One and a Half Years of the Syd.

Posted by on February 14, 2013 in Parenting | 12 comments

Syd is 18 months old today. He is a remarkable thing, who has managed to morph from this…..

via this…

baby growing

to this…..

18 month old

 in a mere 547.863 days.

Clever thing.

He has also gone from stationary object, to a small, whizzy thing that launches himself about the place in a fearless fashion.

He has gone from strange warbling sheep like cries to, well, making sheep noises actually. But he can do other animal impersonations too- dogs, and cats, and lions, as well as being able to say cake, and chair, and an approximation of Daddy and his siblings names. He can name animals and colours and all numbers are ‘two’.

He has gone from small to considerably less small, whilst still being small. Quite the achievement I am sure you will agree!

He has gone from baby, to little boy. In a flash, a blink of an eye, a moment, a lifetime for him, and all too short a time for me.

He is determined, and stubborn, and messy, and noisy and an absolute joy. His eyes are blue one minute and green the next. He looks exactly like his Daddy. And yet also like me. But mostly like himself.


Love Miss very proud Cisco XXX


  1. Awww – I love the photo journey x As a mum to my very own 14 month old wizzy thing I can sympathise with how crazy fast they go from baby to toddler! I blinked and she could could run around and smack me in the face suddenly… lol x love this post 😉 xxx

    • thanks, it goes way too fast doesn’t it!

  2. Bless him, he’s gorgeous. Love the photos. And love your very precise maths!

    • you can thank google for the maths! :)

  3. What a gorgeous post and a gorgeous little man. No wonder you are smitten – 18 months is quite a milestone – almost a toddler!

    • yes, he definitely seems more little boy than baby these days, it has gone too fast!

  4. What a gorgeous little man! It all goes way too fast. Next week my wee man will be 2! How? When? :)

    • it just flies by, my eldest is 16, and she is now taller than me! How did that happen???

  5. I love the fact that ‘cake’ is one of his very first words. He’s clearly a little man who gets his priorities right.

    • Or a little man whose mum has a cake addiction…. :)

  6. Love the pics through the ages. They change so much don’t they!

  7. He’s so cute you’ve summed up the first 18mths brilliantly! X

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