Saturday is In The Garden Caption Day

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Morning! Apologies for the absence of SatCap last week, I was away doing daft things, as opposed to posting photos of them. Then after an amazing couple of days at BritMums, I trudged my way back to deepest darkest Dorset, and to the bosom of my family, and you know what? There really is no place like gnome.
So can you caption these ones from playgroups fabulous garden?! Are they in a queue, and why do they all need a mushroom? Is it even a mushroom?!
Gnomes in a queue
Do your bestest, then visit the fantabulous Mammasaurus for some more captioning joy!


  1. “You know how we thought placing magic mushrooms on our chest would make us look like Iron man, I’m not so sure”

  2. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go… But hang on, why the flip are we carrying mushrooms?!

  3. I’d rather be queueing for the chocolates at Britmums than a mushroom

  4. Sitting in line to see that “Gnomeo and Juliet”

  5. Gnome number 3 eyes up the leader’s spot and looks for a way to overtake.

  6. Gnome 2 was regretting being downwind of gnome 1

  7. Down at the Gnome STD Clinic the fears of an epidemic were confirmed as the queues started to build…

    pure filth!

    • hahahahahaha!

  8. “I thought you were talking about Wimbledon when you said we had to queue for a top seed”… 😀

  9. Five little Gnomes all in a row, but where did all the other ones go?

  10. 5 little gnomes jumping on a bed – see what I did there 😉

  11. Officers have rounded up a gang of gnomes suspected for dealing in psychedelic substances.

  12. This post office queue gets longer every week!

  13. Right lads IKEA advert take two, this time – we win!

  14. Is this the queue for the ikea support group? There doesn’t seem to be mushroom! (sorry. Couldn’t help myself!) xx

  15. she said go this way…where is the gate?

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