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One of the things about having spread my parenting out over such a long period, is that in between kids new inventions or guidelines have come along. This time round there seems to be a new trend in bikes! Whereas traditionally your child’s first bike would come complete with stabilisers to help them learn to pedal without worrying about balancing, the new bikes on the block take the opposite approach- learn to balance without pedalling!

Tiny Bike
A lovely Tiny Bike!

Fun4Kids sent us a Tiny Bike from their range for Syd to try out. It arrived needing some assembly, but with 3 generations on the job it didn’t take long before it was built and ready to ride! Ours is a lovely vibrant red, and seems exceptionally robust and well made. They currently retail at just under £50, which seems reasonable for a good quality item which should see a few years use.

It was actually very simple to assemble, but it was sweet watching
the three generations working together on it!

The bikes are aimed at ages 2 – 5, and as Syd has only been 2 for a fortnight he is right at the very bottom end of this age group. As such I am not totally sure he is ready yet, but nonetheless he was very excited to see his bike, really enjoyed ‘helping’ put it together, and was eager to have a go.

Toddler on a Tiny Bike
A bit wobbly.

Well, he is a bit wobbly. Actually very wobbly, but he can just about wibble about on it with his feet on the floor before toppling off every couple of yards. I am actually going to put it to one side as I think it will make a great Christmas present, and  the intervening few months will allow him to reach the perfect age to start getting to grips with it.

Adult on a Tiny Bike
I think he is planning a second career in the circus….
but it proves how sturdy this bike is!

Overall I would say they look great, are very sturdy, and are an excellent starter bike. Possibly more suited from 2 and a half than at just turned 2, but of course all toddlers vary and other children’s development may be at a stage where they can cope at 2, but some may be 3 before they are ready. I often find I manage to buy things when they are a little too young for them, but within a few months they have come into their own!

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Disclosure: We were sent the Tiny Bike at no cost for the purposes of this review.


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  1. Kim Carberry

    It looks like great fun x

  2. Trouble Doubled

    We are looking for some bigger balance bikes for the twins and these coud be perfect, thanks!

  3. Emily Foran

    We had one of these for E from about the same age and he was able to learn to ride a bike just under 4 – I absolutely swear by them. Just watch out for the shoes when he really starts whizzing as they destroy them scuffing the sides to brake! xx

  4. Cara McKee

    We got a First Bike balance bike for my youngest. Because it was really light and a friend had driven a Landover over one and not damaged it. She was riding from age 2 although we had to get a lowering kit. It’s fab. If we are trying to get somewhere I attach a Scoot n Pull (from Micro) but you could use a lead, to help them go uphill and keep moving.

  5. Kate @craftsonsea

    I read this review on my phone in bed this morning when the toddler woke up (4am! Woo-hoo!) and he was certain that it was a picture of him on the bike – was gutted wen I explained it wasn’t! I’ve missed out on the whole balance bikes thing and had no idea what people were talking about, will have to look into it :)

  6. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    This looks great! We are still using the push along ones that balance themselves with Dylan but not sure whether we will go for something like this next or a ‘traditional’ bike with stabilisers yet

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