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My two boys are currently obsessed with the Minions from the Despicable Me films. I thought it would be fun to try and make some Minion cakes with them. Now these are not expert cakes, these are made by children cakes, so if you are looking for a tutorial on how to make awesome looking spectaculars then I would run away fast, however if you have kids that like getting messy, and eating the results then this could be right up your street.
We usually make our own cakes, but seeing as the decorating was going to be complex, and seeing as toddlers lose interest after half an hour I totally cheated. I bought ready made fairy cakes for the base, and a chocolate swiss roll to cut out the minions inner from. I also bought ready made coloured icing. I know- totally cheatsville- but sometimes in the summer holidays you need to cut all the corners you can!
First we iced the fairy cakes with blue icing. Then cut rough minion shapes from the swiss roll. Syd and I rolled the yellow regal icing and covered the minion shapes.
Making minion cakes
Then it was over to Max for the artistic bits…
Decorating Minion Cakes
And actually, they are a bit scruffy round the edges, but I think they are thoroughly charming, and am impressed with how well Max did with their faces!!
Minion Cupcakes
Minion Cupcakes
¬†We did make a big old mess though…
messy fun cooking with kids!
….but it doesn’t matter because we had lots of fun, and enjoyed eating them too!

Love Miss Despicable Cisco XXX


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  1. Kate @craftsonsea

    Its not cheatig to prep everything in advance!! It just shows you are well organised to have gone down the shops :) (They look yummy btw!)

    • Sonya Cisco

      I didnt dare try one, after the icing had been abused like playdoh for half an hour I went off it! They boys however had no such qualms and loved them!

  2. Kim Carberry

    They look fab!! Yum! Yum! x

  3. Older Single Mum


  4. Nicola

    What a great idea! I want them!!

  5. SarahMummy

    They look fab! And since there’s not any actual cooking involved, I think my kids and me might just manage to do some ourselves!

  6. Little Night Flower

    The kids did a fantastic job creating the minion cakes, they look great.

  7. An Exeter Mum

    Great minions! I have never seen this film though I feel like I need to so I can understand what everyone is going on about!

  8. Cat (Yellow Days)

    Looks like everyone is having a great time. Thanks for linking up to the Parenting Pin-it Party

  9. schmindie

    Oooh they’re good! We may have to try, and we’d also cheat, I don’t have enough time any more to do things properly, I’m little miss cut corners wherever I can these days :-) x

  10. Actually Mummy...

    I love that you cheated by buying the cake! My fave kind of baking with the kids ;)

  11. pinkoddy

    What a fantastic idea. We bought the icing pens and made my teen ended up doing minecraft cakes. Think I’d use marzipann – yum. Have pinned this :)

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