I like puzzles. I like video games, especially games like Professor Layton which have lots of puzzles included, so I was more than happy to agree to review the Puzzler World 2013 DS game.


First off, the factual stuff:-
  • Over 1200 new puzzles and bonus games from the world’s leading supplier of puzzle content
  • Play the greatest variety of puzzles ever offered in a Puzzler World title
  • Additional bonus games – Missing Piece, Symbols, Chain Letters, Colour-In, Sum-Up, Jigsaw, Hangman, Chain Letters and more!
  • Nintendo DS Handwriting Recognition – Teach the game your own unique handwriting style
  • Game caters for 5 language territories, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.
Now to see if it is actually fun!!
It has lovely clear graphics, and is easy to navigate, so would suit a games novice as well as old hands. There is a wide range of puzzles including:-
Spot the Difference
Number Jig
Sum People
Split Words
And as you play you find bonus games such as Missing Piece, Sum-Up, Jigsaw, Hangman, Chain Letters and more!
There really is something for all puzzlers, I am much better with words than numbers, so am loving the word based games. Especially the crosswords, it is really easy to write in your answers and the handwriting recognition is great, even with my untidy scrawl.

 I think it is a fab game, with a wide range of appeal, there are some games my 9 year old will enjoy, such as the simpler puzzles like Spot the Difference and word searches, but it is also a challenge enough for a more serious puzzler. Ideal for a day like today where we are snowed in, or great for passing the time on journeys, and very portable for holidays. You can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the puzzles have the option to save your progress at any point so you can carry on where you left off later.

I like it, it gets the grey matter moving in an entertaining fashion! A quick google search finds it on sale in a variety of the usual places from around £15, which is a very reasonable price for a newly released DS game, with more than enough puzzles to keep you occupied for many an hour that represents good value for money. A thumbs up from us!
Love Miss ‘End of the Home of the Golden Gate Bridge!’

disclosure- we were sent a free copy of the game for review purposes, but all views are our own and genuine.


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