And for my next trick….

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I may not be a conjurer, but I can perform the following astounding feats of magic:-
magicians stuff!

I can take a trip to the supermarket and make all my money disappear.

I can breathe fire when confronted with the teenagers bedroom.

I can juggle keys, bag, purse, toddler and coats in one hand while opening a stair gate.

I can perfom vanishing acts of astounding swiftness involving packets of chocolate digestives.

I can see acts of disobedience with the freak eyes in the back of my head.

I can see through lies with my incredible pyschic skills.

I can make death defying leaps, and demonstrate acrobatics to take your very breath away and catch a tiny tumbler before he plummets to the ground.

I can find things that have been declared invisible or lost forever.

I have wicked magic skillz….what tricks have you perfomed lately?

Love The Amazing Cisco XXX


  1. I like that list. According to the other 8 members of my family I have memorised the location of every single item in our house….sometimes I think they might be right… 😀

    • that is a genius mum skill!

  2. I can magic away several hours a week doing just this – reading and commenting on blogs. Eek.

    • me too! :)

  3. I can produce tissues at any moment other than those when I actually need a tissue and so my little ones use my clothing as a snot rag instead.

    • hahahaha YES! I can do that one too!

  4. I can pretend to be listening to my children talking about something pointless while at the same time checking Twitter on my phone?

    • ALL THE TIME! :)

  5. I can make it look like the kids don’t exist before my husband gets home from work!

    • wow, I definitely need help with that one!

  6. You are truly awesome. I am a mind reader when it comes to people telling me littl untruths and I masquerade as the Mysterious Washing Fairy.

    • You are AWESOME too, want to send the fairy my way???

  7. Ooh – can we see the acrobatics at Britmums? 😉

    As for me, I can polish off a chocolate bar in the kitchen before Austin and Gwen even knew it existed!

    • YEs, you can see the acrobatics at BritMums, if you feed me enough rum! And yes, I can make chocolate disappear too!

  8. Magic ha! I’m superwoman! I can hear the sound of a pin drop. I have the strength of an ox and I can run at the speed of light!


  9. Ha! Ha! Loved this! I can make your illness fade with special magic pink liquid!

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