Dear Mr Gove….

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I seem to have to write to/about you fairly often. Yet here we are again. I am extraordinarily delighted that your fellow MPs have seen fit to point out all the flaws in your rushed and hurried GCSE replacement plan. So we can all gratefully wave goodbye to the English Baccalaureate Certificate. I should imagine those with children who were due to be among the first to sit the ‘dreamt up in a panic’ ¬†EBACC are extra relieved. I have a 9 year old, and am now fully aware that he is likely to be among the first few years of whatever your next plan is.

Please take your time now. Please take advice from those with expertise in education and children. Please find a way that best suits a wide range of abilities giving all children a chance to shine in their own way, while still reflecting their capabilities so that universities and employers have a clear idea of what a grade means. Please ensure all children leave with the basic skills for work and life. And please ensure that those include things wider than the vital Maths and English. Respect for others, kindness and fairplay are as important as long division. Yes, being able to write a formal letter is a skill we all need, but so is self-confidence and pride in your work. I, as a parent, will always do my best at my part of the deal, and the majority of teachers I come across do their best within the boundaries they have to stick to, so step up to the mark Mr Gove and give us the best school system you can,

Much Appreciated,

Miss Cisco


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  1. Mary Keynko

    Damn right!
    I am eternally grateful that my children are at the end of their school live – The possibilities for the future scare we witless

  2. Anne Stone

    Couldn’t have put it better myself x

  3. Fives A Fellowship

    Very well said indeed. With three under the age of four, I dread to think what the state, our education system will be in, when they are due to sit their exams. I shudder at the thought!

  4. sarahhillwheeler

    Good post, too many (half baked) things being rushed through. Legislate in haste, repent at leisure (or quietly fudged over).

  5. Erica Price

    So true. I think some careful and considered thinking needs to go into this issue. I’m glad Mr Gove has changed his mind, but I’m not sure I trust him to make the right decision.

    • Sonya Cisco

      I don’t trust him either, but am glad to see neither do his own party, and they were at least willing to stop him making a big mistake, let’s hope we get something a little better thought out now!

  6. Sonya Cisco

    Thanks all! A long term, well thought out, successful outcome will hopefully be better than his original knee jerk response!

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