Fizzy Family Film Fun with Coca Cola

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As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias, I was asked to shop for Coca Cola and snacks to share with friends or family. As half term was a bit of a wash out for us because the boys came down with tonsillitis,  we decided a family film night would be the perfect way to make up for those lost days out and picnics.
I popped to our local branch of Tescos for supplies. You can view my shopping experience in a google plus album here. The 8 can packs of Coke were on offer at buy one, get one free, so I picked up a diet cherry pack for me, and some caffiene free for the kids, as well as some delicious food to eat.
We all love nachos, and they are a perfect treat to share…
Ice Cream and movies are made for each other- we made our own sundaes. Well, the big kids did, I am unusual in that I am not a big fan of the stuff! But they ate enough sprinkles, and toffee sauce for all of us and more!
We decided on watching the brand new on DVD Wreck It Ralph. Max and I saw it at the pictures and thought it was brilliant, we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the family!
You have to close the curtains for the cinema effect, even tho it seems a shame to shut the sun out now it has finally arrived!!
Then feet up, lights off, movie on!!
Shhhhhh……it’s about to start….
Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. Where Roots And Wings Entwine

    The ice-cream looks scrummy, making me want some now.

  2. New Mum Online

    We watched Wreck it Ralph at the cinema. LOVED IT!!!
    Wow it’s QUICK to have been released on DVD.
    We’ve also done a #Cbias shop/post recently, for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bite sized chocolate.
    Liska x

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