Silent Sunday

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children on the swings swinging

Silent Sunday


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  1. Mummygadgetgeek

    What a great photo :) Brings back childhood memories…

  2. SarahMummy

    That works so well in black and white :) And the light is fantastic.

  3. Jess

    Fab photo!Love the black and white effect and the light and the gorgeous children swinging…beautiful :-)

  4. Suzanne

    What an atmospheric pic! The shadows work gorgeously here :)

  5. Erica Price

    Love the light and black&white works really well here.

  6. Shahnaz MummyBeBeautiful

    fab…love this shot black&white with shadows

  7. Tori Wel

    Great picture, the black & white works brilliantly – very atmospheric.

  8. Joanna Henley

    Such a haunting image! I can almost hear a tinkling piano and a nursery rhyme being sung…..#1 2 he’s after you# x

  9. photomummy

    Very atmospheric,would be very spooky if there was nobody on the swings! I like the unusal shadows coming off the swings frame. Good capture

  10. Orme Views

    Great picture!

  11. Tom Briggs

    Great shot! Love the light and shadows.

  12. An Exeter Mum

    Awesome photo. The light, the shadow, perfect!

  13. Lynn Fancy

    Love this, really well caught xx

  14. Tas D

    The playground looks really playful and the bare trees add a slight haunting feel to it all!

  15. Beadzoid

    You can still see the sun beam, even in back and white. Brilliant. And for this ex-goth a photo is always vastly improved by being made black and white 😉 x

  16. BavarianSojourn

    Really striking. Love the black and white and the light in this! :)

  17. Corinne

    I love the light and shadows in this.

  18. Livi TeePot

    Adore this photo, captures the fun feeling of flying and love the lighting

  19. Countryidyll

    Great photo with the light and the shadows. Works extra well in b & w.


    So good in black and white. The shadows on the ground make for me I love the striking pattern they create.x

  21. City Girl At Heart

    Great Light. love this shot :)

  22. Alison

    Lovely shot, love the shadows

  23. Helpful Mum

    Great shot. Love the light and the shadows.

  24. Sarah Miles

    Great shadows – fab shot x

  25. fivegoblogging

    Fabulous shadows and sunlight :-)

  26. Ellen

    I love the way the light & shadows have been captured!!

  27. Lou's Lake Views

    Awesome pic, I love the long shadows

  28. Coombe Mill

    Great black and white shot – although I find it a little eerie even with the children in the shot.

  29. Bright Side of Life

    Love this picture, there is something really wonderful about black and white.

  30. Mama Marmalade

    Great captue. I’m a huge fan of shadows and light/dark contrast. Awesome.

  31. sabrina montagnoli

    I love the black and white effect and the streaming sunshine!

  32. Perfectly Happy Mum


  33. Jo of Jo's Nursery

    Gorgeous shot. I love the sunlight in the picture

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