Love and Pride

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My 9 year old is a bit quirky. As discussed previously, he may or may not have aspergers, but he definitely has some minor difficulties with change and new social situations etc. He is now in year 4 at school, and the time has come for their first residential trip away.

Carey Camp

When the subject was first broached, he gave a definite no. But his Dad and I felt it would be good for him. It might help him gain some confidence before he faces the trauma of going up to big school in September, so we managed to talk him, somewhat reluctantly, into it.

The last few weeks we have been through tears, long winded discussions about what was involved, trips to buy the things he needs, reassurances of many kinds. Until he felt prepared.

Then disaster struck. He came down with tonsillitis at the weekend, confirmed by a trip to the Doctors on Monday. I thought there is no way he will go now, as even if he felt better, he has the perfect excuse to avoid an event he has been feeling trepidatious about.

But HE WENT. He got up this morning and went. No tears, no fuss.

I am SO PROUD of him I could cry. It is such a big step for him, and he has dealt with it marvellously. He is growing up to be a wonderful, warm, funny, and compassionate child, and we will miss him the next couple of days. I hope he comes back with a grubby face, and a bag of muddy clothes, and stories of all the adventures they have had. I hope he comes back as proud of himself as I am!

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. dorkymum

    Ahhh, that’s awesome :) Good for him. I hope he gets on really well xx

  2. Marilynn

    What a brave boy. I am sure he will come back with a million fantastic stories about what a good time he has had! The only problem then will be keeping him at home! He will want to go away on trips all the time! Well done you for talking it through with him beforehand, that really must have helped him to make the decision. On a side note, I love the title of this blog post! Makes me think of the song of the same name by King! I really used to have such a crush on the singer. He had fabulous hair!

    • Sonya Cisco

      I had that song in mind, when I first started blogging I pretty much always used song titles for posts, but it gets harder as time goes by, but this one was easy! I hope he is having a brilliant time! :)

  3. SarahMummy

    That made me cry! What a brilliant boy. I really hope he has an amazing time and it will do him a lot of good. My boys love going on residentials and camps.
    Thanks, Marilynn, just read your comment and now I’m singing ‘That’s what my heart yearns for now. Love and pride!’ Would never have remembered that song in a million years otherwise.

  4. Wally Mummy

    Well done him! I’m sure all the hard wrk u put in reassuring him did the trick so well done you too ;) hope he has a fab time xx

  5. Hussy London Housewife

    What an amazing story. I hope all goes well and the trip boosts his confidence.
    I used to tutor a 12 y.o. with (suspected) Asperger’s. Keeping a social life is the most important to learning to manage one’s own differences.
    Well done you ! and Well done to your boy.

  6. Older Mum

    Oh that’s just great he went in the end. I hope he has a wonderful time. Well done all of you! X.

  7. Nicola Thomas

    That is amazing! What a brave soul he is especially if he’s not a hundred per cent. It will be worth it both my boys have done school residential and beaver and cub camps and it is such an amazing experience for them. I bet he will get a very big hug when he comes home!

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