Saturday is Caption Day

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Good lovely weekend-y Morning to you all, and welcome to this weeks SatCap. Come on in, it is really taters outside today, sit by the fire, I will get you a nice toasted crumpet while you get your witty caption hat on….

toddler moustache

Now pop your scarf back on, head back out into the chillsome, and visit Mammasaurus for a hot cocoa and some more captioning joy!


  1. A biscuit as big as your head puts hairs on your chin.

    • It was huge! Needless to say he didn’t eat it all!

  2. I think you were right when you said eyes bigger than belly mummy :)

    • haha he only managed about a quarter of it!

  3. I moustache a cookie.

  4. I moustache you whether or not this biscuit is chocolate chip!

  5. Warning! eating cookies can cause unwanted facial hair

    • hahahaha! is that how I got mine?!?

  6. Sorry mum, I must go, I have a cookie to eat, I moustache…

  7. I’m not eating anything honest mummy. I’m just stood here looking.

  8. I just found this partly eaten cookie on the floor. Nothing to do with me!

  9. OH bugger, I’ve done something SatCap worthy again, haven’t I?!

  10. Crumbs! I’ve been spotted x

  11. You can’t see with this huge biscuit, coz I’m wearing a disguise…….ha I knew the tash would fool her!

  12. “But I can have a glass of red wine with this biccy – I’ve got a genuine French mans moustache and all!”
    “No, sorry son you can’t – that’s just the way the cookie crumbles…”

    Jeebers that almost got into role play then, reign it back in Saurus…
    (Sorry it’s taken me an age to comment – have been feeling poorly x)

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