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Entertaining a tiny person takes imagination sometimes, actually what I really mean is that entertaining a toddler AND not going round the twist yourself takes imagination. He would do the same puzzle seventy hundred times in a row, and I have read his favoured books until I can do it blindfolded.

We do a variety of things to get through the week. We try to go out most days, even if its just to the shop, tho the park is more fun on a dry day (Do they exist or is it just a myth??). We visit our museum most weeks for a rummage thought the dinosaur room. We go to a toddler activity group on Thursday mornings, followed by a play in the host cafes toy area. But that still leaves far too many hours to fill. So sometimes you have to get a bit inventive….

Here are two of our recent novelty escapades:-

Beaker Bowling!
toddler activities beaker bowling
Use a stash of beakers, and a small satsuma. You could use a ball, but they were in the other room and the oranges were just sat there…And as an adrenaline filled, high risk of broken glass, alternative adult version, I could have opted for empty wine bottle bowling. Not that we have that many empty wine bottles, honest guv….
Paper Plate Faces!
easy toddler craft paper plate animal face masks
Plates left over from the kids last party, combined with wax crayons and some seriously poor artistic skills meant we passed the afternoon making happy animal noises. Oink! Moo! It was like being back in a cow-punk band, all that was missing was the roll of a banjo….
I would love to hear your suggestions for free/cheap different things to try at home with an almost 18 month old! 

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. SarahMummy

    Those paper plate photos are so cute! I can’t even remember how I used to entertain toddlers. Go to work and leave the nursery to do it mainly, I think!

    • Sonya Cisco

      You know there are days where I wish I could send him to nursery for a bit, just to give him some new activities to do!

  2. Corinne

    I love these ideas, I am always on the look out for new ones as my boys won’t be going to nursery. I have a board for them on Pinterest if you want to have a look! It’s a mixture of adult and kid stuff

  3. Lynn Fancy

    This is excellent! I will indeed be playing this on Monday!
    I used to cover the entire lounge floor with lining paper and masking tape and let Ev have the paints, it got so slippery it was positively dangerous but great fun!

  4. GiftsFromThePirates

    ive been looking for something to do with all our beakers as they don’t stack well in the cupboard, but now thanks to your advice ill be leaving them on the kitchen floor. Mrs M will be pleased at all the extra cupboard space haha. very innovative xx

    • Sonya Cisco

      Haha my apologies to your wife for encouraging you to abandon containers everywhere!! They do work well as skittles tho!! :) x

  5. Older Mum

    Ha! Inspired – love the beaker bowling!!!

  6. Victoriaaa

    At the moment Rio’s favourites are crawling races and hide and seek round the sofa! ..I love the beaker idea, ive got so many small bottles from when he was a baby in the cuboard space, i guess theyd work too right ;)

  7. Beadzoid

    Paper plates can be used for all sorts – we get through 5-10 a week :)

    Also, never throw away a loo roll holder – we like to do the beaker bowling with those, as well as make rockets, tube animals and dodgy jewellery :D

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