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The recent hot spell has well and truly gone to the heads of those lovely peeps at Appliances Online, and as a result they have gone quite doolally and are giving away Amazon vouchers left, right and centre. They have given me one, and are offering you the chance to win one too! But what would you spend it on…
I am tempted to use mine for some fancy new coffee cups to go with my funky new coffee machine….
Rainbow stacking coffee cups
….a squishy guitar cushion…
Guitar Cushion
Or I could just do what I usually do and stock up on new music and books!
You could pocket yourself £40 worth of Amazon vouchers simply by entering using the rafflecopter form below, what would you buy?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck,

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Terms and Conditions


  • open to over 18’s only
  • open to UK residents only
  • The mandatory blog comment entry must be completed for others entries to be valid.
  • The prize consists of a £40 Amazon Voucher and will be supplied by Appliances Online. No alternatives are available.
  • The winner will be contacted by me shortly after the draw closes to obtain details so that Appliances Online may arrange their prize.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or a new winner will be drawn.
  • The draw closes at midnight on the 08/08/2013

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  1. Tracy K Nixon

    I would love an ice-cream maker for the kids – they have eaten loads this Summer!

  2. sugarmouse

    I’d love a DustBuster. Sad but true! That’s what toddlers do to your priorities!


  3. Carrie L

    I would buy a vase with the hope that The Other Half would buy me flowers to put in it!!

  4. Lisa

    BOOKS! Lovely books, oh I miss them.

  5. milkpetal

    Books for my little boy :)


  6. honest diaper reviews

    We have used these diapers since our baby was a Newborn. With 4 little nieces, we knew which brand we wanted and which type. In the family’s “mom’s circle” it was just well known to go with honest diapers. During our baby shower, one of the gift baskets had a pack of expensive diapers and sure enough, we had 2 blow-outs/leak-throughs in the short amount of time we used them.

  7. Penfold

    T’Choupi books. Lil one is way ahead on her french and she loves them

  8. MummyNeverSleeps

    OOh I’d get my kindle nicely stocked up :)

  9. Danni

    I’m thinking either recipe books or presents for my mum’s birthday :) x

  10. Sandy Calico

    Books, books, books, CD’s and some more books :)

  11. jo

    Would make a start on Christmas shopping!

  12. T. Mitchell-Goodson

    Early Christmas shopping for my two little monkeys :-)!

  13. Victoria Androsova

    baby carrier

  14. Matt Whittle

    I would buy the new Manic Street Preachers album!

  15. Angie Booth

    I would donate it as a prize at a forthcoming charity event!

  16. CAROLE D

    I would make a start on some Christmas shopping and buy a few DVDs or CDs for my boys!

  17. Mimi

    Plenty of good summer reads for my forthcoming beach holiday!

  18. prwilson

    I need a new keyboard and mouse.

  19. Jean Bolsover

    Something for the home, not sure what yet as I’ve a long list of things to get

  20. Ian Baskerville

    I would get my little boy the Lego Chima game which he is desperate to get.

  21. lucky321

    i would make a start on some christmas present buying 😉

  22. Darren Abbott

    Great prize

  23. Alana Walker

    I would buy a mini chopper for the kitchen as i hate chopping onions and garlic!xx

  24. Janice n

    I would buy recipe books

  25. Lucy Abbott

    I would buy a new toaster

  26. Rebecca Wood

    Moving into my first house in a few months so anything house related, probably crockery!

  27. liz denial

    I’d buy some baby toys for my great niece

  28. Sarahann Tonner

    I’d treat mu sister to a popcorn maker, she has wanted one for ages!!

  29. Tammy Tudor

    I’d put it towards a new bed :)

  30. gavrc

    I’d get a Spirograph for my niece. She found an old one a couple of weeks ago and loved it.

  31. Megan


  32. Hannonle

    I’d get my nephew his birthday present “a really good ben10 toy”

  33. laura banks

    some dvds to add to my collection

  34. glennamy

    An ice cream machine…


    I would put it towards a playhouse for the kids

  36. Mathew Mitchell

    Time to get some more books :)

  37. Anonymous

    Would really like to restock the Kindle, I’ll be down to reading the “Kindle User Guide” before too long!

  38. mummypig

    I’d put the voucher toward a window vac, one of those things I’ve really wanted for ages, but could never justify the spend! thanks for the competition. x

  39. L Cole

    Probably Christmas gifts for the kids with four to buy for need to start early lol!

  40. Anonymous

    something nice and smelly to relax in the bath with

  41. maci234

    a vax libretto

  42. Justine Meyer

    I would use it for books for my son for college

  43. C Stewart

    DVD’s and books

  44. Natalie

    Some DVD box sets i’m after :)

  45. minnysazza

    love it x

  46. Janet Saville

    I would buy dried ewe’s milk – yes you can get it from Amazon, amazing but true.

  47. cootuuk

    A new mouse for my laptop as my wife keeps taking mine

  48. Tracey Peach

    CD’s I so need some new tunes!

