroughly gripped by this book, if you enjoy a good thriller, then I would definitely recommend a read of this one.

#3 – Moranthology – Caitlin Moran

A much wanted Christmas gift, I have been reading this alongside my novels. It is a collection of some of the highlights from Caitlin’s columns from over the years. Many of you will be familiar with her regular pieces in the Times, and although she is not every body’s cup of tea, I am a fan. In this anthology she tackles a wide range of subjects- politics and feminism to pop culture and music via relationships and motherhood. Always an entertaining read, often managing to be both humorous and thought-provoking. I have a bit of a girl-crush on her.

I particularly love that being short articles I can read a couple while the pasta cooks, or sneak one in while RaaRaa is babysitting. A great collection of fun-sized reads to fill small pockets of time in a really satisfying way. I loved it, and I know I will read it again in future.

Right. Onto number 4,

Love Miss Cisco XXX

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  1. Catherine

    Moranthology is on my wish list. I loved How To Be A Woman so much. It’s one of my goals to read more books this year, and I do love a good.Thriller so I might have to give Gone Girl a look.

  2. Joanna Henley

    I do like the sound of Gone girl, sounds like my type of book xx

  3. SarahMummy

    I’ve not hear of Gone Girl, but it sounds good. I’ve recently finished Moranthology, which was great. Was going to review it on my blog – I may do still!

  4. Tas D

    I’ve never read any Caitlin Moran but I might actually read How to be a woman, I reckon (based on some if her tweets!) that itd be a really funny read!

  5. Kate

    Gone Girl is our book club book this month. Usually no one actually reads the books for book club but I may have to make an exception here!

  6. An Exeter Mum

    You’re doing well on your book reading. I am still on book 2!! I’ve never read any Caitlin Moran either, shock horror!!

  7. Mama Owl

    I love Caitlin Moran, How to be a Woman had me in stitches! x

  8. Lucy Glendinning

    Ooh, Gone Girl sounds like a good one :-) I think we should set up a #50books2013 postal pass-on service, lol :-)

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