A Year and a Splash!

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On the 21st of March it will be exactly a year since I started blogging. What started on a whim has become a big part of my life now. I have discovered lots of incredible blogs to read, and made some amazing friends. I have had some great opportunities come my way, and have contributed to the awareness of some important causes and charities. To celebrate my first blogiversary I am running a couple little comps this month. The Mothers Day giveaway has a few days left so enter that one while you still can!

Β One of the things that came as a surprise to me in blogging is that companies want to work with you, even if you are slapdash and waffle unprofessionally like me! Some of them offer you cash for posting about things like banking, and I have chosen not to pursue those at present, as my blog is currently just my hobby and I like to keep it fun. But I have taken advantage of offers to review things that I think will bring my kids a smile!

Nuby bay and toddler range
Syd exploring the Nuby range!

One of the loveliest companies I have worked with is Nuby. Not only are their products fab, but their online presence is a great example to other companies. Their facebook page is full of interaction , advice from one parent to the other, funny pictures, links to interesting blog articles- about their products and otherwise, and of course information about their goods and special offers. From my perspective they are always a delight to speak to, and as one of their team of bloggers we have benefited from the use of their really rather fabulous range of beakers, tableware and toys. You can find my reviews under the tab at the top.

Recently I wrote about their colourful and fantastic bath toys, which Syd Β is still getting a whole lot of use out of, and they have kindly offered a bath bundle prize to one of you lot in celebration of my blogiversary!

The prize is worth Β£35 and the lucky winner will receive :-

Shampoo Rinse Cup
Bath Letters and Numbers
Bath Time Net
Octopus Floating Bath Toy
Tub Time Turtle
Squid the Squirter
Splish Splash Stacking Cups

You can have a look at them all here on the Nuby website. As with all their products, the bath range is brightly coloured and lots of fun!

To enter please complete the rafflecopter form below, make sure you complete the mandatory step to validate your entry, them complete as many or few of the rest as you like for bonus entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • one rafflecopter form per household
  • open to UK entries only
  • over 18s only
  • Entry closes at midnight on the 31st March
  • I will contact the winner shortly after to obtain their details so that Nuby may send them their prize.

Good Luck All,
Love Miss Cisco XXX

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  1. The bath squirters have to be one of the greatest and simplest distractions for bath time and the transition to the changing table afterwards.

  2. Tub Time Turtle is very sweet

  3. squid the squirter, im sure he would be well loved and played with in here.x

  4. Squid the squirter :)

  5. Our son Nik is almost ready for the big bath and since he’s not, let’s say, the “passive type”, he will need lots of toys to keep entertained. Not all of the bath toys are suitable for him yet, but I know he will love the Splish Splash Stacking Cups!

  6. Happy almost one year of blogging!!

  7. I LOVE Squid the Squirter!

  8. Squid the Squirter

  9. Shampoo rinse cup anything to make hair washing ‘fun’

  10. I love the Tub time turtle :-)

  11. |Splash n Catch @Msedollyp

  12. Squid the Squirter!!

  13. Love the shampoo rinse cup. That would make a big difference at bath time! x

  14. Splish Splash stacking cups – my daughter loves beakers in the bath so she would love these!

  15. Tub Time Turtle

  16. Squid the Squirter looks like a lot of fun :)

  17. squid the squirter

  18. Tub Time Turtle

  19. tub time turle

  20. I love the Octopus Floating Toy

    • I think the octopus allso lookscamazing :-)

  21. Tub Time Turtle

  22. tub time turtle is a cutie :)

  23. Tub time turtle looks like fun

  24. Squid the Squirter

  25. Tub time turtle is my favourite

  26. I love Splish Splash Stacking Cups. @lorrainesaeed

  27. Tub time turtle

  28. Love tub time turtle


  29. Squid the squirter

  30. Squid the squirter

  31. I love the bath letters and numbers

  32. i luv the Octopus Floating Bath Toy :)

  33. I love Squid the Squirter!

  34. the octopus

  35. I like the octopus floating bath toy best

  36. The Squirters

  37. The turtle, looks great fun

  38. i like the Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  39. The stacking cups… my LO loves them out the bath..so they’d be even more fun in!

