Reasons Why Summer Sucks If You Have A Toddler!

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While much of the country rejoices at the heatwave, those of us with a small person in tow may be less than cheerful….
Summer with toddlers
  • They have to wear a hat. They don’t want to wear a hat. They lose all the hats. You may as well buy shares in a hat company so at least you get some of the profits from all the hat purchases.
  • They sleep at all the wrong times. Hot days lead to lazy afternoon snoozes and then they create toddler mayhem all evening until they finally pass out shortly after you at 11.30 pm. They will then wake you up every 40 minutes or so to let you know that they are a tad warm, and would love it if you could shuffle their sleepy body onto a cooler part of the sheet, before waking up full of beans at 4am because the sun is up so it must be morning.
  • They won’t eat meals so you are forced provide a smorgasbord of cold exotic fruits and cheeses. Which get smooshed into carpets and sofas. And still don’t get eaten. You try not to panic that they have eaten nothing all day, but do, then the next day they eat 7 dinners and all is well again.
  • They are grumpy. You are grumpy. It is a vicious cycle of heat related grumpy.
  • You have to put suncream in their eyes. Obviously that is not the official advice, but is the inevitable conclusion of any attempt to apply lotion to a screaming toddler while he/she thrashes about.
  • They won’t sit still in beer gardens. No relaxing cold shandy for you. No, you must spend your time crouched until your knees lock in a cobweb filled playhouse drinking imaginary tea, or refereeing a swarm of marauding children as they fight over the slide. Meanwhile all the other parents enjoy chats about the weather, sip their chilled drinks and pretend they haven’t noticed you are having to stop their children partaking in playground genocide. From time to time you glance longingly at your ice cold fizzy beverage as it slowly becomes a warm flat glass of unpleasantness on a distant table.
On the plus side there is:- the expression on their face when they first discover ice cream, paddling pools, picnics, sandcastles, sandwiches and sand, the squeals of delight as tiny toes are dipped into freezing seas, the smell of suncream on hot skin, and generally all sorts of fun to be had when not dealing with the above list!


Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. Anonymous

    Haha. Love it. I’m with you on all of this. – The40yearold

  2. AtoZ Mummy

    Haha love this post!

  3. Emma T

    I hear where you’re coming from, although my toddler must be really warped, because he’ll try and put suncream on himself, he loves wearing his hat (worn in the car!), and eats whatever meals plus snacks are put in front of him. He did have one bad night of sleep – ended up in with me, but otherwise he’s obviously old before his time. (I do keep saying that I’m concerned for his teenage years – he’s got to act up at some stage…)

  4. My Two Mums

    Great post! Love the bit about the suncream in eyes, it always ends in the eyes!!!

  5. Shiv Ferguson

    I still get suncream in Cals eyes!


    Oh yes, can’t disagree.. Ma Puce is three and a half and it’s the first summer I’m able to relax a bit more and enjoy since she was born!!!

  7. Tas D

    Hahahaaas so true!! I’m pretty sure z has eaten nothing for about 2 days now. And he keeps hiding all his hats. I keep trying to find new hats. My MIL asks me why he has no hat on. Relaxing summer.

  8. Eeh Bah Mum

    very well put.
    someone told me to wait til it was warm to potty train.
    so we are all hot and grumpy and there are human poos in the garden.

    • Sonya Cisco

      Human poo is much scarier than dog poo. Unless it is from one of your kids, then it is just about tolerable…just about…..

  9. Alice Emma Thompson

    Fab post – you had me giggling away. I’ve pinned it. Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  10. sabrina montagnoli

    Every mum with a toddler is nodding their head right now! As with everything you are forced to balance a lot of cons with pros.

  11. NYLon living

    Don’t forget the water play!!! I miss the splashing and general excitement that water play in the garden could produce in a toddler!! My son must have washed his hot wheels cars a zillion times in the paddling pool.

  12. Louise Fairweather

    Very true

  13. Rachael Jess

    so true!
    Slightly concerned Max is going to want 7 dinners tonight though…..

  14. Galina Varese

    Sounds like us, apart from the beer garden, as I don’t think I’m a beer garden material myself.:)

  15. Mum of One

    Mahahaha, Oh Lord this is so true…am about to add a too hot newborn into the mix too. Heaven help us. Great post and thanks for linking to the PIn It Party. Gave me a much needed giggle x

  16. Suzanne Whitton

    Oh my dear me I remember the days of crack of dawn wakings and terrible evenings with them not sleeping due to the heat. The hat thing did make me laugh!

  17. Emily

    Love this post! So very true!

  18. SarahMummy

    I love it! Especially the suncream in the eyes – and the supervising of other people’s kids fighting. I have to do that too. Who are the people who don’t do it? Why are we stupid enough to do it?

  19. Jay

    You just reminded me I never want to sit in a cobwebby playhouse ever again!

  20. Nicola Thomas

    Absolutely spot on as always missus, brilliant!

  21. Mammasaurus

    Heh heh yes yes yes! Hats everywhere one minute and not one bloody one to be found the next!
    Popping over from the Parenting Pin It Party !

  22. Older Mum

    It’s the chasing them around trying to lather them with sun cream that gets me all hot and bothered… at the moment Little hates me trying to put it under her chain as it tickles her…. and of course the being too hot in bed, not being able to get to sleep…. aggghhh. X

  23. Jennifer Jain

    I love this post, totally agree with everything!

  24. Emily Foran

    So true…
    Can’t keep a hat on any of mine and sunscreen is an absolute nightmare, we have also had a variety of heat rashes to contend with! xx

  25. Emma

    Ha ha, brilliant! I am terrible for getting it in the eyes!

  26. psychologymum

    Funny post. I have just got a roll-on suncream, which I can quickly get on before my son runs off.

  27. Kath Bee

    I put my kids to bed at 6.30 tonight because I couldn’t bear them any more – they were so tired from the heat and getting on each others (and my nerves). I’m glad they can’t tell the time yet

  28. Emma Martin

    Spot on, this is what I have dealt with for almost 7 months of each of the last four years living in Cyprus!


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