  49. Neil Firth NeilF

    Some Blu-Rays – the new format has made my DVD collection obsolete

  50. Rachel Melton

    I have an ever growing wish list for my baby due in Dec so I would make a dent in the things we need to buy. Xx

  51. Lauren

    Id love a slush maker for us to enjoy in the lovely sunshine we are having

  52. defairmans

    I have a wish list of books, so maybe some of them or a nice new blender. :)

  53. Amy Clark

    I’d definitely order some new make-up then DVD’s! :-)

  54. Jenny King

    Some new shoes

  55. LynneH

    I’d like some screening to give m garden a little more privacy

  56. philiboy

    I’d buy a new kettle – mines seen better days

  57. Anonymous

    Books and clothes :)

  58. geezerbird44

    New music

  59. Beky Austerberry

    save it for christmas when I could get my kids some treats

  60. Natalie Warne

    I would put it towards an iPad for university

  61. Jenny Mortimer

    I would buy the hubby something nice :)

  62. Susan

    I would books for my grandson

  63. carowood

    Crockery – oh to have a matching set!

  64. maxineflossy

    a preserving pan and some kilner jars – guess what my new hobby is!

  65. Gillian Holmes

    New Yoga mat

  66. margaret moe dunlop

    a present for our grandsons 1st birthday next month x

  67. downingarms

    A decent bottle of Aftershave.

  68. Paula Sullivan

    Books, it’s always books!

  69. Lj Baker

    It would definitely be going into the Christmas pressie kitty :)

  70. Furor

    I’d love a kindle

  71. Wilma Jones

    Ebooks for me – loads I want to get for my holiday.

  72. Rebecca U

    I would love some new books x

  73. Jo Jones

    Books for the Kindle

  74. Anthony Clements

    Put it towards a new TV

  75. Ellie Bromilow

    oooh im not sure, we want to buy a caravan at the end of the season so a nice melamine dinner set would be good, but our 11 yr old wants an ice cream maker (he eats so much of it that we might be better getting that because it would be used more)! probably daily…lol

  76. James Seale

    Going to tidy yhe bedroom so something for the new look bedroom.

  77. Sam Swain

    I would buy myself all of the books that are currently on my ‘to read’ list

  78. cloviss

    A mantle top mirror to finish off my newly decorated living room.

  79. Anonymous

    I’d put it towards a breadmaker

  80. benhamslc

    More books for my kindle

  81. mary heald

    A new clothes airer -mine has collapsed

  82. Anonymous

    Kenwood chef grater attachment

  83. Rosemary Emery

    I would put it towards a new dishwasher. :)

  84. Pooky

    I would buy a wooden train set for my little one.

  85. rozsarg

    I would buy toys and games for my children :)

  86. anthony harrington

    I would spend it on some baby items ready for our September arrival

  87. Sally Carter

    I’d buy some DVD’s and Blu-rays.

  88. rastro

    Definitely some new cookbooks, perhaps I can find one focused on BBQs.

  89. mo3733

    i would buy some face cleanser

  90. Vicky Limerick

    Something baby related as Im due in 8 weeks

  91. lovelygrey

    Crafting books from my wishlist

  92. John Massie

    I would buy stuff for our new baby

  93. Anonymous

    Cookery books-mine are so well used they have fallen apart!

  94. 7hippopotamus

    I’d save it for Christmas presents.

  95. Anonymous

    my holiday

  96. Cecelia Allen

    I would buy a new strimmer for my garden, the lawn fringe is not a good look

  97. Janice5972

    Kindle bits and phone case

  98. ruth steel

    DVDs to watch with my daughter

  99. Bradley S


  100. Steve Curtis

    I would put in towards the price of a Hozelock Autoreel.

  101. Allan Smith

    Presents for others!

  102. JennaKeller

    Toys for my kids x

  103. 44171592-ea5b-11e2-9721-000bcdcb8a73

    yolanda davis;
    i would buy lots of lovel books to read while sitting in the sun

  104. Stralisemiai

    I would buy some water pistols for everyone, Just what we need to cool down!

  105. Nicola Lynch

    I’d treat myself to some Sanctuary Spa products, just a little bit of me time would be much welcomed!

  106. Jen64

    I would spend it on books, I love reading.

  107. markx1r

    a new swimming pool

  108. leiajulie

    i love that guitar cushion above as my hubby is a singer/musician in local bar and loves gifts musically inspired

  109. alijohnson

    I would treat myself to some new books

  110. rachel green

    books for my sons 😀

  111. Unknown

    Kindle books

  112. jillwebb

    A good toasted sandwich maker

  113. kipper

    I’d really love to get a new Scratching Post for my little buddy.

  114. Caroline

    A laundry basket – how glamorous!

  115. clair downham

    something for my kids

  116. lynn lewer

    I would keep them for Christmas

  117. Paul

    A new keyboard and mouse for my computer

  118. Anonymous

    Book, books and more books

  119. jenniwren12

    I would start my christmas shopping :-O

  120. Kerry Walsh

    I would definitely use it towards Christmas presents for my two boys!

  121. Anonymous

    I would get a power tool for my Hubby so that he could get cracking on the DIY!


  122. Jacqueline Fawcett

    Books, books & more books! 😀

  123. Hayley

    Books, books and more books. There are some lovely clothbound classics that I’ve had my eye on for ages.

    …oh and maybe some really pretty japanese origami paper.

  124. Hannah S

    Some piano music books :)


    Some new cushions (frances hopkins)

  126. Sara

    I would buy some books for my holidays

  127. clareyfairy2506

    I would buy some books!

  128. Smeeebeee

    Some pictures for my newly painted kitchen.

  129. Val Hartley

    Some outdoor toys for my grandchildren.

  130. Anonymous

    Back to school Items for daughter

  131. georgi

    I would treat myself to some boxsets I’ve been wanting for a while x

  132. Aimee R

    kindle books!

