Holy Cool Kids Batman!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Toddler | 125 comments

There is a new shop on the block for funky baby and small peeps clobber!
Little Casa has just launched, and sells fun kids clothes and bedding for the 0-6 age range.
They have some great opening offers on right now!
Click the image to visit their gorgeous online shop!
They sent Syd this ace Batman T-shirt from their range, and you have to agree he looks totally SUPER!! And at £8 for official merchandise, the price is reasonable too.
I love their range of funky kids clothes and bedroom goodies. I have my eye on the BOOM t-shirt now!
They have kindly offered you lot the chance to win an awesome Bat Logo T-shirt for your miniature super hero. It is available in sizes 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, and 2-3yrs.
To enter, complete the rafflecopter form below, and remember you must complete the mandatory top entry, then you can choose as many or as few of the additional options, each option gives you extra entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

  • open to over 18’s only
  • open to UK residents only
  • The prize consists of 1 x Bat Logo T-shirt in your choice of size from the options given above.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details so that Little Casa may arrange delivery of their prize.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at midnight on the 12/07/2013

 Good Luck All,

Love Miss Catwoman Cisco XXX

Disclosure: We were sent a free t-shirt for the purposes of this blog post, I retain full editorial control.

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  1. Vikkii Croker

    I love the hello kitty girls pyjamas! I’d love them for my little girl 😀 x

  2. Sophia

    I really love the batman PJ’s – https://www.littlecasa.com/content/bm137
    You don’t see many black clothes for children, which is a shame because the colour suits everyone! Why is it that so many girl clothes are pink and boy clothes are blue – Pah to that I say!

  3. Dorothee77

    I really like this Hello Kitty shirt:

  4. Kim Plant

    I like the hello kitty range specially the pj’s x

  5. L Cole

    Hello kitty Pjs and Peter Rabbit Shorts set, gorgeous!

  6. rafia

    Paddington bear duffle coat is super- cute

  7. Mammasaurus

    Love the BatMan tee! I must admit my fave on the site is the Little Mashers Silly Sausage t-shirt – as that’s what I call Kitty a lot!

  8. MyLittleLblog

    i like Fisher Price Baby Sleepsuit

  9. Anne-Marie Large

    My favourite is the Boys Batman Pyjamas Black. We’re all big geeks in this house!

  10. maci234

    love the hello kitty range

  11. Susan

    Love the Little masher Squeeze me T shirt

  12. Karen

    Little Mashers Chalk n Tee Princess T Shirt love this!

  13. Swazi

    I like the silly sausage t shirt – I call my boy that all the time !!
    Great comp btw :o)

  14. Lynsey Buchanan

    Little Mashers Silly Sausage Girls T Shirt

  15. Elaine Savage

    Boys Superman Logo T shirt, it’s gorgeous!

  16. Megan


  17. Carrie L

    Its so good seeing original idea for children’s clothing…my niece doesn’t really do pink so I’ll definitely be buying things from this site!

  18. Anonymous

    Paddington Bear Duffle coat

  19. Pooky

    I love the Paddington Bear duffle coat

  20. Tammy Tudor

    Tiny Tatty Teddy Sleeping Bag 6-18 months 2.5 Tog Vintage Union – https://www.littlecasa.com/content/ttt22 so cute and such a big fan of cutey tatty teddy

  21. andrea lloyd

    Hello Kitty Pyjamas my little girl loves cats

  22. ashley gourlay

    Paddington bear coat is stunning

  23. soozwales

    Beau Loves Mountain Mask Triangle T shirt looks nice.

  24. Sarahann Tonner

    The Paddington Bear Duffle Coat is sooooo adorable!!!

  25. Emily Foran

    Also like the Boom t-shirt!!

  26. Leanne Fletcher

    The Batman PJs xx

  27. Tas D

    Fab website!! Batman pjs are fantastic!

  28. Isabel

    I like the Hello Kitty babysuit. :)

  29. angie mummy

    Peter Rabbit Pyjamas

  30. jillwebb

    Fisher Price Baby Dungaree and T shirt Fab

  31. alijohnson

    I like the hello kitty pyjamas

  32. Sarah Bull

    I love the boys red superhero hoodie- the mask on the front is great!

  33. jo

    Would have to be the hello kitty pyjamas my daughter would love them

  34. John Taggart

    The Paddington Bear Duffle Coat

  35. Kathy Cakebread

    the hello kitty pajamas


    I love the Beau Loves Red Spiked Superhero Hoodie its so cute :) x


  37. Em @ snowingindoors

    I love the Paddington Bear duffle coat!

  38. Stephanie thornley

    i love the silly sausage t shirt as we call our little one a silly sausage!

  39. Rainbowwitch

    Love the ‘Beau Loves Red Spiked Superhero Hoodie’

  40. michaelaeloise

    I love the boys Batman pyjamas

  41. kasza

    Fisher Price Baby Long Sleeved Bodysuit

  42. emma

    definitely the batman t shirt!

  43. katie skeoch

    the Paddington Bear Duffle Coat – & a great price!

  44. jenniwren12

    the hello kitty t shirt, so pretty

  45. choux pastry hearts

    i love hello kitty :) x

  46. Nicci Cowdell-murray

    i quite like the https://www.littlecasa.com/content/lma7 boom t shirt @chanson2010

  47. JenniferAvril

    Fisher Price 2 Pack Newborn Baby Bibs

  48. louise driscoll

    I love the silly sausage t-shirt

  49. Anonymous

    superman pyjamas

  50. Steven Fairbairn

    The paddington bear duffle coat.

