Reasons to have tantrums. Part 1.

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  • Because you don’t want to clean your teeth.
  • Because you don’t want to stop cleaning your teeth.
  • Because Mummy won’t let you eat toothpaste for breakfast.
  • Because you are bored of the whole tooth brushing debacle. (That one was mine)
  • Because you are not allowed to eat the hairbrush.
  • Because you want your shoes put on.
  • Because you want your shoes taken off.
  • Because shoes exist.
  • Because Mummy banged her head against the wall.
  • Because you are not allowed to fall off the back of the sofa.
  • Because you are not a duck.
  • Because the duck you chased flew away.
  • Because the duck looked at you in a funny way.
Because you are small, and the world is a big and baffling place,
Thank goodness the smiles still far outweigh the tears,

Love Miss Mummy Cisco XXX


  1. What’s great is that this is only part 1. We have the same problem with pigeons…why don’t they just do what you want them to do :)

    • yup- it could become many parted before the tantrums years are behind me!

  2. ha! Now if you could accompany it with photos that would be the perfect accompaniment to the ‘why my baby cries’ tumblr site :-)

    Kids are ace!!

    btw this is jo. I have somehow changed my name without realising.

    • hahahaha hello Mrs Multiple accounts disorder! 😉 x

    • haha! That is probably way WAY too apt a description of me! I’ve lost count of all the accounts I have for life… sigh :-) xx

  3. Hehe!!! Z had a massive tantrum this week because I wouldn’t let him use his toothbrush to brush the plug hole!

    • You are SOOOO mean….. 😉 x

  4. I thought all the tantrums were yours until I read the 4th one…. 😀

    • I can throw as good a tantrum as any toddler! 😀 x

  5. Love it! It sounds like you’re describing my toddler. He’s having issues with bedtime… Great post :)

    • Don’t even get me started on bedtime!

  6. Oooo..just posted a v similar post! So similar in fact, I’ve just linked to you in it as feel like I stole your idea (but didn’t, honest!!)

    • Hahaha shoes are obviously a great source of unhappiness, thanks for linking, glad to know it isn’t just mine who is randomly stroppy! :)

  7. My son is doing this at the moment. I thought he would have been over it by 3 and a half, but no, a broken babybel is a disaster, his biscuit not fitting into his cup of tea widthways (will fit length ways) and its the end of the world

  8. So much YES! in this post. Funny!

  9. All very logical at 20 months. Funny to read with toddler years a distant memory, though not so funny to experience it I’m sure. My tween throws a good tantrum too.

  10. Great post – but so true the world is a big and scary place.. Looking forward to part 2! bee x

  11. I nearly wrote this post a couple of weeks back ;o) It included ‘because I have been given the food that I asked for and not the food I was thinking about in my head’ and ‘because all episodes of Batman do not contain Blue Beetle.’ I love toddler logic :)

  12. Cian who has in all fairness been pretty perfect to this point is nearly 3 and seems to be making the most of his last few weeks as a terrible two! Xx


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