Top 5 Songs About Being Old

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Hooray! Its finally bloody here, I am now 40 and can get on with enjoying my life without the burdens and frivolities of youth, to celebrate I bring you songs and a chance to win a prize- whoop!

Firstly, here are my favourite songs about getting older….

Pulp – Help The Aged

Love Pulp, love these lyrics. Epic.


David Bowie – Changes

Because time may change me, but I can’t trace time. Whatever that means.


Billy Bragg – Brickbat

Love the line-

 ‘I used to want to plant bombs at the last night of the proms,
 But now you’ll find me with the baby, in the bathroom, 
With that big shell, listening for the sound of the sea’

Green Day -The Grouch

Because being cantankerous is the BEST bit of getting old.


The Who – My Generation

Age is all in the mind, and in my mind I am never going to get old. Nope. Not me. I will never discuss the price of biscuits, or how young policemen look nowadays. (I have already done BOTH those things, and I am actively looking forward to a blue rinse. But you know, I won’t get old old. Not yet anyway…)


As it is a special birthday, I have a special treat for you lot. One of you can win a 2GB shiny blue Apple iPod shuffle. Because shuffle seems appropriate for my new found elderly status! Just fill in the rafflecopter form below, making sure you do the first mandatory entry, and the winner will be picked at random on the 9th of August!

Good Luck,
Love Miss Cisco XXX
Terms and Conditions
  • open to over 18’s only
  • open to UK residents only
  • The prize consists of 1 x 2gb Blue Apple iPod shuffle. No alternatives are available.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details so that I may arrange delivery of their prize.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at midnight on the 08/08/2013

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  1. Happy Birthday! You definitely aren’t getting old. You are too much fun to be a fuddy duddy old fogey! Have a great day! :-)

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  3. Yellow Submarine – The beatles

  4. I love get this part started by pink

  5. Wish you were here- Pink Floyd

  6. I will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

  7. Celebration – Kool & The Gang. Reminds me of good times in the 80’s and I always want to get up and dance when it’s on. Happy 40th and that’s not old. I’ve just had my 50th and I hate it!!!!!!!

  8. linkin park pushing me away

  9. Happy Birthday! :) I love Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. Reminds me of my uni days.


  10. Genesis – Mama

  11. Mad World – Gary Jules

  12. Two out of three by meatloaf

  13. I’M a Boy by the WHO

  14. Just Like Greta – Van Morrison

  15. sittin on the dock ofthe bay marvin gaye

  16. Happy Birthday! My favourite song is “Best of You” by The Foo Fighters…it always gets played at BBQs & summer parties

  17. Happy Birthday!! Love the selection of songs you have picked as well! :)

  18. if I can dream elvis presley

  19. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

  20. Monday Monday

  21. My Chemical Romance – I’m Not OK (I Promise)

  22. Queen-One vision xxx

  23. Imagine – John Lennon

  24. Pompeii by Bastille, so catchy!

  25. slide away – Oasis

  26. Going Underground – The Jam

    I used to play it over and over

    Kathy D

  27. Angels by Robbie Williams


  28. let her go passenger

  29. we’ve all been there – alex band


  31. train-drops of jupiter

  32. boo Usher

  33. Mr Brightside by The Killers

  34. Bring Me Sunshine but it has to be sung by Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise!

  35. U2 – stuck in the moment

  36. billy idol – rebel yell

  37. Mr Blue Sky (frances hopkins)

  38. We’re In This Together Now – Nine Inch Nails!!!

  39. Mr Brightside by The Killers :)

  40. C’est la vie – bwitched!

  41. Grenade, Bruno Mars

  42. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson

  43. Feel like making love, the kid rock version x

  44. Hear You Me, by Jimmy Eat World makes me cry every time I hear it.

  45. Diamonds by Rihanna, it’s mine and my bf’s song :)

  46. Do You Realise? by The Flaming Lips

  47. Fast Cars by Tracey Chapman – LOVE that song!


  48. Stay Frederick Stay from The Pirates of Penzance

  49. Oh my I could never chose just one favourite song but one of my most loved would be mine and hubby’s song – Skid Row ‘I remember you’. xx

  50. Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette

  51. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

  52. In My Life – The Beatles

  53. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

  54. “Non, je ne regrette rien”

  55. Unforgiven – Metallica

  56. Creep – Radiohead

  57. Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark

  58. The Blue Oyster cult – Don’t fear the reaper.

  59. Asleep- The smiths.

  60. dead star by muse

  61. Nickleback Burn it to the ground

  62. Just love Bruce Springsteen, however Jungleland is in my opinion the best, and the Sax solo by clarence is so chilling… great track.. even if you dont like Bruce just listen to about 10mins of great music… and try and get a live version :)

