Can I get a small Whoop?

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Yes, I can! Whoop!

Why the uncharacteristic enthusiasm? Well, award season is well and truly underway in blogging world and I have been exceptionally  delighted, surprised, and grateful to be up for some!

Attempts a Farty Fanfare…

I am shite at blowing me own metaphorical trumpet. I had a go on a cornet once, and made a sort of fat raspberry fart sound, and dribbled down my chin. That is a very similar effect as accepting praise graciously and ‘bigging up’ myself has on me, ¬†but on this occasion will give it a shot!

First up the MADS. Now I am a bit mad, and possibly deserve an award for that in itself, but in this context it stands for Mum And Dad blogging awards. Nominations opened last week, and in the first round-up I find myself nominated for SEVEN categories. Knock me down with a feather, that is a bit bloody brilliant! Thank you to those who nominated me. And if you are yet to do yours and fancy giving me a nod, then pop here- I am up for Best New Blog and Most Entertaining amongst others, and every nomination helps. Having said that, competition is incredibly fierce, there are so many blogs that I adore also up for nomination that is an honour just to be mentioned in the same category as them.

Secondly the Swans. SWAN stands for Syndromes Without A Name, and is a charity and support network for children with rare, often undiagnosed genetic disorders and their families. Their awards are hoping to raise their own profile for a very worthy cause, and to recognise particular individual posts that people have loved. There are lots of categories including Most Powerful, Informative and Inspirational. But someone has been smashing enough to nominate my post about ‘finding the Higgs Boson down the back of the Sofa’ in the Funniest Post category, making them both worthy of the lovely hat (a headpiece given to those who have shown spectacular kindness!) and imbued with a magnificent memory as that post is from last Summer and even I had forgotten about it! You can read it here, and if it makes you chuckle, you can give it another vote here!

Lastly I had a lovely mail from the awesome people at A New Generation letting me know I was on their shortlist for ‘Bloggers to Watch‘. I have seen the list and am delighted to see I am in superb company, as some of my personal favs are on there too, have a look and maybe discover a brilliant blog you haven’t seen before!

I am heading fast for my blogs first anniversary at the end of March, and the fact that people have taken time to put me forward for these accolades is really very, very awesome indeed. I will do my best to keep on churning out the nonsense that has got me happily this far, for nonsense is mostly what it is, but nonsense that is knocked out crafted with love!!

I Loves Ya All!

Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. Marilynn

    Well deserved deary! You get a BIG WHOOP WHOOP from me!Have a lovely weekend!

    • Sonya Cisco

      Thank you lovely lady, judging from the margheritas you were already enjoying your weekend last night! Hope you dont have a hangover! xxx

  2. Emily Foran

    Whoop, whoop, whoop – member of the fan club ;)) xxx

  3. SarahMummy

    Brilliant, well done you! Much deserved :) x

  4. Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron

    You certainly entered the blogosphere with a bang! All well-deserved.

  5. Older Mum

    WHOOP WHOOP – Well deserved!

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