  40. my fave is the bathtime net

  41. Squid the Squirter looks fun!

  42. My son would love the tub time turtle. ruth@rushhourtechnology.co.uk

  43. Tub Time Turtle!

  44. Squid The Squirter

  45. Tub time turtle would be lovely for my niece

  46. Squid the squirter

  47. tub time turtle

  48. Squid the squirter

  49. Squid The Squirter :)

  50. Squid the squirter – little one might have to share Squid with me πŸ˜‰

  51. Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  52. Squid the squirter

  53. squid the squirter is fab

  54. I really love squid the squirter very fun for bath time

  55. Octopus floating toy, looks awesome :-)

  56. The octopus is awesome!! they are all pretty fab looking though!

    My only quarm with bath toys is that some of them are hard to empty and over time we have had fab expensive toys fill with mold inside meaning we had to chuck them away, even if we have soaked them in dettol. :( This is why I preferred to go for foam type toys rather than squirty ones but even they need cleaning properly. I bought a net too to keep them in, which I also soak in dettol. Thats the thing with bath toys, they tend to get wet.. alot πŸ˜‰

    Great giveaway, <3 xx

  57. the shampoo looks lovely!

  58. Squid the squirter

  59. I love an Octopus anything (except eating them, boooo), so my favourite is the purple Octopus. πŸ˜€


  60. It’s gotta be Squid the Squirter!

  61. Squid the Squirter! Anything messy or splashy always goes down a treat!

  62. Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  63. the floating octopus x

  64. The Octopus looks great fun x


  65. I like the look of the turtle

  66. tub time turtle :)


  67. Squid the Squirter

    my granddaughter would love this also might be fun to use in swimming pool

  68. The octopus floating bath toy. Congratulations!

  69. Squid the Squirter looks so much fun :)

  70. Tub Time Turtle

  71. Tub time turtle is my favourite

  72. Squid the squirter

  73. Tub Time Turtle. He looks awesome x

  74. I like the Tub Time Turtle

  75. Squid the squirter

  76. the floating octopus

  77. I Love Tub Time Turtle

  78. Squid the Squirter

  79. Squid the squirter! Anything that squirts water in the bath goes down really well with my baby

  80. Love the octopus floating bath toy!

  81. Bath letters and numbers!! Educational play whilst having fun in the bath is a winner :-)

  82. Octopus Floating Bath Toy looks like fun.

  83. Octopus Floating Bath Toy is my fave πŸ˜€

  84. squid the squirter

  85. Squid the squirter

  86. Squid the squirter

  87. Tub Time Turtle is lovely!

  88. Squid the squirter!

  89. Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  90. Tub time turtle

  91. The Tub Time Turtle looks fun


  92. Tub Time Turtle!

  93. Squid the Squirter

  94. i can imagine a LOT of fun with those bath squirters!

  95. love Squid the Squirter

  96. squid the squirter

  97. tub time turtle

  98. Tub Time Turtle

  99. I like the Bath time Net

  100. Squid the Squirter *** (sarkabaran49@aol.com)

  101. I love the Squid Squirter, so cute!

  102. squid the squirter

  103. Squid the Squirter is FAB!!! :)

  104. Tub time turtle

  105. Squid the squirter because he’s squirty. x

  106. My grandaughter would love Squid the squirter :)

  107. Octopus Floating Bath Toy is fab to keep the little one entertained :-) x

  108. squid is great!

  109. my baby girl has just started to really enjoy bath time so any bath toy would be great

  110. I have just had to throw out all my daughters bath toys as, despite making sure I empty all the water out of them after each bath, they are starting to get all smelly and gross! She has quite long hair for a 1 year old so anything that helps to rinse out the shampoo would be a big help as shes not a fan of my current method lol x

  111. Octopus hes very cool and bright my baby would love him

  112. You can never have too many squirters – so some more for the little man would be great….

  113. I love the Octopus but I think my daughter would love all of them! :-)

  114. Tub Time Turtle for me please

  115. i like the turtle :-)

  116. Squid the Squirter

  117. squid the squirter my daughter would have so much fun with it

  118. I like the octopus sounds good fun.

  119. Octopus floating bath toy

  120. Squid the squirter

  121. Squid the Squirter :)

    Patricia @pjo77

  122. We love Squid the squirter

  123. Love the turtle as would my three children x

  124. I love squid the squirter, bu could do with the shampoo cup

  125. Thomas loves bath squirters

  126. the bathtime net

  127. the bath letters and numbers! Fun and educational :-)