  63. Inside Out – Odyssey

  64. The Pogues, Fairytale of New York.

  65. mine is t-rex- jeepster.. i love 70s music

  66. Angels by Robbie williams

  67. sweet child of mine , guns n roses , its my sons ringtone lol x

  68. John Lennon – Watching The Wheels

  69. Frank Sinatra – Come Fly with Me

  70. No Good (Start the Dance) I dare you to play it and not move…. even just a little

  71. new year day u2

  72. My girl by the Temptations.


  74. My favourite song is For Tomorrow by Blur

  75. Gomez – Rhythm & Blues Alibi

  76. love ozzy osbourne – changes

  77. Pretty Flamingo by Manfred Man< it just makes me smile :)

  78. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode

  79. Domino by Jessie J

  80. I have so many fave songs it changes more than my pants.
    But currently I’m in absolute love with the italian translation of child ballad 209, Geordie by Fabrizio De Andre.

  81. Queen – Bring Back Leroy Brown

  82. Alestorm – Rum

  83. Young Hearts Run Free, Candy Staton

  84. Buffalo soldier; bob marley

  85. eminem beautiful

  86. Happy Birthday, its my sisters 30th today

    Mine is Basket Case by Green Day,

  87. Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas

  88. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

  89. I’m Sexy and I Know It – It always cheers me up!

  90. Eva Cassidy – songbird i love it x

  91. depeche mode – everything counts

  92. Happy birthday!!! 40 is just getting started!!!
    my fave song is wherever you will go by the calling love it!!!

  93. Nothing else Matters – Metallica

  94. The Rat by The Walkmen


  96. Love will tear us apart by Joy Division

  97. Nothing else Matters by Metallica

  98. The GooGoo Dolls- Iris

  99. Friendly Fires- White Diamonds

  100. Dont stop believin by Journey

  101. Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

  102. Santana – Smooth

  103. in the summertime…shaggy

  104. Mammy by Al Jolson

  105. pink floyd comfortably numb

  106. I’ve got so many but the one that goes with what I believe in is ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin, the title is so apt!

  107. Green Day – When September Comes

  108. Queen- a kind of magic

  109. Never Let Me Go by Florence + The Machine. I can listen to it over and over.

  110. Sit Down – James

    This song brings back so many happy memories!

  111. warpaint-shadows

  112. You Do Something To Me by Paul Weller. Goosebumps.


  113. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. It just makes me smile. x

  114. Foo Fighters- All my life

  115. Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love

  116. Lovely Day – Bill Withers

  117. Disturbed – 10 thousand fists in the air

  118. Mr Brightside- The Killers

  119. Wish you were here- Pink Floyd

  120. Oasis – Live Forever

  121. Queen, Don’t stop me now

  122. pink floyd
    brick in the wall

  123. Happy birthday!! Hope you get/got lots of special, shiny, frivolous things!! Its the only thing which makes birthdays bearable from 40 on!!! My fave song…? Well it varies all the time, but “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain is always up there in the top five. Happy birthday xx

  124. Always look on the bright side of life – Monty Pythons ( unabridged ).

  125. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses :)

  126. I gotta fellin’ Black eyed peas

  127. bryan adams – summer of 69

  128. Meatloaf bat out of hell x

  129. Dream on by Aerosmith x

  130. britney spears screan and shout

  131. man of the world – fleetwood mac

  132. McFly – The Heart Never Lies

  133. bring on the night. the police

  134. My favourite song is Stargirl by Mcfly, my son sings it all the time!

  135. Happy Birthday! My favourite song is probably Human Behaviour by Bjork :)

  136. summer of 60 :) classic!

  137. For the good times – Kris Kristofferson

  138. Substitute – The Who. I love the line ‘I look pretty young but I’m just backdated!’ I think it’s time I was backdated!

  139. House of the rising sun – The animals

  140. Guns n Roses – November Rain :)

  141. Mr. Brightside – The Killers

  142. Du Hast – Rammstein

  143. November Rain – Guns N’ Roses

  144. Slide Away- Oasis

  145. shaggy summertime

  146. Paradise City by Guns’n’Roses.

  147. Babooshka – Kate Bush

  148. I love Whisper by Evanescence. <3 Just love love love love loveeeee it

  149. Disco 2000 by PULP Just reminds me of my brothers mates and the chipwood wallpaper haunts me.


  151. Tom Petty – I won’t back down.

  152. Into The Groove – Madonna

  153. Meatloaf 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

  154. one vision by Queen

  155. Miss You – Rolling Stones

  156. living on a prayer bon jovi love it

  157. I Alone – Live

  158. Konstantine by Something Corporate

  159. Don Maclean – American Pie

  160. Nights in white satin by The Moody Blues

  161. Everlong – Foo Fighters.

  162. Hey Stephen – Taylor Swift

  163. Miss America from David Byrne

  164. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

  165. lemon by katy rose

  166. I love the new song by Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’, it’s so catchy I can’t stop singing it.

