Saturday is in Chlorine Caption Day!

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Welcome to the weekend, come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable. We are having a quiet one at home, but last weekend we were at Center Parcs, and while we were there the lovely Lynn took this snap of Syd and I in the pool. But what has caused my peculiar expression?!?

Now pop over and see the saucy, newly cropped Mammasaurus and caption some more pics!


  1. Oh you haven’t just weed have you?

  2. Oh no, the shark’s back!

  3. Is that a rather fit man over there?!

  4. OMG has that come out of your Nappy Syd?

  5. Look out for the crocodile, Syd!

  6. Lynn! I think you forgot your bathing suit!

  7. I said it’s a swimming pool – not a Jacuzzi, now stop making bubbles!!

  8. Ohh Syd did you just left one off?

  9. I think someone forgot their bathing suit!

  10. I DID tell Daddy to put his trunks on!!!!!


    (hope you had fun!)

  12. Oh my God, it’s the Germans putting their towels down for tomorrow. I knew they are eager, but not that eager x

  13. how deep is this pool

  14. Ooo that feels a bit warm.

  15. I said grab a float, not a floater…

  16. here come the waves!

  17. Good God is that what he has in his pants?

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