When we visited Paultons Park recently, my 9 year old LOVED the rollercoasters, but now he is desperate to try some bigger ones, that combined with his older sisters 17th birthday means that a visit to Thorpe Park for more thrills has been decided upon.

We are thinking about heading there in the last week of August, partly as a final end of holidays blow out, and partly because that is when Thorpe Park’s Sun Scream is happening. For 10 days from the 23rd of August to the 1st of September your entrance fee will include extra excitement for no extra charge. There will be live music, silent discos, adrenaline filled stunt displays, beatboxing, hip-hop and some fab workshops. It will bring a bit of a festival vibe to the park, and all that alongside the usual awesome rides is something I think my older two will LOVE.

Price wise there are some great deals at the moment. If, like us, you live close enough for a day trip, a full priced day ticket will get you in as often as you like from now until the end of the 2013 season, and if you pay an extra £10 you can extend that to last a whole year! You could take the kids every week throughout the rest of the holidays – that should stop the ‘I’m bored’ ‘s in their tracks. If you are travelling further so can’t make use of repeat visits, there are some great ticket deals online, and why not consider using Thorpe Park’s Crash Pad accommodation – prices start from £69 per night, including 2 days park entry and breakfast.
There are so many great rides to choose from, and now he is nearly ten Max is ready for the thrills provided by big rollercoasters, he is going to love it! We have been excitedly looking through the rides, and we are looking forward to the ‘X’ – a combo of lights, music and coaster action. And I know my almost 17 year old is fired up for Saw. Max won’t be doing that one of course- me neither, what with me being a bit of a horror film wuss, but plenty of big kids (and grown-ups!) love the added fear dimension!! 

‘SAW’ – Only for the very brave!

Then as Max just about reaches the 1.4 metre height limit for Swarm, we might just put our brave trousers on and give that a go too. Backwards!!
The Swarm – Arrrggghhhh!
Have you been? What were your highlights? What rides should we make sure we don’t miss?

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Disclosure- we will be visiting Thorpe Park as their guests later in the summer, we will report back how we got on then – hopefully I won’t turn too green….

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  1. Actually Mummy...
    August 5, 2013 / 11:30 am

    Oooh you’ll love Swarm. I thought I’d like Saw until I saw the film, then thought, how bad can it be? Now I’ve seen THAT photo, I’m never going on it!!

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