Saturday is Caption Day!

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It is a new year, a new start and I have come over all tidy. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place….you think this is a step too far!?!

Once you have captioned my baby shelf picture, fly your fresh new year self over to Mammasaurus for more caption joy……


  1. I haven’t labelled him, remind me what it is we store in the baby…

  2. Is this my new room Mummy?

  3. Oh no I have been found!

  4. and this is where we keep the baby!

  5. Cupboard love

  6. So this is the meaning of ‘left on the shelf’ !!

  7. Detached 2 story house, very cosy, ideal for families looking to downsize!

  8. Mum had become a little too obsessed with Harry Potter and decided the ‘shelf under the eggs’ was babies new place x

  9. Phew! My new room’s a tight fit Mummy!
    (Thanks for the comment :))

  10. Cupboard Love!

  11. Let me just test and see if my new bed is firm enough

  12. I know Mum said she wanted to down size but come on…………….

  13. I don’t think it’s too far…if I have learnt anything from being a mother is that organisation is key to sanity – so well done :)
    Loving the blog and now following on twitter and GFC

    Laura x

  14. I feel the walls are closing in.

  15. You weren’t meant to find me!

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