How I Have Changed in 30 Years

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1983. 30 years ago. What has changed since then…

Well. I don’t go to disco dancing lessons anymore, but if you ply me with a rum or two I could probably still do a passable baby bus-stop, ably demonstrated by my 9 year old self in this photo.
Fabulous jump suit, I think I might buy one for the school run! 

And for the hairstyle, 1983 might have been all about the side ponytail,
 but 2013 is more about the side parting!

I feel it is important to add this note for any teenagers reading, my side parting starts halfway above one eye, and therefore in no way resembles an old mans combover, your side partings have gone TOO FAR!
(and yes, that is a flamingo hairpin, and yes, I am too old for it, but I do not care!)

My absolute top tv show as and 8/9/10 year old was the Kids From Fame, the tales of these talented American school kids made me crave leg warmers in a none too healthy fashion.
One of my favourite routines at dance class was to High Fidelity from the show, it involved complicated backwards skipping and hand claps, and no amount of rum will persuade me to attempt that, but here is the song:-


These days listening to High Fidelity has been replaced with watching or reading High Fidelity – my all time favourite book, and actually I LOVE the film too, which doesn’t happen often in book to film crossovers!
Yay for Nick Hornby and John Cusack!

Look! Look! Mr Sugar – I DO have leadership skills – I was the Sixer of the Imps, the leader of the pack if you like, and I got to hold a big flag, GO ME!
I look so proud in my brownie uniform,
Of course these days I still love Brownies…

Eating brownies that is! 

In 1983 I loved Adam Ant with all my heart. My room was plastered with pictures torn from Smash Hits magazine. Here is my treasured annual from that year..
yes- I still have it!
In 2013 I have outgrown that childish love. HA! Not a chance, I still have his picture on my bedroom wall, only these days it is on a fancy arty canvas- very mature and tasteful!

SO, a it doesn’t seem like a HUGE amount of change there then, but I will tell you what has changed- Special K – they have changed their recipe for the first time in 30 years, adding barley and wholegrain. They sent me some to try and it is taaasty! 
click to visit Special K!
Of course I remember them from when I was a kid, with their ‘pinch more than an inch’ campaign, which frankly my brother and I just used as an excuse to pinch each other until one or both of us cried! 
That and that the ladies in the adverts always wear red, I have a pathological fear of wearing red, in case it causes Chris De Burgh to leap out from behind a tree to serenade me, did you know that cheesy classic is almost 30 years old too now?
One of my favourite things about Special K, apart from that it tastes good, is that they use normal sized woman in their advertising- very commendable behaviour!
So we have established that Special K tastes good, Adam Ant rules, and that I am far too young to have been born 30 years ago, let alone be almost in double figures in the above pics…..sshhhhh…
nobody mention imminent big birthdays..

Love Miss Cisco xxx

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  1. blog off

    Ha! I was the sixer of the Pixies in the Brownies. I like to think that makes me Frank Black…

    These are ACE!

    • Sonya Cisco

      YES, you be the fat bald guy, I will be Kim Deal! hahaha! And thank you, loved yours too, it was our kind of challenge!

    • blog off

      definitely! Any excuse to get the Zammo picture out is a good one with me – I was too old for the brownies then though, I was in the guides I think!

  2. Galina Varese

    Enjoyed looking at all your photos, what a cutie. I’m doing the Special K challenge at the mo, have been eating it for brekkie for 2 weeks, and I’m struggling, I am sooo not a cereals person. Give me a toast any time.

    • Sonya Cisco

      I like toast for breakfast, I am one of those weirdos who eats cereal for lunch or dinner or late night snack! :)

  3. SarahMummy

    Loving your jumpsuit! And I didn’t need to click on the video, because I can remember that song perfectly! ‘High fidelity, high! High, high fidelity…’ I taped it off Top of the Pops with my mono tape recorder (no doubt with the sound of my brother and I arguing over it.)

    • Sonya Cisco

      ah, but there is nothing like hearing it again, I had forgotten quite how truly terrible it is!

    • Christine Dixon

      My Aunt (my dad’s sister who has just turned the number before the the one with the 5 in front) graffiti-ed “Lee Curreri is brill” in the potato shed.

    • Sonya Cisco

      HA! That is one of the best sentences left in a comment! I think it’s the contrast of graffiti and potato shed that I find so pleasing! :)

  4. Tas D

    Love those photos!!! Adam Ant looks very Johnny Deppy these days I think!

  5. Mammasaurus

    AMEN to the combover – I actually sent my teenage daughter a photo of Rab C Nesbitt the other week with a warning about her parting, which starts by her ear…

  6. Suzanne Whitton

    Truly brilliant! I too am over this whole ugly combover thing – whoever first started that trend needs a serious word! I am loving those good shoes in the first pic – tres disco!!

    • Sonya Cisco

      They are good shoes aren’t they, shiny, I was very proud as they had a small heel! And the combover is SO wrong!!

  7. RACHEL TaoOfPoop

    That jumpsuit seems right in style now! I loved Adam Ant. You’re taking me back, side pony and all!

    • Sonya Cisco

      Yes- jumpsuits are back in fashion once more I believe! Not sure I could carry it off with such panache these days!

  8. Aly

    Yep, I can relate to most of this.I wasn’t in the Brownies though but I most definitely did the Prince Charming dance and sang along to fame.


    Aw, such a wonderful trip down memory lane. I’m still a huge Adam Ant fan – so much so I married an ‘Adam’, though he doesn’t wear a white stripe over his nose, so uncool. Off now to re-live my own self-choreographed dance routine to Hi-fidelity (Hi)…

  10. Older Mum

    Thank you. Thank you for this post! I loved it so much – High Fidelity – YEAH! And I just love love High Fidelity the book and film and just don’t get me started on the wonders of John Cusack! X.

  11. The Brick Castle

    I was sixer of the Imps! Hahaha….. :D

    Great round up – very nostalgic for me :D

  12. 7hippopotamus

    Some great photos there, I had one of those old brownie uniforms too :) Good luck with the comp.

    • Sonya Cisco

      They are stylish aren’t they! I was actually disappointed when my daughter went and it was now a track suit! :)

  13. kateonthinice

    I loved Fame!
    Like your spin on Brownies.
    Great post.
    Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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