Help! I am overrun with chargers!

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We have a dining table. Somewhere underneath all these chargers. Between the five of us we have almost a dozen gadgety things and they mostly get charged here.

Charger Chaos

Having a toddler means expensive items need to be out of easy reach, so they all end up piled on the table, and so do their chargers. When it is time to eat we have to shove all this stuff towards the back of the table, and not only is it unsightly, but all the cables end up tangled.

HELP ME! It is driving me potty. Why hasn’t anyone invented a solution? I can think of a couple off the top of my head, but am completely impractical so can’t make one. My first thought was something like the back of door shoe racks you get, but with the power leads into the bottom of the pouches, so you slot your phone or whatever into the top while it charges, and the leads are all separated into their compartments at all times. But then I thought that fabric and hot chargers could be a fire risk. But I guess there is fire retardant fabric? Is there?

So my next suggestion is a sort of gadget pigeon hole type woodeny box thingum. Imagine if you will a smallish shelving unit, perhaps pyramid-esque in shape, with holes at the back of each section for the charging leads, and different sized boxes for different sized tech. Bigger slots at the bottom for tablets, going up to smaller phone type ones at the top perhaps. Not only could the items be charged while stacked neatly, it would also be a place to put them tidily when they are not in use. Will one of you make me such a thing if I flutter my eyelashes at you? *blinks like a demented butterfly*

Do you have this problem in your house? What is your solution? Please share before I throw it all away in a fit of pique and find myself crawling through the bins, sobbing, and apologising to my precious technology as I wipe out-of-date coleslaw from their screens….

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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  1. SarahMummy

    Ours are in a tangled corner of our bedroom. They drive my husband mad. I have a feeling I may have something on Dragons Den a few years ago, but I may be wrong. There’s probably a fire safety issue with having so many things coming off the same socket too :(

  2. Tas D

    We have this is in the corner of our living room and its definitely within easy toddler reach. It’s the reason why he now knows how to shout “mummy charge it or it gonna die!” Then tries to plug random ends into the laptop.

  3. Alex Walsh

    I think you want something like this: a multitap charger with cable management built in.

  4. Suzanne Whitton

    We have various drawers/cupboards in our house full of tangled wires and cables. No idea what they all charge! We are constantly losing the chargers that we do use – a huge bone of contention in this house. I’m going to check out the itme above pronto! ^^

  5. Anonymous

    Perhaps you should go on Dragons Den with your ideas #notjoking @msedollyp x

  6. Jennifer Jain

    We have this problem too, so annoying! At the moment ours are all by the sides of our bed, an extension cable on each side. I’m worried about the safety risk too. I’m just waiting for the day when everything charges wirelessly – it can’t be far off!

  7. Lisa Edwards

    Oh no, just looking at that photo makes me feel stressed!

  8. Emily Foran

    My husband (an electrician) would tell you that is professionally termed ‘cluster f*ck’ love the tin of celebrations amongst it all ;)
    Think the ideas are great and would both work, I’m lacking sockets and don’t think there’s a spare one without something charging in! xx


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