  133. Alison

    I would put it towards a kindle fire for my holidays

  134. Catherine Warburton

    I would buy a stack of my neices Debut novel “The Fractured Man” to give as presents to family

  135. Harry Baker-Farmer

    I’d buy some new shirts!

  136. ted

    i would spoil my daughter who is due to give birth to my first grandchild any day

  137. Helen Dickinson

    Some toys for my little boy :)

  138. Nika

    beauty products

  139. Jippity

    Christmas pressies :)

  140. Anonymous

    I would like to start my Christmas shopping as I’m a bit worried about affording it this year x

    Lisa Jones

  141. Alex BumptoBaby

    Something for me. I would love a little treat. X
    UK based Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

  142. Lynsey Buchanan

    some games & jigsaws to put away for christmas

  143. Stephanie C

    crazy but i really really want one of these

    it would help me out loads in my tiny kitchen!! and the rest i would yankee candles 😀

  144. Barbara B

    New Mugs, I have just got a lovely coffee machine but after dishwasher abuse, my mugs are looking a bit worse for wear!

  145. Nickie O'Hara

    Pens, filofax stuff or ebooks

  146. Jo kelly

    I’d put it toward a roof box for our car 😀 Desperately saving for one for our hols. I have 5 kiddies & no room in the car for luggage, haha xxx

  147. angie mummy

    An ice cream maker

  148. Beverley Lewis

    I would love to get some pixel glasses and some nail art stuff x

  149. Beverley Lewis

    I would love to get some pixel glasses and some nail art stuff x

  150. Rebecca Phillips

    Those mugs look fab! It’s my sons first birthday in Sept and I wanted to get a smart trike so I might put it towards that x

  151. tinkertink2010

    Christmas presents! Always thinking ahead!

  152. Circian

    The water in our area is rubbish right now, so I’d get a Brita water filter :p

  153. Shelley Stevenson

    I would choose a fab dress for myself and get my friend something for her birthday soon :)

  154. Brian Whitworth

    I would choose 50/50 – Christmas Presents, and some self improvement books for me :)

  155. Maya Russell

    I need some cushions for our living room.

  156. leanne abel

    I would buy some retro stuff for my kitchen

  157. Mary Preston

    Some gorgeous new bed linen.

  158. Nicola Thomas

    I would treat myself to a nice camera case for my lovely new camera (and those mugs are rather nice too!)

  159. Angela Wilcox

    I’s use it towards a kindle or some christmas shopping!

  160. Bryony Sayburn

    A new spice grinder. xxx

  161. kasza

    A photo frame

  162. suzzee langton

    i would spend it on my m otherinlaw

  163. alisha barrett

    h2o x5 steam mop!!!!

  164. jessica cook

    id buy some more jillian michaels workout dvds x


    I would spend it on some Xmas gifts to make an early start

  166. Janeg88

    Summer reading, probably inspired by the richard and judy book club

  167. Alix Smith

    I would buy lots of books for my kindle – bit addicted!

  168. hussylondonhousewife

    I would get a fab new cookbook

  169. littlebean

    I would like a new handbag so it would probably go on that! Fab comp thank you :)

  170. Attachment Mummy

    A birthday present for my husband

  171. mumpetuk

    New griddle pan

  172. Amy Jacobson

    I’d buy some new cookbooks as I love cooking!

  173. JaynesDen

    I would put the money towards a Kindle Fire HD. I have wanted one for ages.

  174. Karina

    I’d buy some new books and music!
    ~Karina V

  175. Nathan Webb

    I would buy some fitness gear!

  176. Ellie Biglam

    I’d use the vouchers for books for my baby

  177. Charlotte Ingham

    I’d put it towards a blu-ray player :)

  178. Anonymous

    I need a new tv unit and I’ve seen one on Amazon that I love, so would put it towards that!


  179. stacey kirkbride

    got a baby on the way so i would love to buy some good bottles with it

  180. Paul Kendall

    Woud putit towards an espresso maker… love an espresso befoe I hit the gym

  181. Amy.D

    I’d buy a blender so i could always get my five a day by drinking healthy smoothies :)
    My old blender broke ages ago and i haven’t been able to afford to replace it :(

  182. Lauraloo

    I’d stock up on some books for the long winter nights. x

  183. jean parker

    i would spend it on getting stuff for my son :)

  184. Jenni

    Part of a rabbit hutch!

  185. suzanne

    some new tunes and a good book to take on holiday

  186. pfcpompeysarah

    I would get my son some DVD’s and IF there was any money left I would get a good book to read … and try and make time to read it more importantly.

  187. suzanne cooke

    A beer making kit for the hubby.

  188. Stephanie Boulton

    I would put it towards a juicer

  189. Anonymous

    I would treat my little boy to some new toys

    Michelle pierce

  190. Philip

    A new printer for my laptop.

  191. pariahsquee

    a waterproof case for my phone :)

  192. Helen Moulden

    Has to be some new books!

  193. Isabel

    I would spend ALL of it on books, lots and lots of books!

  194. Steven Fairbairn

    I’d use it as an incentive to save for the £92 Hoover SteamJet Steam Cleaner that I found on the appliancesonline site.

  195. Maggie Osborn

    Sorry it’s so dull, but we really do need a new kettle..

