Baby Essentials: From Clothes to Cotton Balls

I remember when I was pregnant with my first I had huge lists of all the things that I would need for a baby, and it was a pricey list too. The NHS have a handy list of essentials that a new baby needs, which is a good place to start your planning. I found there were some things I bought when I had my eldest that never got used, including an expensive baby bath. By number three the list of things I thought were vital was much shorter (and cheaper!)


We all love tiny little clothes don’t we, and it can be easy to get swayed by those cute designer dungarees, and tiny trainers, but bottom line babies grow FAST.

I definitely think it is allowed to splash out on one or two delicious things, but generally speaking I stick to supermarket and high street brands, you will be amazed how gorgeous lots of the ranges are, and how high the quality is for the price you pay.

One of my favourites was the great value baby clothes from George at ASDA. I loved their multi packs of sleepsuits and vests, especially the lovely bright coloured ones – who says babies have to wear pastels! I still buy lots of clothes for my boys from there now. My ten year old goes through the knees of his jeans on a weekly basis, so I really appreciate the value for money on offer.


I would suggest not buying too many clothes in newborn size, my younger two had outgrown them before they were even born! And if you see a bargain in the sale in the next size up, then grab it – but always remember what the season will be by the time they grow into it. Putting kids in winter woollies in July is frowned upon, even if you are just trying to get your monies worth!


I breastfed my three, but still needed bottles and sterilisers as part of my feeding routine. Being able to express a feed, or add in a formula top up meant I could get a longer stretch of sleep at times when I desperately needed it. If you are opting to formula feed then you will need plenty of bottles, teats, formula and sterilising equipment. I had a microwave steriliser, it did the job quickly, didn’t take up too much room in the kitchen, and was cheap!


Nappies, oh boy you are going to go through a few of those over the next couple of years. I take my proverbial hat off to those of you who opt for reusable – my conscience told me I should, but my lazy streak got the better of me! You will also need cotton wool and baby wipes, although I tried to avoid the latter until they were a little bit older as they can sometimes be a bit harsh on newborn skin.

Do you need a fancy changing station? Nope, not unless you really want one! A changing mat on the floor is perfect, and means they can’t fall off of anything! And as for changing bags- there are some truly gorgeous ones with big price tags on the market. If bags are your thing then spoil yourself while you have a good excuse, but I found the freebie from Boots did the trick!


Decorating your child’s room is such a fun project, but again, don’t panic about it. They are likely to be in with you for a while (or more than a while if you are a co-sleeping family like us!), perhaps it is better to wait for their little personality to shine through before settling on a design.

A moses basket is a good first bed, and is portable, meaning you can keep them close by if you are in another part of the house while they nap in the day. Follow that with a  cot with a decent mattress. We have a cot bed which should see Syd through until he is 5.


A properly fitted car seat is absolutely essential, take advice on what is best for your car and for the age group of your child. Recent guidelines now recommend a rear facing car seat for as long as possible, so take this into consideration when making your choice.

Pushchairs. Hmmmm. This is where many will disagree with me. I think the massive expensive ones are a waste of money. They can be unwieldy, difficult to get around shop aisles, a bugger to fit in a small boot, and you need a mortgage to buy one! The only feature I insist on for a tiny person is that they are able to face me for a while. I have never spent more than £100 on one, but again, it is personal choice!

 What were your must have items?

Love Miss Cisco XXX

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