Saturday is Scary Beary Caption Day

Morning SatCappers, the gorgeous Keynko has been caught up in a whirl of business and has asked me to step in for her this week, so here I am! I have a lovely picture of a bear playing the piano. This was taken at our local teddy bear museum, a place which frankly straddles the line between fun and just plain weird, if not a little scary. It is full of 7 foot high bears, dressed in human clothes and re-enacting life in the 19th century. It is very odd, and obvs for that reason I love it…. anyway, here is a musical bear, can you caption him?


piano playing bear

 If you would like to join in please add your link below and I will be sure to visit and share your post! Happy weekend y’all, next weekend sees #satcap at the ever lovely Chelsea Mamma‘s pad,

Love Miss Cisco XXX



Saturday Is Caption Day


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