The Good Father and Whatever It Takes – #4 and #5

I have now read 5 books in 2013, and that means am averaging one a week, putting me on target for my goal of 50 this year. Here are my thoughts on books #4 and #5.

The Good Father – Noah Hawley

You love your kids unconditionally right? What if they shoot and kill the next President of the USA? This book focuses on the journey Dr Paul Allen takes when his son is accused of doing just that. If you are imagining that leads to a book in a similar vein to ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’, you would be partly correct, tho it lacks the impact of that particular novel. It splits itself between Paul’s analysis of his own parenting skills and his son’s life so far, and a thriller as he tries to prove his son is innocent. Can he find evidence of a conspiracy? Is his son clinically insane? Or will he have to accept his sons guilt, and therefore his own for the faults he finds in his own parenting?

An enjoyable book. Part history as the lead character looks into details of previous real-life assassinations and their perpetrators as he searches for answers about his own son. Part thriller as the plot thickens, and possible conspiracies abound, and part family traumas as we examine the effects of both the current crime, and the divorce of the accused’s parents. It maybe tries to do too much but having said that it was a good plot, and overall I would say it is worthy of a read.

Whatever It Takes – Adele Parks

I have read plenty of books by this author before, and they have always been enjoyable easy reads, usually sat at the family drama end of the chick lit spectrum.

This book focuses on Ellie, wife to Mark and mother to three daughters. The family decides to move out of London and back to Marks home town in the West Country. Ellie’s close friend Sara is going to miss her. Sara and her husband Charlie have been trying unsuccessfully to have a child for years, and she relys on her friend for moral support. And waiting in Dartmouth for Ellie are her in-laws. Her mother-in-laws health problems, combined with more heartache for Sara, and Ellie’s need to fix everything, lead to a series of revelations and events that cause shock and drama for all. Can the usually perfect Ellie get her life back on track?

I enjoyed it. Easy to read, characters we all recognise from life, and a satisfying roller coaster soap opera story line. Not a Booker winner, more one for the beach, but great fun nonetheless.

Next two books are lined up, this time on my kindle app!

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