  167. Laid by james

  168. black by pearl jam

  169. Lego House – Ed Sheeran

  170. Build me up Buttercup

  171. Led Zeppelin – That’s the way x

  172. meat loaf – you took the words right out of my mouth

  173. One Way by The Levellers

  174. Las Palabras de Amor by Queen

  175. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

  176. ELO – Mr Blue Sky

  177. meat loaf – you took the words right out of my mouth

  178. neyo – let me love you

  179. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

  180. Groove Armada – At The River

  181. Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man

  182. I’m 50 soon. Now that really is old! My favourite song is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

  183. To Love Somebody – Nina Simone

  184. Happy birthday!

    My favourite song is Stereophonics – Local boy in the photograph

  185. Fab playlist as always !
    And thank you for sharing this Pulp song I didn’t know. Dark and witty lyrics, proper J. Cocker style.
    No one can beat them on this style of lyrics … pure brilliance.

  186. John Butler Trio – Zebra

  187. charity by skunk anansie

  188. Happy Birthday !!!!
    Nothing Compared to you – Sinead O’ Connor

  189. every breath you take by the police
    Oh, and hope you had a very happy birthday. 40’s not so bad x

  190. Going underground – the jam

  191. Golden Brown by The Stranglers

  192. Ho Hey by The Lumineers

  193. At the moment It’s Hey Ho by The Lumineers. I promise I’m not copying from Claire’s post that’s right above mine.

  194. Closing time by Leonard Cohen

  195. Scars by Papa Roach

  196. The way you make me feel – michael jackson

    Michelle pierce

  197. There’s toooo many. I think Areosmith – I don’t wanna miss a thing

  198. Deaf school…what a way to end it all

  199. Going Underground by The Jam

  200. Queen Don’t stop me now

  201. The Bare Necessities – Jungle Book

  202. Mad World – Gary Jules

  203. My favourite song is Here without you by 3 doors down

  204. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
    Claire D

  205. Queen – Don’t stop me now

  206. Trouble-Taylor Swift

  207. Windsor Davies & Don Estelle – Whispering Grass

  208. only love by ben howard

  209. My Favourite song is very difficult as it depends on my mood. But I will say Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

  210. Kc and jojo all my life. It was our first dance and takes me straight back to that very moment whenever I hear it.

  211. Toto – Africa

  212. Ice is getting thinner – Death Cab for Cutie

  213. The Long and Winding Road – The Beatles

  214. tlc waterfalls

  215. Keep on Dancing by the Bay City Rollers

  216. Take that back for good

  217. Disco 2000 – Pulp

  218. The Smiths – This Charming Man

  219. Happy Birthday :-)Edith Piaf No Regrets. I’m not of that generation but there is just something about that song

  220. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill :) xo

  221. Come on Eileen, Dexys midnight runners – ah happy times

  222. Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up.
    Such an uplifting song :)

  223. Just Give Me A Reason-Pink

  224. Sly Stone: Crossword Puzzle

  225. It’s got to be a bit of the van the man.

  226. This comment has been removed by the author.

  227. I Alone – live

  228. pheonix riing – anihillator

  229. My favourite song? Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys. Love it.

  230. Kelly Rowland Stole

    My email is

  231. Passenger – Holes

  232. I did it my way! Frank Sinatra (Oldies are goldies)

  233. Coldplay – Yellow

  234. Heard It Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye. Every time I hear the intro it goes straight to my guts

  235. wish you were here

  236. Time – Pink Floyd

  237. Let her go by Passenger

    claire matthews-curtis

  238. Up The Junction by Squeeze

  239. Bryan Adams – Anything I do – I do it for you – it was around when I was at school and at the vulnerable age – it seemed to be number 1 for years!