  196. MissMelvis

    I would buy lots of new books and the Tom Odell CD :) x

  197. Gillian Hale

    I would buy birthday presents for my two boys, because I can’t afford to get them much this year

  198. Garry Paul

    I would buy as many books as I could for my Grandson

  199. Jo Booth

    I’d buy some lovely books :-)

  200. Andy Harris

    lots of books

  201. Gina

    I’d love to get some games for us to play as a family this summer.

  202. Katie Witherington

    I would put it towards a soup maker, I am due to have surgery on my stomach in which i would have to eat liquids for a few weeks and a soup maker would aid my recovery.

  203. Kara

    I would probably buy some music :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. Emily Phipps

    I gave birth on 22nd July 2013 to our first born. Same day as the royals! I would get our very own little prince something with this lovely prize!

  205. dragon60


  206. suzanna

    Farscape boxset.

  207. Hayley Wakenshaw

    I think it’s time I had new perfume. :-)

  208. Sarah

    Kids e-book for there summer reading 😀 x


    A new large dog basket for my gorgeous rescue collie cross Ozzie.

  210. Joanne Peters

    I would put it towards my new laptop :)

  211. Kristy Brown

    I would let my daughter loose so she could chose some new books – she’s such a bookworm!

  212. Faye Huntington

    A cosy cushion or rug for the living room! With love, Faye xx

  213. Anonymous

    A new kipling bag for winter. I’m a bag lady.x

  214. Joanne McGawley

    I would treat my Goddaughter to some Emma Bridgewater things as she loves all her “heart” designs.

  215. Anonymous

    I would treat myself and my daughter to some new books.

  216. Anonymous

    Bread maker

  217. Tony Allan

    go towards a soda stream

  218. Robert

    I would buy a bundle of films.

  219. andrea lloyd

    console games for my family for presents

  220. soozwales

    I need a old fashion blanket

  221. mum in meltdown

    I would like one of those metal holder things for my T-discs for my new Tassimo- does’nt seem right grabbing them out of the cupboard like a commoner LOL

  222. Galina Varese

    If I let my younger one decide, it would all be Peppa pig DVDs and goodies

  223. Kathy Cakebread

    some perfume

  224. Light-Wilson Francesca

    I’d buy an iPad case :-)

  225. TeenQueen

    Books or may save up for my first Kindle!

  226. erasedcitizen

    Some lovely squashy cushions for my sofa :)

  227. soosieboo

    Put some books on my kindle ready for holiday.
    (Rafflecopter ID = Su Tyler)

  228. Erica Montgomery

    A pedicure – so I can finally use my new sandals! xxx

  229. Lindy Hamilton

    An ice cream maker would be fantastic :)

  230. Fiona Matters

    I’d buy some goodies for the kitchen.

  231. Jason Henson

    An Aquadoodle for my daughter and a remote control car for my son

  232. Anonymous

    Some Blurays

  233. katie skeoch

    something pretty for my bedroom :)

  234. Julie

    I would load my kindle up with some good books for my holiday

  235. David Holland


  236. Hannah

    Books! Got loads on my wish list, some for me and some for the kids.

  237. ali thorpe

    I would use it to buy bakeware!

  238. Jenna Kate Kelly

    I would spend it on a play mat for my baby who is due in November!


    some books for me and my mum and some moshi monsters for the kids

  240. Ashleigh x

    I think I would second what Isabel has said and buy myself a few more books to add to my ever growing collection. But also I would buy some awesome book ends and a shelf. Everyone likes some pretty presentation in their rooms :)

  241. Paul Walsh

    it would be combination of books and dvds.

  242. tabbaz123

    A new dinner service – mine has more chips than mcDonalds

  243. Anonymous

    I would spend it all on books for my little boy.

    Rebecca Maddocks

  244. greigspencer

    some blu rays

  245. Julie Baxter

    i would put it towards a sandpit for the kids :)

  246. Zoe W

    I would spend it on some books for my summer holiday!

  247. katrina walsh

    Id actually spend it on the guitar cushion for my son.He loves snuggling up with cushions but always complains the ones I buy him are too girly. This would be perfect x

  248. charlieemma

    I would put it towards a new TV!

  249. Kathleen Hooper

    travel guides

  250. Zeta Watkins

    My placement job runs out in October so I’d use it for some Christmas presents for my family :)

  251. emma

    i would load my kindle up with books ready for my holiday

  252. elizabeth

    books! I think I have a book problem 😉

  253. baudsley

    cat food, music for me and books for the mrs!

  254. Teressa Oliver

    Put it towards a stand mixwe

  255. Felicity Smith

    the coffee cups

  256. Anonymous

    Books all the way! Maybe a bookcase too :)

  257. Majecka

    something lovely for my little prince and my newborn princess

  258. cattyhaxby

    I have a few CD’s on my wish list – it would go on them

  259. Dani Graves

    i want to get my little boy a bookcase so it would go towards that because he has so many books x

  260. Bryan Deegan

    a game or 2

  261. Sarah Bogalho

    I would buy a new phone cover and plenty of books for my journeys into work!


    i would prob by some clothes for myself

  263. jane greenfield

    books for the kids

  264. Nichola Crowe

    I would spend it on some really expensive bath salts :)

  265. Sara

    Probably something DIY/Home furnishing related :) as trying to do up my house at the moment x

  266. Michael Harris

    Cream for my itch 😛

  267. Emma Lewis

    I would buy some toothbrush heads

  268. Mickie Bull

    Camping Equipment

  269. gemma clark

    some more books for my hubby

  270. buddwing

    put it towards a new juicer!

