Kindling, Motherventing and Binky. Books #6 & #7

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This time in my 50 books challenge, I have been attempting an experiment in e-book world. I like books. I like to sniff books. I like to stroke books. I like to lick books. Not all of those things are true, but I think we can agree that I like ACTUAL REAL BOOKS. But there are some things I wanted to read that are only available as e-books. So I am giving it a go.

First up – The Little Book of Motherventing by Frances Lewis

Fellow bloggers and regular blog readers alike will more be than familiar with MoVo, her enimitable writing style and her extraordinary arse. Her farking awesome blog was a bit legendary among those of us at the sweary and realistic end of the parenting blog rainbow. And then it was finished. Not gone, you can still find it here, and occasionally there will also be the treat of a new post, but its frankly gorgeous author has stepped away from it to focus on other writing projects. Which is epic for her, as she is a fantabulous writer, but a bit shit if you are me and liked reading her blog regularly. Thus I was delighted that her best bits have been strung together in an e-book format for a measly quid on Amazon. I arrived on the parent blogging scene fashionably late, so The Little Book of Motherventing had plenty to offer that I hadn’t already read.

In her own words this book is :-

Taking all the fluffy aspects of parenting, relationships, life – and totally shitting all over them. Expect humour, tragedy, ranting, anecdotes, heartfelt confessions, naked photos, gin appreciation, spaff, parenting tips, and plenty of swearing. Not for the faint-hearted.’

In my words it is – funny, tragic, real, and extraordinary. The ups and downs of a life laid bare, a unique voice, and a great read. I already love her. Am sure you will too.

 Buy it. Read it. NOW!

Only downside was I am used to commenting on her posts via the magical medium of blog, so my ipad is now covered in marker pen where I was forced to scrawl my responses in the only means available to me.

Next up was My Life In The Ghost of Planets: The Story of a CBFB Almost Was

I first heard of this book on The Adequate Parent blog and it sounded right up my proverbial alley. Written by Binky Phillips it is a short, not always sweet, tale of his real life journey as an also ran of the New York punk scene. He started a band in school, played with many of the great names of that CGBG era. This book covers his musical journey. I enjoyed it, I always like a music bio, and this is a musical period I am a fan of, and it was nice to hear a different viewpoint from someone who was there. I always love an underdog. Again a quid, worth a go if this is your type of thing!

As for reading books on electronic things, I minded it less than I thought I would. Even managed to read in the bath on my iPod. The only downside was that as I am kindle-less, I am using apps on iPad/iPod which means it is VERY easy to get is distracted by a twitter/Facebook notification and wander away from your book entirely for whole swathes of time! I must investigate how to turn them off so my attention doesn’t get grabbed away so often!

Next couple of books are in the traditional paper format so I won’t have to worry for them!

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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    The 50 books challenge just seems like something out all realms of possibility to me as I am such a slow reader. If the family feel neglected when I blog, reading 50 books would mean complete abandonment.I’m impressed with anyone having a go.:-)

    • Sonya Cisco

      I used to read 3 books a week, but lost touch with it post Syd and since taking up blogging, it’s a conscious effort to have some non-screen time, and to get back to something I really enjoy! For me, one book a week should be manageable! I hope!

  2. Older Single Mum

    Ooh I didn’t know MoVo was out – *trundles off to purchase *

  3. Sonya Cisco

    Do it now! :) xx

  4. Mama Owl

    A woman after my own heart, there’s nothing quite like a real paperback x

  5. dragonsflypoppy

    Oh god – you really can’t beat the smell of a brand new book can you? Do we need specialist help??

    Great reviews so fab to be part of this! X

    • Sonya Cisco

      I need help, i have book buying addiction- tho I am not as bad as I used to be! When I worked in a book shop i spent most of my wages there!

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