  240. Bat out of hell

  241. Barry White Your my everything

  242. Tumbling Dice by The Rolling Stones, classic Jagger and Richards. Is it possible to play this and not join in?

  243. encore une fois by Sash

  244. Hot Hot Hot by Arrow

  245. halo – beyonce

  246. Seether – Rise above this

  247. Shake it out, Florence and the machine x

  248. T-Rex – Solid Gold Easy Action

  249. love tooo many sings to choose a favourite.. so ill tell u my top 2.. Coldplay.. fix you… and pink ,Try :)

  250. Baba O’riely – The Who


  252. in the Summertime Mungo Jerry

  253. The Killers, Mr Brightside

  254. Angels Robbie Williams

    lisa Waugh

  255. Push It! Salt n Peppa

  256. stella – incubus

  257. Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon

  258. My favourite song is Caitlin Rose – The answer is in one of these bottles. Really funny…

  259. The Rolling Stones – Paint it black

  260. A Fool In Love by Ike and Tina Turner

  261. I don’t like Monday’s ‘Boom town Rats’

  262. Live Forever – Oasis

  263. UB40 the way you do the things you do

  264. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

  265. Krafty – New Order

  266. Hosanna – Hillsong

  267. Diamonds – Rihanna

  268. My Melancholy Blues – Queen……Helen booth

  269. The first time I ever saw your face, love it, i get watery eyes every time I hear it

  270. Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

  271. Ed Sheeran – Give me love

  272. Titanium – David Gettuah xx

  273. Walking On Thin Ice – Yoko Ono (original version).

  274. The Big 40! Hope it didn’t hurt too much lol 😉 Three years on I’m still denying mine happened!
    My fav song of all time is the beautiful Close My Eyes Forever, by Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne….now that does show my age :) x

  275. Dancing in tHe dark – Bruce Springsteen – fab song from a fantastic singer and live act. When i hear this song it takes me back to my teenage years!

  276. Prince Adore

  277. bon jovi , its a tie between livin on a prayer and its my life i love them both to much to choose between them!

  278. November rain! G’n’R

  279. yellow ledbetter Pearl Jam

  280. I loved ‘Everywhere’ Fleetwood Mac

  281. Faster – Manic Street Preachers

  282. bone machine pixies

  283. Dancing Queen

  284. bang bang

  285. Fleetwood mac – Sweet little lies

  286. dancing in the moonlight – loploader

  287. Mad world – Gary Jules

  288. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

  289. Rod Stewart i love rythm of my heart

  290. Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi

  291. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

  292. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

    But I could think of loads more

  293. Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

  294. Club tropicana by wham

  295. Queen – The Show Must Go On

  296. Warning Sign – Coldplay

  297. Paradise by the dashboard light Meatloaf, have so been there )

  298. I couldn’t limit myself to one all time favourite but the song currently still stuck in my head is Blurred lines by Robin Thicke. Happy Birthday!

  299. Back At One by Brian McKnight

  300. 9-5 By Dolly Parton

  301. Too many favourite songs. I think Dancing Queen by Abba narrowly beats Happy Birthday by Altered Images.

  302. Anything by Swedish House Mafia – i might be getting old but i dont have to act it:-)

  303. Bloc Party – This Modern Love

  304. Oasis – Wonderwall

  305. purple rain by prince

  306. Do I wanna know? by Artic Monkeys

  307. Wow! So many to choose from, all bringing back different memories! I’m even older than you lol so been through several decades of music (Happy Birthday to you by the way!). I think I’ll go for Neil Young and Heart of Gold

  308. i want to break free by queen

  309. Here comes the sun The Beatles and I will always love you Dolly Parton, both of which I’m having played at my funeral! Not being morbid , just like to be organised!

  310. Power of Love by Jennifer Rush

  311. Maroon 5 – secret

  312. Leonard Cohen Suzanne

  313. At the moment it’s Bounce by Iggy Azelea – all time favourite is Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas (the one off Supernatural) x

  314. True Faith by New Order

  315. Wherever you will go by The Calling

  316. Wherever you Will Go – The Calling

  317. Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

  318. bon jovi – Livin on a prayer


  319. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day and I Owe You Nothing by Bros

  320. Holding Back The Years – Simply Red

  321. The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys

  322. Don’t Stop Believin’ Journey

  323. Earthquake – Labyrinth


  324. Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

  325. November Rain – Guns N Roses

  326. Nothing else matters – Metallica

  327. Angels by Robbie Williams

  328. Radiohead – StreetSpirit

  329. oooh its very hard to choose i love alot of songs!
    if i had to choose just 1 it would be

    queen, bohemian rhapsody

  330. GreenDay – American Idiot

  331. Blurred Lines @LovattHolly

  332. I love The GooGoo Dolls – Iris :}

  333. Was thinking of Billy Bragg even before I scrolled down – good choice!

  334. I think it would have to be something by Bruno Mars!

  335. Beyoncé – Halo

  336. Placebo- every you every me

  337. Mauro Picotto KOMODO :-)

  338. Black, Pearl Jam.

  339. Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright

  340. the Cowboy Junkies’ version of Sweet Jane

  341. Chasing cars by snow patrol

  342. dont look back in anger by oasis

  343. thriller (michael jackson)

