Crispy Hoops and Crosses

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Syd was very excited by the parcel the postman delivered Saturday morning, so excited that it was utterly impossible to get a pic without his nosey fingers prying into shot….

Now crisps are not a health food, there is no getting away from the fact that an apple is always going to be a healthier choice. But with the new Hoops and Crosses range, Walkers have made the effort to make them better for you. Each pack contains just 85 calories, and NO artificial colours, or preservatives. They are made with 56% wholegrain, which is considered a vital part of a healthy diet. The crisps are baked, not fried. They come in 3 flavours- prawn cocktail, roast beef, and salt and vinegar- and they are ALL suitable for vegetarians, which is good news in our house. We just had the one packet to try, and I am a boring old fart who only really likes plain crisps, so these were nabbed by Syd and his crisp fiend Dad. They liked them so much I had to grab a 6 pack from the supermarket that afternoon so they could have some more, and so the two bigger kids could have a try too!

To sum up:- They do add wholegrain to a healthy lunch, and are a reasonably sensible treat to have as part of a balanced diet. The steps Walkers have taken to make them a healthier means they are a good crisp option for lunchboxes. And most importantly, they taste good!

Love Miss Cisco XXX

disclaimer: I received a free sample and soft toy, as well as being compensated for my time. I retain full editorial control, and views expressed are honest.


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  1. SarahMummy

    Love his little fingers in the pictures! I too was coerced into purchasing a 6 pack after younger son wolf a packet down.

  2. Hayley Goleniowska

    Gorgeous pics!

  3. hussylondonhousewife

    Love the Monkey. It looks very soft too

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