Bowie Joy!

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Yesterday morning I was cross within moments of being awake because Ian Smith (he can have the second i in his first name, and the right to use three names back when he stops being a twat) was being a Tory arse on the telly. I thought the day was a lost cause and it was barely past 7 am. But then a beautiful thing did happen. Lovely Billy Breakfast man told me David Bowie was not only having a birthday but that he also had a new song, and more new songs to come.

Ah deep joy. I have loved Mr Bowie ever since I first saw him on the 1973 Spiders From Mars tour. Admittedly I had what is known as a ‘restricted view’ what with being in utero at the time, but it was the start of a love affair I have never quite got over.

As a small girl my Dad sang me to sleep with ‘Starman’.

As a pubescent girl my sexuality was at least in part awakened by the gloriously tight trousered Labyrinth. I was absolutely astounded that she didn’t just let him keep the baby and join him in his Escher-esque castle!

I have seen him live several times over the years, the last time being an outstanding Glastonbury appearance some dozen years ago.

I love him a bit. Well. Quite a lot really. One of me heroes. I look forward to the new album in March, and for now, here is the single in case you haven’t heard it….



  1. I love Bowie! Thanks for the videos, cheered me up on this dull grey Wednesday morning! :)

    Jen xx

    • glad to be of service! love your blog name-popping over for a read now! :)

  2. All the mighty power Bowie in this post has nearly made my phone explode!

    Glad I’m not the only one that thought Sarah from The Labyrinth was a dumb bitch! What was she thinking? I’d have been living it up in the castle beyond the Goblin city quicker than you could say tight gold leggings!

    • Hey you, you remind me of the babe….

  3. Love Bowie, although have never quite forgiven him for when I saw him live and he did a drum and bass remix of Man who sold the world? It was not good :(

    • I am glad i didn’t witness that!!

  4. ‘put on your red shoes and dance the blues’…….Awww my hubby used to sing that in my ear When we first met :-) xx

    • awww how sweet- love that song!

  5. And it sounds good too! My sister was extremely miffed that she is in his fan club but still heard the news from me who heard it from Sky!
    5 Years is my favourite Bowie track – underrated in my humble opinion.

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