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A couple of months ago I was asked by Boots to share with them my top tips for helping your kids stay healthy when they go back to school and as the winter begins to creep in. This was very brave of them, because I am rubbish at advice. You know when the weather forecast is on, and you want to know the weather, but for some reason you just cannot pay attention properly and miss the important bits, or remember it all wrong. Well that is what I am like with advice, I remember it all wrong, so I should imagine I gave them a list of things like:

  1. Jam is good for verrucas.
  2. Smear butter on children’s feet so they don’t get lost. (or is that cats?)
  3. Ward off colds and vampires with garlic.
There may or may not be a nugget of truth in those things. However, somehow they managed to combine my advice, along with some far more sensible bloggers, as well as experts, and come up with a Back To School Health Wall Chart, which you can find here. I have it up on the wall, partly because then I won’t remember the useful tips wrong, and partly because they kindly put my blog name on it.

If you squint hard at the bottom left corner you can see a list of the bloggers who contributed suggestions.
Or just follow the link in the paragraph above to see it much better!
It does contain some great tips for eating right, vitamins, colds, nits and various common family complaints. If your kids are anything like mine they have the sniffles from September to April. In preventing the spread of coughs and colds hand hygiene is important – if you are poorly, make sure you use an anti-bac handwash to try and prevent the germs spreading. I genuinely think that food with lots of garlic and onion is good for helping out with the common cold. Of course a good, balanced diet is vital for good health. I advocate involving kids in cooking, they are more likely to try something new if they have helped cook it, and try fun things- like these Clown Pizzas we made. A vitamin supplement can be a good idea too, especially if you have kids with vegetable aversion!
 Nits. GGGRRRRR. Luckily we are having a lull these past couple of years, as they don’t like my middle boys hair, but I spent approx ten years of my life attacking my daughters hair with a nit comb when she was younger. I will NEVER get that time back…I have to say by the end of my battles some great products had come on the market that actually seemed to shift the buggers, so check out your local pharmacist for up to date advice – tea tree is a good repellent too! And mostly remember there is no shame in nits, they spread like wildfire and most kids get them repeatedly during the primary years, so hold your head up high and say ‘Sir, I would like to purchase a bottle of your finest nit lotion, for not only do my children have them, they have also given them to me!’
So that is my ever so useful tips, plus some far more sensible one from Boots. What are your top tips for family health?

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Disclosure: I was not under any obligation to write this post, but did receive a lovely shiny wall chart with my name on, as well as some Boots products in return for my tips for the chart!


  1. September 20, 2013 / 8:49 am

    I remember when my daughter had nits (making me itch just thinking about it now!) Certainly dont miss it. My two boys have just started school and thankfully last year was nit free.. Im hoping that it’s the same this year!

    As for tips, I would say just make sure they wash their hands a lot or always make sure to have those antiseptic gels at home. 😀 Great post.

  2. Teamlloyd
    September 20, 2013 / 11:46 am

    oooh I shudder at the thought of those horrible pests nits! My hairdresser gave me a great tip though, they apparently can’t get through hairspray, so I use a cheap hairspray on my daughters hair everyday before she leave for school….so far so good, not such if that’s just luck though, but it *appears* to work!!!

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