  128. Bath time net – I need one to contain the mess. Xx

  129. I love the stacking cups, they have a huge number of ways to play with them

  130. The Octopus looks well kool Georgie would love that!xx

  131. It’s got to be Squid the Squirter, it looks great fun

  132. I love Tub Time Turtle, how relaxed and happy does he look?!!

  133. I like the looks of the Octopus Floating Bath Toy at least Sophie shouldnt get me too wet with that one lol!

  134. squid the squirter,

  135. Tub Time Turtle looks fab

  136. The very cute Tub Time Turtle

  137. squid the squirter

  138. Squid the Squirter

  139. Tub Time Turtles nice

  140. Squid the Squirter

  141. Tub Time Turtle

  142. I like the Tub Time Turtle

  143. The stacking cups – it’s funny how the simplest things are often the most fun

  144. AWW! lovely prizes and great blog

  145. Bath letters and numbers

  146. Tub Time Turtle is my favourite!

  147. Squid the squirter!

  148. Tub time turtle is my favourite

  149. I love Squid the Squirter :)

  150. The Bath Letters and Numbers would keep my daughter occupied during bath time

  151. Tub Time Turtle

  152. bath time net

  153. Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  154. My girls would love the bath time net :)

  155. Octopus Floating Toy

  156. The turtle!!!

  157. I think Squid the Squirter is the best as it provides the most bath time fun!!

  158. I Love the look of Squid The Squirter!! x

  159. Tub Time Turtle :-)

  160. I love tub time turtle

  161. Tub time Turtle-we’d bring fun to any bath time!

  162. tub time turtle

  163. squid the squirter making bath time fun!!

  164. squid the squirter,is our favourite.my 6 year old still loves this type of bath toy now!!!

  165. Squid the Squirter! My little man LOVES being a cheeky monkey and squirting everyone in the bath! Xx

  166. I I like the look of the splash and grab, but they all look great, most bath toys seem so boring it’ll be nice to have something a bit different

  167. Squid the squirter would be great fun for the kids to play with, both my kids love bath time, so new toys would be great

  168. squid the Squirter!

  169. Squid the Squirter

  170. Octopus Floating Bath Toy is great!

  171. Squid the Squirter looks like fun

  172. Squid the squirter

  173. Definitely Squid the Squirter – such fun!!

  174. Tub time turtle

  175. Squid the Squirter

  176. Squid the Squirter is such fun!

  177. Squid the Squirter is my favourite

  178. The octopus is super cute!

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. Tub time turtle is cute! x

  181. squid the squirter

  182. Squid the squirter

  183. squid the squirter

  184. Tub Time Turtle

  185. Squid the squiter looks like fun

  186. Tub time turtle s my fave.

  187. Tub Time Turtle


  188. Octopus Floating Bath Toy

  189. squid the squirter

  190. Squid the squirter!

  191. They all look great .. thanks for the giveaway!

  192. Tub Time Turtle

  193. Tub Time Turtle

    Shaz V.

  194. Squid the squirter

  195. I’m loving Squid the Squirter!

  196. Squid the Squirter

  197. Love the tub time turtle!

  198. Tub Time Turtle

  199. Tub time turtle

  200. tub time turtle

  201. Squid the Squirter!!

  202. I love the tub time turle

  203. Tub Time turtle xx

  204. The bath letters and numbers would be great for helping my oldest with literacy and numerousy (sp?) πŸ˜€

  205. love the tub time turtle x

  206. Gotta be Squid! Cos Squid rhymes with Syd! πŸ˜‰ xxx

  207. I didn’t know what to put in the google reader bit. I think I added it ok, but put my googley name in the box? Hope that’s ok? :)

  208. Splish Splash Stacking Cups – I can see my little boy having a lot of fun with it! :) x

  209. Tub time turtle
    Lilla Craig

  210. Love Squid The Squirter!

  211. Tubtime Turtle

  212. the squirters

  213. squid the squirter x

  214. squid the squirter

  215. Squid the Squirter


  217. Splish splash stacking cups x

  218. I love the Octopus , he is soooo cool!

  219. Squid the squirter

  220. Stacking cups

  221. squid the squirter xx

  222. Tub Time Turtle

  223. Shampoo rinse cup!! my son screams when washing his hair

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