  271. EJ Dunn

    An electric fan!

  272. Seany Evans

    I would spend it on new toys for my pets, and DVDS!

  273. Solange

    Books and DVDs

  274. Nicole Miller

    Some cushions for when my other half is not around and I can still snuggle up on the sofa

  275. Helen Grayson

    Some new cushions – I love cushions! 😀

  276. Solange

    Books & DVDs

  277. caroline s

    lots and lots of books for my kindle – there’s one on my Amazon wishlist that costs £11 so I doubt I’ll ever be reading that one unless I get some help towards the cost! 😉

  278. Em S

    I would buy something for the nursery!

  279. Megan Hughes

    special foods!

  280. Diane

    I would buy a popcorn maker and a dvd and have a movie night at home

  281. Pretenna

    Books and some new crafting goodies

  282. Anonymous

    memory card for my phone and camera @lucyirv

  283. Christine Reid

    I would put it towards a kindle I`m still lusting after one.

  284. Corinne Faulkner

    I would buy the boxset of Dexter love that programme !!

  285. Ann Robinson

    I would spend it books for my kindle

  286. Mary

    I really want a polaroid camera so I think it would have to be one of those.

  287. Mustard Bomb

    Christmas gifts and razor blades :) @garywasabi

  288. Rachel

    Some new books for my kindle

  289. Mo100

    Lots of thriller books on kindle

  290. Cheryll

    I’d probably spend it on fun, crafty things to do with the kids over the summer :)

  291. jayne

    books for my little girl x

  292. Anonymous

    a new kettle

    my email is

    thanks for letting me enter xxx

  293. Angela Williams

    We need ink cartridges for our printer

  294. Anonymous

    Something nice for my daughters :)

    claire matthews-curtis


    Two grandchildren on the way so would spend it on baby things!!

  296. Victoria Easton

    I would get a doorstop to allow the dogs to go in and out whilst the weather is warm and some books – always books and more books! (and something for my man!)

  297. Anonymous

    Books for summer holiday reading
    Penelope S

  298. Veronica Therawati

    a mixer

  299. mattc

    Game of thrones season 2

  300. stzza1

    i would use it on something for my new house, desperate for a new washing basket and some kitchen scales lol x

  301. dwerry

    Put it towards a food processor

  302. Anonymous

    A kindle

  303. gem s

    I would put it towards what I’m saving up to buy my son a pirate themed cabin bed that we have had our eye on from Amazon for a while!

  304. Anonymous

    I would like to start xmas shopping for the kids

  305. Jane Willis

    I need a new rice cooker and the one I fancy is £39.99 on Amazon so I’d buy that

  306. Kate Cunningham

    I would buy books – I always have books in my wish list!

  307. Diane

    I would put it towards my own printer instead of relying on hubby to do things for me on his

  308. hannahmassy

    need a steam cleaner for my dirty kitchen floor. Boring but essential with 2 doggies!

  309. Kirsten

    My daughters first duvet cover set


    The box set of Game of Thrones books for my hubby – he loves that series.

  311. jessica newman

    I would treat my 2 year old son to a sand pit

  312. christine52

    I would buy plenty of books

  313. Matthew Marshall

    Kids Birthday party presents – there seems to be one every week at the moment!

  314. queenie

    i would buy 2 slow cookers 1 for my son who has just left home and 1 for me

  315. Sparkle Forever

    More shoes!!

  316. rebecca nisbet

    Bedding! Mines all bobbled and need some funky new ones

  317. Anonymous

    I’d buy some books to put away for Christmas. Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  318. Ceri

    I really need a new toaster (sorry this is sooo boring!)

  319. John

    Probably a mix of DVDs and books.

  320. mister_steven

    books! every good home should have them :)

  321. JenniferAvril

    I’d buy some digital kitchen scales or perhaps a baby monitor.

  322. Becky Shorting

    i would use it to help pay for my lil boys guitar! he wants to learn and im so proud!

  323. Tina Budge

    A Despicable Me minion for my little boy – do they do purple ones?

  324. Jen Smith

    Toys for my young daughter.

  325. Rhoda

    I’d buy some of the books on my wish list 😀

  326. stephen holman

    a ps3 game :)

  327. Saran Benjamin

    I would put it towards an ice- cream maker :0)

  328. chrriss88

    A fireguard – I am now grandmother to 3 toddlers ARGH on has already sat on the coal (while the fire was off) Ouch I will dread winter without a guard!!

  329. nono82

    new toaster

  330. Sarah Davies

    I’d put it towards some PC software I need.

  331. Kelly Roberts

    I would get some school bags for the kids and some books for me!

  332. Baddesley

    Some multivitamins

  333. Rachel Gilbey

    Loads of lovely new Kindle Books, or possibly some DVDS

  334. jayne bojang

    I do love books!

  335. dumplingiow

    Some new garden equipment

  336. Amy Rowlands

    I would buy a gel nail starter set

  337. jkohbk

    my ids all need new inner tubes for their bikes and i was lookin at some online today that have slime in that stops them getting puntcured and they are quite dear so i would prob use it to get them those and if there was any left buy myself a new book to read… my life is so exciting and glamorous!! lol

  338. sam bailey

    Id wrap it, and wrap it again and wrap it some more, put it in a jaffa cake tube, then put it in a shoe box, then put it in a bigger box and wrap it up for xmas! Put away for my daughter so if the sneaky so and so finds it, she will have no idea what it is 😉

  339. Laura

    A new set of plates! to replace my measly 3 chipped ones!.. time i stopped living like a student *sigh* lol

  340. Eleanor Jones

    I would buy some new books for my holiday

  341. Sue Bowden

    A ceiling light that I spotted for my newly decorated dinning room.