  51. Solange

    I love the hello kitty girls pyjamas

  52. Sarah Clegg

    as a massive dc fan gotta be the batman pj’s :)

  53. Mickie Bull

    Hello Kitty longsleeved Bodysuit

  54. stacey kirkbride

    Beau Loves Red Spiked Superhero Hoodie

  55. Fiona Matters

    I like the Hello Kitty longsleeved Bodysuit

  56. Anonymous

    The Paddington Bear Duffle Coat!


  57. FruityTutti

    I love the Hello Kitty tshirt!

  58. Cat Williams

    Little Mashers Silly Sausage Girls T Shirt is fab

  59. C Parkin

    Superman pyjamas

  60. Julie Baxter

    hello kitty PJ’s

  61. glittery59

    Paddington Bear Duffle Coat with mitts

  62. Anonymous

    Peter rabbit pyjamas

    Michelle pierce

  63. Ami Phillis

    Love the batman pjs!

  64. jessica agyin

    Hello Kitty T shirt

  65. Kemcaflipflops

    I love the batman sleepsuit and the superman pyjamas

  66. Manda Louise

    The Superman Pyjamas

  67. claire thomson little

    my favourite is Little Mashers Boom T Shirt but i know my little man would want the batman one lol

  68. Katy C Johnston

    Love the Hello Kitty PJ’s, so cute!

  69. Rebecca Phillips

    Batman pjs

  70. elff73

    i love Baby Boys Batman Sleepsuit Black

  71. Lisa James

    Ooo loving all the Batman clothing, not quite sure who would love this more. My 2 yr old son, or his daddy. lol

  72. dwerry

    Tiny Tatty Teddy Wall Hangings

  73. stephen holman

    the little masher squeeze me tshirt is great :)

  74. Katy Johnson

    i love the silly sausage tee, i call my one year old sausage and my four year old pickle!

  75. jane Green

    Superman pyjamas

  76. greta blacklock

    my grandson would love the batman pj’s


    superman t-shirt

  78. Natalie Crossan

    Paddington Bear Duffle Coat :)

  79. olivia280177

    I like the Boom T shirt

  80. Mustard Bomb

    Batman onesie. In fact anything batman!

  81. Dani Graves

    Boys superman tshirt – we adore anything super hero related in our house.

  82. eddie britton

    the paddington bear duffle coat


    The Boys Batman Pyjamas would be ideal for my 3 year old grandson who’s Batman crazy and they might make it easier for his dad to get him to go to bed

  84. Anonymous

    fisher price baby sleep suit is excellent

  85. Steph Lovatt

    I love the Little Mashers Little Star Footless Sleepsuit my baby boy due in november would look lovely in this

  86. lynn neal

    The Paddington bear duffle coat is sooooooooooooo cute!

  87. samantha_ripley

    I love the silly sausage t-shirt

  88. Vicky Edwards

    Love the silly sausage T-shirt sooooo funny and original my little boy will have to have one of those!

  89. jumpingmuffin

    Silly Sausage t-shirt

  90. Anonymous

    hello kitty
    lisa ann tebbutt

  91. Michelle Ferguson

    Peter Rabbit pyjamas

  92. krnries

    I love the Paddington Bear Duffle Coats!

  93. Anonymous

    I love this Hello Kitty t-shirt https://www.littlecasa.com/content/hk004


  94. Lia Burns

    Little Mashers Silly Sausage Boys T Shirt

  95. Rachael Jess

    How quite is the Peter Rabbit Boys Shirt & Short Set

  96. Kirsty Woods

    I love the hello kitty girls pyjamas :)

  97. joanna_kow

    Superman Boys Pyjamas

  98. Keelyann Chauntry

    https://www.littlecasa.com/content/lma6 Little Mashers Little Star Footless Sleepsuit

    Its so cute! x

  99. Amie Jones

    Batman shirt!

  100. Pam Francis Gregory

    Paddington Bear Duffle Coat with mitts

  101. Kayleigh

    The Superman pyjamas are fab!

  102. laura avery

    Paddington bear duffle coat!

  103. lastkisstoo

    I love the Baby Boys Superman Sleepsuit :) x

  104. rachael jones

    Batman Pj’s ! my boy is batman mad !

  105. Lisa Tormey

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Lisa Tormey

    Batman PJ’s (why dont they have them in my size though?)

    Although my mum would choose the silly sausage as its her nickname for my LO’s x

  107. thrlrds2007

    Paddington Bear Duffle Coat

  108. zeenie

    i love the superman sleepsuit

  109. BeX

    Fisher Price Baby Sleepsuit

  110. neet

    i love the Hello Kitty Girls Sleepsuit xx

  111. Homebird

    I love the Beau Loves Red Spiked Superhero Hoodie

  112. Victoria thurgood

    I really like this Beau Loves Red Spiked Superhero Hoodie https://www.littlecasa.com/content/bl4

  113. Shachi Sharma

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    This is great information at any given time when the internet is full
    of falsehoods. Keep up the task in “Link to another good article from Allen Wright” and that i can
    come back often.

    iron man pyjamas

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