  344. Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

  345. I Want to break free by Queen

  346. No one knows, Queens of the Stoneage

  347. Queens of the Stoneage – No one knows

  348. Hero by Enrique Iglesias

  349. everything I do

  350. Hoppipolla by Sigur Rós

  351. ‘Tonight, Tonight’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. :)

  352. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

  353. My favourite song for the actual music is Town Called MAlice by The Jam – I can;t keep my feet still when I hear it. But my favourite song for the lyrics is Katy Perry -Firework. I think because it’s a pop song people don’t really listen to the words but it’s such a motivational song.

  354. Paranoid – Black Sabbath

  355. daydream believer :O)

  356. Happy birthday.The Doors LA Woman would love to have seen them live

  357. Lately-Stevie Wonder

  358. You were always on my mind – Willie Nelson version

  359. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel

  360. dreams by the cranberries

  361. Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel xxx

  362. Self Esteem by The Offspring

  363. Oh there’s too many to choose just one but at the moment I really love Daft Punk’s Get Lucky – it puts me in a good mood!

  364. Lisa Leob – You Say (Stay)

  365. Stay by Lisa Loeb

  366. Do I – Luke Bryan

  367. There Right There-Legally Blonde Orginal Cast Album

  368. I too turned 40 a fortnight ago so I empathise & celebrate with you at the same time…Happy Birthday to you!!! :) My favourite song is “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan…I may be getting on a bit but I still like to bust a move to it!! 😉

  369. Rule the world – Take that

  370. Every day by Slade

  371. Save me by Queen. I love the Video too x

  372. Dj Sammy- boys of summer x

  373. Vienna by Ultravox

  374. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls


  375. Foo Fighters – The Pretender

  376. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke

  377. Too old to rock and roll (Too young to die) Jethro Tull

  378. Bon Jovi – Livin on a prayer. I like it best when my 5 year old sings along!!

  379. Let her go by Passenger

  380. Guns N Roses – Sweet child Of Mine

  381. Happy birthday!! My fav song is jumping jack flash by the stones..i was 5 and asked mum to get my a copy that was my first 8 inch vinyl

  382. One of my favorites “Wake up its a beautiful morning” Boo Radleys – gets me in the mood to start the day!

  383. Alice Cooper poisen

  384. Bon Jovi Just older. As a fresh faced 19 year old it was just another song, as a 32 year old dad of 2 it’s took on a whole new meaning!

    I like the skin I’m sleeping in, and just like me it’s broken in
    It’s not old, just older.

  385. Forever autumn -moody blues

  386. Degausser by BRAND NEW.
    They are one of the best bands ever :)

  387. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me – Whitney Houston

  388. Bowie – changes is perfect

  389. I dont have just 1 favourite, it changes on the time of year, whats going on, how I’m feeling etc. At the mo I really like The Staves Facing West, didn’t know they existed until after I dozed off while watching something on bbc2 and woke up to the nightview or whatever it is, playing their song.

  390. R Kelly – Ignition Remix 😉

  391. Jack Johnson – Better Together

  392. At the moment the new 911 song Two Hearts One Love :)

  393. Sex is on Fire! (well it is your birthday :P)

  394. Happy Birthday I hope you have a fab day :) At the moment my favourite song is probably REM Losing My religion

  395. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson

  396. Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights

  397. Muse – Knights of Cydonia

  398. Mr Brightside, by The Killers

  399. Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward

  400. Coldplay – Fix You

  401. Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out

  402. Mr Brightside by The Killers

  403. new gold dream simple minds

  404. Yellow Submarine

  405. send me on my way – rusted roots

  406. Happy 40th :)
    Cigarettes and Alcohol- Oasis , reminds me of my youth 😉 XX
    I’m thinking a 40th birthday merits copious amounts of wine and possibly a cigar ha ha

  407. summer of 69 – Bryan Adams :)

  408. Daniel by Elton john

  409. Gotta be Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds

  410. Katie Melua – Closest Thing To Crazy

  411. I Feel Love

  412. Holiday by Dizzee Rascal

  413. when i’m 64 – beatles

  414. This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush

  415. Aint no sunshine- bill withers

  416. mr brightside – the killers

  417. Tiger feet

  418. Alone by Heart

  419. Moby GO

  420. american pie…………………….

  421. U2 – with or without you

  422. Hole – violet

  423. la la la by naughty bot ft sam

  424. My favourite song is Patience – Guns n Roses

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