  342. Linda Hill

    I would buy lots of ebooks for my Kindle.

  343. billy

    id get school shoes for the kids

  344. Janet T

    Shoes for my holiday :-)

  345. eddie britton

    I would buy my little boy some books :)

  346. loma wood

    I would buy my o/h a record he wants and myself some earplugs!

  347. Anonymous

    It’d have to be spent on stationary supplies for Uni!

  348. Paula Harvey

    Loads of books for my two children – they are little book worms!!

  349. spike1

    I just got a winemaking kit, so, I’d spend the money on bottles to put the wine in.

  350. Sarah Davison

    Loads of new books for me and my girls

  351. haley redshaw

    Put it towards getting some Hunter wellies :)

  352. Laura Vitty

    I would buy some dog training books as I am doing some training with my labradoodle!

  353. Lyndsey Beckford

    I’d buy one of those instant hot water dispensers, like a Breville Hot Cup. So much easier than using the kettle! :-)

  354. Gary Topley

    I would buy some toys for my two daughters x

  355. sharron Page

    I would buy some of those slushy makers that are advertised on tv as they have sold out everywhere in the shops.

  356. Kieran J

    A pair of cargo shorts

  357. JULIE B

    I would put it towards an Ice cream maker, as we seem to be getting through lots of the stuff during this hot weather and I keep running out.

  358. Kelly Wells

    Some new DVDs to keep me entertained through the summer holiday!

  359. glittery59

    An ice cream maker.

  360. mrayner1982

    A new Xbox 360 Game or some Blu Rays.

  361. elisaw

    Considering getting a kindle so would probably put it towards that

  362. Naomib1980

    Sad but probably put it towards Christmas x

  363. Deborah Hambleton

    I would put it towards a new tv for my conservatory – that is just being built now – well, the bricks came today anyway – but you get the drift 😉

  364. Lollzz

    I’d be hard pushed to decide – my heart would selfishly want to treat myself to something fully frivolous but in reality I’d probably spend it on things to put away for the kids for Christmas.

  365. Jezzamk

    I would spend it on real books. Much as I love and use my ereader lots ebooks don’t feel like value for money. If I have a real book I can hold it and feel like I have got something for my money. Also, I can pass it on to my dad after I have read it and then he passes it on to a charity shop.

  366. teresa1963

    i’d put it towards a decent camera as mines crap and love taking piccies for memories of the family

  367. matphil

    I’d buy a mobile phone dongle and sim card to take away with me.

  368. mumpetuk

    cushions for my new home

  369. Lucy Mayer

    A new kettle, mine is dying… and another hogitat, for the hedgies that visit my garden every evening. 😀

  370. tcbythesea

    My little one has to have surgery in the autumn so want to buy her some dressing up clothes, have seen Dr and surgeon, to do role play and prepare her for it (plus books for me of course)

  371. Ramblings of a bake-aholic

    A remote control for my daughter lol, its all she wants for christmas 😀

  372. Scarlett Brannan

    I would buy the latest two Adele Parks books – I’ve wanted to read them for ages.

  373. Louise Fairweather

    probably xmas presents

  374. Jane Middleton

    It would go towards a new lens for my camera

  375. Katie Walden Hall

    Waffle maker!!!!

  376. steve miles

    Blu-rays and books

  377. Anonymous

    get a book for my father (one that he read as a child), and the rest towards a kindle for myself

  378. Stephen Matthews

    I would treat my young daughters aged 4 and 2.

  379. jenny

    Ice lolly kit for the kids :0)

  380. Hayley Colburn

    disney films xx

  381. Lorna Craig

    I would buy myself some books for my Kindle but I’d also get some new short jammies for my hubby so he doesn’t look so scruffy at bedtime!!!

  382. Susan Hoggett

    cookery books

  383. Claire

    I would put it towards a new printer. Mine packed up recently and I hate not being able to print my photos out when I want them (as a scrapbooker!)

  384. Teresa Lee

    I’d get Lego Marvel Heroes for my son when it comes out in November

  385. Jen Russon

    I would buy some new cake tins!

  386. Mary Chez

    I would spend it on a gardening book I’ve got my eye on at the moment

  387. Michelle bennett

    Im in quite desperate need of a new kettle and a hoover, I would put it towards a dyson x

  388. claza93

    I’d put it towards a new pushchair for my boy

  389. Vicks

    Either top up my nail polish collection or a new trolley suitcase for my hols!

  390. Linda Sallie Guest

    A pedicure set to get rid of the horrible hard skin on my feet

  391. luijojo

    I would spend it on a new school bag for my daughter

  392. Michaela (ScottAlexas Mummy)

    Thomas the tank engine Blue Mountain Quarry….in the hope my 2 year old would give me some peace for a minute!

  393. Chrissy Faery

    I’d buy my mum a heated underblanket for her back! I swear by mine and I know one could help my mum so much too! 😀

  394. patanne1

    E-books and dvd’s…. would be a tough choice to make between all that I want though!

  395. Phyllis Ellett

    Spend it on a DVD box set. Not sure which, but will have to be a comedy.

