Silent Sunday

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bird in hand sculpture

Silent Sunday


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  1. Kat Pearce

    Wow, that looks awesome! X

  2. Tas D

    Nice sculpture… I can’t work out if its a cat in hand

  3. Lynn Fancy

    Worth 2 in your bush! 😉

  4. Shahnaz MummyBeBeautiful

    oooh like it x

  5. Beadzoid

    Hope that birdie had a clean bottom! 😀

  6. SarahMummy

    That’s so gorgeous and peaceful looking. Is it a gallery near where you live?

  7. Coombe Mill

    Great sculpture

  8. Orme Views

    A bird in the hand!!!!….


    Oh art, A little bit of high brow for silent Sunday. Love it, really beautiful piece.

  10. Mari's World

    Nice sculpture playing on famous saying 😉

  11. Bibsey Mama

    I love this. Where is it?

    Oh, and random: I used to live in a Bird-in-Hand Lane.

  12. Carolin @ Mummy Alarm

    I love art like this, because you can see a meaning behind it…

  13. Erica Price

    What a lovely sculpture! Great to pick out a detail like that.

  14. Jo 2 Stars and a Swirl

    OK my first reaction was ‘TWEET TWEET’ but yes after reading the other comments it is far more clever than that 😉

  15. BavarianSojourn

    Love this, what a gorgeous sculpture!

  16. Looking for Blue Sky

    It really makes you want to stroke it :)

  17. An Exeter Mum

    A bird in hand…great sculpture! I can never leave comments unless i am surfing in google chrome on my laptop! Did try this morning L)

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