Biscuit of The Week – An Innovation Special

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Right chaps, has been a while since I dragged out the jingle of joy…

Biscuits by sonya-cisco

But there have been some serious breakthroughs in biscuit technology that I feel it is important, in my role as Chief Biscuitologist, to pass along to you.

Firstly, seeing as how I am always barking on about biscuits you might assume I am a tea drinker. Tea and biscuits go hand in hand, like bucket and spade. But you would be WRONG. I am a slave to the coffee. Now this has never caused me any issues, being rebellious by nature, it has always given me a furtive thrill to dunk a rich tea in my latte- but no longer do I have to get my kicks in such a way, as Fox’s biscuits have had their science boffins hard at work in the sweet treat laboratory and come up with these….

fox's caffe thins

A biscuit designed to complement coffee, and you know what, they are TASTY! They had a stand at BritMums with free biscuits, and it is a miracle I ever left it to be honest. But I did tear myself away occasionally, with samples in my pockets lest my sugar levels dropped below critical. There are two flavours and two shapes – caramel and hazelnut, and crescents and coffee bean-esque. The bean shaped ones snap in two to share. SHARE?! Well I don’t share biscuits, so I just ate the whole thing, but I am sure many of you are far more generous with your biccies! I was delighted when I got home to discover a box in my BritMums goodie bag, which Syd and I have been sampling today. Tasty moons of nutty delight, mmmmmmmm!

Second up on the biscuit technology list is this stuff…

Lotus biscuit spread

YES – biscuit spread. Spreadable biscuit. I cannot tell you how excited I was at the prospect of biscuit sandwiches or biscuits on toast. It tastes EXACTLY like the biscuits, and is very nice indeed on hot toast for brekkie!

And because you and I both know I was going to do this…..

yes, biscuit spread on biscuit – it is NOT wrong….

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. blog off

    oh my god. Biscuit spread?! SO Right, I may need to buy some…. hmmm you are a bad influence 😉

    I haven’t opened my biscuits yet, Shaun has though, hahaha tsssk!

  2. Carrie - Time to be an adult

    Ooh biscuit spread sounds amazing, although when I first glanced at the photo of the jar I thought it was caramelised onion spread…not so great…I think I’d best take myself off to the opticians!!

  3. Alison

    Seriously! Rushes to the shops

  4. Older Mum

    Yes! Yes! Yes! My packet of cafe thins were swiftly demolished on arrival back home. Have to buy some more – they were so yummy! Biscuit spread!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmm. X.

  5. Late For Reality

    That biscuit spread may satisfy my peanut butter cravings. I can’t eat it but the biscuit spread looks the same texture :) its cheap in b&m bargains at the mo too :)

  6. Mary Key

    The poor man at the Foxes stand didn’t know what to say when he told me about the sahring biscuits. But to be fair my response was ‘With an arse this big, does it look like I’ve ever shared a biscuit in my life?’ Poor chap – should have been a bit kinder with him really!

  7. Joanna Henley

    little bit gutted to find, on arrival back home, that I had the hazelnut……..I bloomin loved the caramel!! lol x

  8. Looking for Blue Sky

    This looks very dangerous to me…

  9. Jayne

    Biscuit spread on biscuits? You are MY HERO.

  10. zaz

    That spread – Biscoff Spread here – is evil. And is particularly evil when spread on Biscoff Biscuits.

  11. Carolin @ Mummy Alarm

    Mine were gone in an instant. How amazing were they? I’ll totally get some more. Really nice and I’m not even a biscuit fan x


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