  396. Steven Montgomery

    Xbox games :)

  397. agaue81

    I would love the ice cream maker for the kids they would love it

  398. Kate ONeill

    I’d load up the Kindle!

  399. Priya P

    My first baby is due soon. would use the voucher towards buying her a robust pram

  400. Amy Pople

    I’d buy a book and some mp3’s!

  401. Kayleigh

    A slide for my sons birthday

  402. Aurelia Fredon

    Books :)

  403. lizthewhiz

    A set of Tenko videos!

  404. Anna M

    I’d buy some summer reading!

  405. Anonymous

    Need an iPad case so would buy one 😉


  406. Rebecca Lis

    I would buy some baby toys for my new arrival due in 5 weeks :)

  407. pauline duffy

    I would get some more Christmas presents in maybe some DVDS and books xx

  408. Anonymous

    Helen Humphries:
    Either books or a salad spinner or both :)

  409. John Tooth

    DVD’s to take away to sea with me

  410. Jay Hill

    I would put it towards the Criminal Minds boxset

  411. Zoe Coen

    My First Pram for my daughter

  412. Jane C English

    I’m due anither grandchild in October so I’ll probably buy something for him/her, we are having a Crumpet so far, my daughter who is Mummy to be hates saying “it” about the baby & one of her favourite foods is crumpets so a baby Crumpet is what we are having. No many of them around. LOL. x

  413. Anonymous

    a coat


  414. Sarah Mcknight

    Some new bedding :)

  415. Prerna Gupta

    toys for my daughter!

  416. olivia280177

    I’d put it towards some gadget for my son’s Christmas present.

  417. maddogs

    I’d like some agility jumps for the dogs

  418. wendy moore

    I’d love some new pillows. Mine are flat and lifeless.

  419. Lynette Dobson

    Call me old fashioned, but – books!

  420. Muse Mse

    Books… or cds.. or dvds…. or Cath Kidston… or, or, or…… well I’d make my mind up if I am lucky enough to win :)

  421. Elizabeth Yeates

    i would buy- pointless the board game and put the rest towards christmas!

  422. Dessallara

    Would look for something for my baby’s nursery :}

  423. pompeypaul25

    I would put it towards a kindle

  424. nbrad1234

    I might actually buy some new books :)

  425. zeenie

    id like some new music for my ipod

  426. debbie skinner

    My daughters birthday present

  427. Leanne Newsome

    Some mickey mouse bedroom stuff for my little boys first bedroom

  428. Holly Lovatt

    I would buy a bread maker for my partner to make me yummy bread :)

  429. fhging

    It’s my niece’s 8th and there’s millions of us in the family, so I’m skint! lol. This would help.

  430. krnries

    I would probably buy some activity books, to try and keep the kids busy over these summer holidays!

  431. Adele Hill

    More books for my kindle

  432. Anonymous

    A nice new pair of earphones!

  433. casspuss

    Computer games for my son

  434. Manda Louise

    Books,dvds,a new kettle

  435. Alice Hindley

    squishy guitar cushion

  436. Daddy By Night

    A cycling jersey to go with my new health kick, but more than likely would go on something for my two little girls

  437. samantha_ripley

    I would put it towards a kindle

  438. grannybiker

    I’d treat myself to some lovely amber jewellery

  439. Annelouise Hall

    id spend it on new chef whites and utensils for college :)

  440. Holly Detre; A.K.A Mama Z

    Some new reading books for my 5 year old.

  441. Tressa Herriott

    A totoro onesie

  442. Karen Whittaker

    I’d love to buy some new cake tins as my old ones are all getting rusty; and some decent steak knives.

  443. soozybee

    I would put it towards a new laptop as mine is on its last legs

  444. Megan Davies

    I would buy a new game for my ps3

  445. hazel rush

    I’d put it towards a baby monitor for my little one due in the new year!

  446. leighlarkin79

    Birthday presents for my little girl who will soon be 2

  447. Lorna Holland

    Books – without a doubt!

  448. caroline kelly

    Xmas pressies – it’s never too early hey!

  449. Karin H

    I’d put it towards a new bedroom for my daughter! It needs to be re-organized!!

  450. Michelle Bosomworth

    I would put it towards a new dishwasher.

  451. Emma D

    I would put it towards a new washing machine :)

  452. Joanne Blunt

    It would go towards my sons birthday present, he wants an iPod Touch

  453. princesssmithee

    make up xxxx

  454. lisaell

    Me I’m a book worm so I would spend it on books. I want the Jack reacher series by James patterson.

  455. inyosi

    I would put it toward a smoothie maker! I’ve wanted one for ages!

  456. Keelyann Chauntry

    A chair for my little boy x

  457. Ellen Stafford

    I would buy some cds/books for my niece for her birthday x

  458. Victoria thurgood

    I would buy a computer game

  459. Tina Holmes

    A new phone case :-)

  460. littlemisstrivia

    Some building blocks for my little boy

  461. Natalie Holland

    Toys for my kids birthday I think! thank you x

  462. Rachael Jones

    you know what ? im really not sure ! !

  463. Jenny Rogers

    I would buy some toys for Christmas for my godchildren.

  464. Freddy Greaves

    toys for my little boy

  465. Linda Streater

    I would treat my Grandchildren

  466. lastkisstoo

    A new safety net for my childrens trampoline :) x

  467. Ali Johnson

    New Brita Jug & then loads of books!

