Not Feeling So Funny

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I just saw a tweet from Mumsnet bloggers announcing me as one of the speakers on the ‘In it for the LOLZ: writing funnier stuff’ panel at BlogFest in November. It is very lovely of them indeed to a) find me funny and b) think that I may be able to impart wisdom about it. I will do my best, and am luckily on a panel with some geniuses who make a living from raising a titter, and who are probably far better at knowing the science behind it than I am. (My usual technique being just to whinge in a hopefully entertaining fashion.)

Typically, life being the bastard it sometimes is, in the week that I should be going ‘Yay, read my hilarious post that demonstrates why they have picked me’, I am actually struggling to be very amusing at all because ill health has decided to abound within my extended family. My lovely 90 year old Grandfather has just been admitted into hospital, and I do not know what the outcome will be. My father and my brother are also dealing with some fairly serious health issues too. Not such cheery times, and I won’t go into detail as they are not my stories to tell, however I wanted to explain why I may be a little subdued at present.

Having said that, humour does get you through the bad times as well as the good, and I am sure before too many days have passed I will have found some element of life suitably ludicrous to be written up here…..

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. SarahMummy

    Sorry to hear things aren’t going so well for your family at the moment, but congrats on being on the panel! You are funny, most definitely :)

  2. Actually Mummy...

    Oh congratulations! You make me laugh. Well, not today obviously, as that would be just rude of me, but generally. Hope things sort themselves out well xx

  3. Older Single Mum

    Sorry to see that Sonya. We’re all human. Be kind to yourself xx

  4. Nell Heshram

    Really sorry to hear the chuckles have been temporarily driven away by sad times. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the panel. x

  5. Joanne Mallon

    I’m going to Blogfest so I look forward to seeing you there. Sorry to here that life is giving you too many lemons right now but never forget that it will pass.

  6. Kate @craftsonsea

    Sorry to hear that life has turned a bit crappy :( Sending you lots of love and my official permission to get v tipsy at the Mumsnet do (although best to keep that until after you’ve spoken, eh?) x

  7. BavarianSojourn

    Sorry to hear about your family. I hope they make a speedy recovery. xx

  8. Suzanne Whitton

    Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events in your family right now. Sometimes it really is difficult to dredge up the humour and you must be feeling under pressure too :( I am sure you will be brilliant, they wouldn’t have asked you if the didn’t have every confidence! x

  9. MummyNeverSleeps

    Much love dude. The funny can wait, look after yourself and hope everything turns out OK xxx

  10. Tas D

    I wanted to go to Blogfest but we are going away. I really hope your Grandad gets better soon and the situation around your dad and brother gets better too. Xx you are very funny though so you’ll be a complete natural up there!

  11. Older Mum

    You so deserve to be on that panel lovely lady… you always make me smile. Sorry to hear about your family’s ill-health at the moment – especially, your Grandfather given his ripe old age, hope he is okay (and also your father and brother). X

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