1. Simply beautiful

  2. so pretty x

  3. Ahhh that stands out even more on a day where my pooter room is grey and rain is bashing the windows – lovely x

  4. Oh Wow! Beautiful! x

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Looks so delicately perched on the flower. Gorgeous!

  7. Utterly gorgeous…

  8. Wow how fantastic. Loving your new look too.

  9. beautiful photo xx

  10. wow thats stunning x

  11. What a gorgeous burst of colours – lovely.

  12. Wow,, that is beautiful!

  13. so beautifully stunning x

  14. That is absolutely beautiful. So hard to photograph a butterfly. Even better that it’s on such colourful flowers.

  15. I love this gorgeousness :)

  16. That’s so lovely! :)

  17. Very pretty

  18. Gorgeous shot, don’t know what’s prettier, the flower or the butterfly!

  19. Wow, beautiful shot – amazing colours :)

  20. Wow, someone sent you the summer :)

  21. That is so beautiful x

  22. Brilliant composition. Gorgeous. xx

  23. Wow! What an incredible photo! And so unexpected in among all the autumnal shots that are around!

  24. so pretty, last of the year am guessing.

  25. Beautiful x

  26. It’s like Summer :)

  27. Wowsers how lovely to see a flower and a butterfly, great capture. I had to go to Wisley to get my floral fix :)

  28. Beautiful, loving the colours x

  29. Gorgeous picture, and how did you find some sunshine for it??!

  30. Beautiful. It took a minute before I spotted the butterfly!

  31. Technicolour brilliance! Was it a wedding? Rare to see such an enormous butterfly….

  32. Good capture, photographing butterflies is not easy, I know, I’ve tried. x

  33. Oh what a shot dude! Amazing skills :)

  34. <3

  35. Spectacular shot!

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