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Boots asked me to take a ‘germie’, a selfie in which I pull the sort of face a germ might. Well, being a nice, kind Mother, I passed this job over to Syd, and apparently germs look like this…



When asked what he thought germs were he said they were very small, like a baby ant, fuzzy with teeth and that they live in your nose and make snot. Not a bad answer for a three year old really! Boots weren’t just trying to make me look a twit though, the germ selfie was part of a wider conversation about back to school health, and how you can try and limit the effect of some of the nasties that your kids come into contact with in the classroom. There are a few tips from them in this pic below:-


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Now I learnt my life skills from my Nan, who was from the ‘a peck of dirt does you good’ school, and I firmly believe that (or is it just a good excuse not to do any housework?). I am not overly panicky about mud and the like, and fully enforce the ten second rule for food droppage, but germs are a different matter. Especially nasty tummy bug type germs – and I think the anti-viral hand foams are a great way of combating that – a pot on the sink at the first sign of trouble can stop a bug spreading like wildfire through your family, and if you hear rumours of one working through school then pop one of the travel sized ones in their bookbag and encourage them to use it after toilet trips and before eating. It is easy to use and much less messy than a small person and a sink of soapy water.

Head lice were the bane of my very existence for several years when my daughter was young – the only respite seeming to come in the summer holidays when she wasn’t getting constantly re-infected by kids with less fastidious parents. They don’t seem to like my ten year olds head, so apart from a brief incident where my daughter bought them home after a visit to see her younger sisters on her Dad’s side, we have been nit free for several years. By the end of our battles I was finding the shop bought treatments far more effective than they had been previously, and I also found our electric nit comb a useful tool as we waged war against the blighters. Thanks to Boots I now have one on stand-by for if the youngest starts bringing visitors home from pre-school! My top tip is tea tree shampoo – they don’t seem to like it very much and lessens the likelihood of them nesting in your child’s barnet.

Really though, I try not to worry too much, little kids get poorly, their noses drip constantly through winter and their sleeves often look like a slug has paid a visit. I just try to adopt a healthy-ish lifestyle. I aim for a varied diet, mine are keener on fruit than veg and I often find that little and often is a better approach than a plate over loaded with broccoli. A snack plate with a selection of fruit and crudities go down well – with houmous or yoghurt for dipping – or even chocolate on a special occasion! A mutli-vitamin doesn’t hurt either – mine are currently working their way through a tub of Mr Men ones, which apparently taste just like sweeties.

I also like to ‘air’ the boys regularly, they need to let off steam even on cold and wet days – as Billy Connolly says – there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes! And a good nights sleep is important. My ten year old can struggle with this – my top tip here is a banana – I read somewhere they contain stuff that helps you sleep, and certainly it seems to help him if he is having a night where he is struggling with nodding off. It could be the placebo effect, but if it works, don’t knock it I say!

Here’s wishing you and yours a lovely Autumn and Winter – may your tissues go un-needed and your heads be bug free!

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Disclosure: Boots were lovely enough to send me a satchel of items to help with our families back to school health in return for this post. Full editorial control was retained.



  1. September 9, 2014 / 10:14 am

    Do you know I was only thinking the other day that it’s been ages since Ruby was ill. But I bet she’s back at school again she’ll be picking up all sorts!
    Liz Burton recently posted…10 Tips for the perfect relaxing bathMy Profile

  2. September 9, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    Amy is never ill, she had a bug the other day, but that’s it. Guess that will change as soon as she starts school. Bugs and colds I can deal with, so I don’t mind, but I hope she leaves nits and creepy crawlies at school…
    Carolin recently posted…Wot so funnee? I’ll catch him with a netMy Profile

  3. September 9, 2014 / 6:22 pm

    Urghh, I picked up a virus in France on holiday and am still fighting it! Cough, cough, cough. I hate it and hate being ill.
    The girls gave it to me by the way and they in turn were given it at … school before they broke up!
    Mari recently posted…Paris in one day #1dayinParisMy Profile

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