Out Of Time.

If you could live through a different period of history, when would you go? This is the question my lovely mate at Mums The Word has been posing. You can read her choices in this post, and here are mine…

I wouldn’t want to live in any era without indoor plumbing, I am a wuss like that. Despite having years of festival toilet experience under my belt, I cannot imagine wanting to live in a time where one craps out of the window, therefore my choices are quite contemporary!

1969 – NASA Mission Control

nasa control room

Summer of love, height of hippy era joy, but my desire to be here is far geekier. I WANT TO WATCH THE MOON LANDINGS. PREFERABLY FROM BEHIND A DESK AT NASA. *stops shouting* I am shite at maths, but seeing as this game involves time travel, which refutes many mathematical laws itself, lets imagine a me exists, who totally rocks equations, and wears a tweed skirt and a polo neck, under a lab coat, sitting  behind a desk with bleepy screens doing terribly important stuff. Then I can be there holding my breath as the landing happens, then jump about with all my clever science geeky friends, and probably cry at the amazing significance of it all.  It is not for sexist reasons that I have not put myself in the rocket itself, but more that I get car sick on the way to Tescos, and the idea of a zero gravity vomit fest is NOT appealing, so I am much better off as ground crew.

1970s New York

CBGB's legendary punk venue

Having successfully landed Armstrong et al on the moon, I am taking off my glasses, letting down my bun, and setting sail for rockier shores. New York, CBGBs to be exact. I should imagine I will get a job in the cloak room, cos I look so hip in my early American punk cutting edge fashions. Then one day a Ramone gets stuck in a lift, or Debbie Harry gets a nasty case of the squits, and I am recognised for my rock’n’roll soul and plucked from my coat filled booth, have a guitar slung about my neck, and get shoved up into the spotlight to become a star of the new wave scene. Or alternatively, just to be at some of those gigs would be awesome sauce.

The Future

Totally cheating seeing as the idea of this exercise was to talk about bygone eras. However, I am dwelling in the future of the past. So it totally counts. I am not interested in the actual future. No. I want to visit the future as envisioned in the 1950s. Yes, I want to live in Orbit City from the Jetsons. Or something approximating it. I love all the sputnik/space designed stuff from the 1950s, and I love the images of a future inhabited by girls with pink hair in silver dresses and knee high boots, with flying toasters, and hover walk ways, and jet packs, and astronaut food, and everything is chrome, and milkshakes still taste good. Actually. Maybe I should just live in the 1950’s and go to a lot of fancy dress parties dressed as a cerise haired space girl. Genius plan.

What would your answer be? If you have a blog, why not join in the Bygone Bloghop, or if not I would love to hear your choices in the comments here,

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Bygone Bloghop


  1. Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron
    July 4, 2013 / 12:39 pm

    Love this idea. I’d like to have a snoop round 14th century London and return via 1913, the last year of complacency before all hell broke loose.

    • Sonya Cisco
      July 5, 2013 / 6:37 am

      Now, 14th century London would be fascinating, but I would have to make sure there was a toilet in the TARDIS! Thanks for commenting x

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