Easter At Thorntons

Easter is only a few days away, and we have been celebrating slightly early with the arrival of some tasty eggs from Thorntons!


We were sent a big selection from their range, and these are our favourites  :-

A very cute bunny for the youngest member of the family. Harry Hopalot is made from milk chocolate with white chocolate ears and dark chocolate paws.

The ten year old swooped on the fudge egg with super speedy skills. This egg has fudge swirled into a milk chocolate egg for even more scrummy taste.

The Mini Masterpieces egg is made from white, dark and milk chocolate and comes with lovely little square chocolate art creations, bursting with irresistible flavours  such as toffee, fudge, orange and raspberry.

The little blue praline filled eggs will be part of our egg hunt on Sunday. Our Easter bunny leaves clues for the kids to follow, which they love – even the bigger ones! I am supposed to be on a diet, but it would be unforgivably rude not to indulge a little wouldn’t it!

Thorntons have lots of special offers at the moment, and you can find out about their Easter range and more on their blog here, and don’t worry – you still have time to order, ours arrived within 24 hours!

Only trouble is, I am supposed to be on a diet, not thinking this week is going to go very well…..

Love Miss Cisco XXX


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