  468. laura pyper

    buy something for the kids christmas need to make a start soon!

  469. Richard

    I’d get a new kettle!

  470. Anonymous

    Christmas presents for the children :)

    Leah Sullivan

  471. denise s

    a greenhouse watering system

  472. Gareth Bennett

    Monster High dolls for my soon to be 11 year old’s birthday. From a formerly rock and roll dad! year 2000, year 2000 Bon jovi at Wembely, year 2013 one direction……

  473. suewilly

    my previous e-reader has just given up the ghost because it’s been used so much and although I’m more than happy with using my kindle (and the kindle software on my laptop / ipad /phone, etc)the books I had on my old reader are int he wrong format for Kindle so I have a great swathe of books that I love but can not longer read on the move.
    So I’d spend the voucher on replacing a small portion of my previous e-library

  474. laura avery

    id put it towards a new tent like trampoline enclosure..its waterproof so it can be used as an outdoor camp in winter so double the fun!

  475. Trupti Dave

    I would spend it on games for my son’s innotab

  476. Alison Berry

    New cusions – some nice modern ones to brighten up my lounge

  477. Dave Jackson

    kindle books

  478. Claire Appleton

    Its my little boys 5th birthday next month so if I was lucky enough to win I would put it towards a Wii for him :)

  479. hannahlw85

    Think it would be a mix between some music, computer games and DVDs.

  480. liz ferguson

    Books for my little girl.

  481. Anonymous

    Id buy something lovely for the garden

  482. Anonymous

    I am about to move into my first home so I would love to buy lots of home things :) x

  483. Anita

    Good quality bedlinen.

  484. Lucy

    It would definitely be books for me! I’m out …

  485. kirsty100000

    I would spend it on Christmas Shopping :)

  486. Philip Cooke

    Books For Holiday!

  487. Laura Caraher

    I would download some Iain Banks books for my Kindle :)

  488. laura fox gill

    Books or bakeware!

  489. Sandy Henry

    just had loads of july birthdays now more birthdays in august, so i would spend it on myself of course 😉 xx

  490. Natalie Crossan

    I’d put it towards my daughter’s second birthday :)

  491. mandy

    So much to choose from but would buy some books :)

  492. Khurram Nazir

    I’d go boxset shopping :)

  493. Valerie Kay

    A new kettle :-)

  494. Sandy Hill

    Books, books and more books :-)

  495. Ingrid

    Would spend it on my chickens, just got three and they are amazing birds

  496. Anonymous

    I’ll be putting it towards a fancy coffee machine to keep me awake!

  497. Anonymous

    I’m in the middle of decorating my bathroom so some nice bits for it!

  498. Vicki Sherman

    Some vitamins and minerals

  499. Joanne Benham

    I would buy some new books, I have read a lot this hols so far….running a bit low now!

  500. leighanne palfreu

    something for my daughter as its her birthday coming up

  501. Molly

    I’d buy a Benjamin Lacombe book as I love his work (he’s an amazing French children’s book illustrator) and a couple of films (maybe Olympus Has Fallen when that’s released).


  502. mrsa1405

    I would buy lots of books for my little girl xx


    A couple of Frasier Boxsets :)

  504. Clare davies

    some new books for my little boy bought him the full horrid henry set and read it in a few days!!!

  505. Janice

    Kindle books!

  506. Mer

    Reading material for my kindle!

  507. Agata Pokutycka

    new games for the kids

  508. Jocy

    Books Books and more books

  509. Mary Campbell

    I’d put this fab voucher towards a Kindle Fire HD – I’m an avid reader and could do with acquainting myself with the Fifty Shades of Grey novels 😉

  510. neet

    some more erasure back catalogue cds x

  511. Sam Furniss

    I would buy the Jane’s Addiction back catalogue, which disappeared when I last moved house.

  512. cloud9

    Ooh i love those coffee cups too.

  513. BeX

    A noiseless mouse

  514. Kelly Lawton

    I would buy some cosy home furnishings :)

  515. Sarah Fawcett

    I’d like the new Tapas book from Omar Allibhoy when it comes out next week and Rick Stein’s India

  516. Kimberley Grant

    I would buy some dvds

  517. james rowlands

    I would put it towards a new camara

  518. Anonymous

    I would buy gifts for my husband’s birthday next month.

  519. Stacey Guilliatt


  520. viv

    i would love to win… whatever anyone else doesn’t want would do me…i just love winning

  521. Homebird

    I’d buy books and educational supplies for homeschooling.

  522. karen

    i would spend it on dvd boxsets – love to watch whole series’s

  523. Anonymous

    I need a comfy pair of boots, I’d put the money towards that. x

  524. mike1066

    towards the kindle i want!!!!!

  525. jrandrews72

    I would buy a Chillow – they are cold pilliows that help you sleep

  526. Nicola Atkins

    I would get some computer games for my daughter (from father Xmas :)

  527. Stacey Robinson

    more baking stuff for my cakes, a game for the other half and something for the little one

  528. Vicky Robinson

    I would put it towards a coffee maker as my hubby really wants one!

  529. rah gray

    I would buy a new screen for my kindle – its all cracked and broken – sob xxx

  530. kerry

    I would spend it on Monster High dolls for my 2 youngest for Xmas that they have just got in to.

  531. Rob Scott

    Its coming up to my nieces 4th birthday, so I would use the voucher to buy her a pink scooter.

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